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  1. alhbooks

    Karmê (Κάρμη)

    This appeared as a frimp from the Trading Post and I really love it...i'm getting a hint of fresh cut pine mixed with the other herbals and greenery. I was just searching the site to order a bottle, but I should have known it was an old classic, not a new treat.
  2. alhbooks

    India Ink

    Yup. Spilled ink describes this perfectly on first application. The slightly peppery back note starts up after a couple of minutes.
  3. alhbooks

    Beanman & Beanwoman Prepare to Attack the Vagina

    Skin musk, white amber, ambergris, orange blossom, ylang ylang, and coconut milk. I just received a sniffie of this in trade and am totally surprised at how much I like it, given my general disinterest in coconut scents. The combination keeps the coconut in check but allows it to shine softly. It's a very gentle scent.
  4. alhbooks

    La Mano Del Destino

    My bottle came from the CBDL booth at Comic-Con and for me, the scent is well-blended...spicy, a little butch, but uni-sex enough that I don't feel like I'm dressed in HIS garb. There's enough else going on that it isn't all patchouli. After a few minutes I can almost pick out a touch of cocoa, but not an overpowering chocolate, happily.
  5. alhbooks

    Ysabel Bath Oil

    I went through my first bottle of Ysabel fairly quickly, even though I tried to pace myself...love the spice carnation so muc and i was thrilled to get two more bottles from the Etsy site. thank you, Puddin! Still rich and wonderful, hooray!
  6. alhbooks

    Pomegranate II

    The white musk does a great job of softening the tartness of all the citrus plus pomegranate...love it!
  7. alhbooks

    Pomegranate I

    I tend to love the poemegranate scents but they can be a bit sharp. For me, the jasmine softens the tartness of the pomegranate without lessening the impact and the overall effect is sweet and warm without being too floral. Mine came from the bottle, not a decant, so it's possible that may change the effect.
  8. alhbooks

    The Maltese Cross of Sanctus Germanus

    I just realized I never reviewed this scent and that's a shame, because it has aged beautifully. I'm a big lilac fan, and lilac is definitely in there, but the floral quality is softened by the amber and other components. I wish I got more of the blood orange, but I love the clean feel of the overall blend.
  9. alhbooks

    Oceans of Love and Millions of Kisses Bath Oil

    I love the scent of orange blossoms in the spring, and this is the best evocation of that I've found yet from the lab...the honey is just sweet enough and I too wish I had bought a second bottle.
  10. alhbooks


    For me, this is an excellent scent for a cold, snowy day (looking out at mounds of melting snow as I type...) The spices and woods are dry, the fruit is definitely dried and I get an instant hit of warmth. A little bit of crisp nordic cookie feeling, but not so foodie as to make me hungry. Not a scent for a warm day but I'm really loving it in the chilly midwinter.
  11. alhbooks


    I ordered a bottle of Sacrfifice as soon as I saw it on the Dark Delicacies site and it arrived today with Giallo. I have more trouble separating out the components from the blend, but I can say that the minute I applied it to my skin, i raced back to the Dark Del site to see if any were left. It's soft, and sexy but not gender-specific, dry with a faint hint of the dust and tumbleweed...Ithink I'm getting mostly the leather tempered by sweetgrass and white sage, but if I hadn't read the notes, I'm not sure I could even be thast specific. In case case, it was love at first sniff.
  12. alhbooks


    This was the one scent I was determined to pick up at Comic-Con and I had to open my booth late to do it, but it was so worth it. spicy, warm, with hints of dark gingerbread, raisins, sandalwood, shaved cinnamon sticks, all sweet smokiness, perfect for a hot or cold day. the book is pretty gorgeous too....
  13. alhbooks

    Blackberry Jam & Scones

    The other WKAP I got, since I really love the lab's blackberry. More beries than jam on me, with just a hint of scone underneath. I need to test again after a few days of settling.
  14. alhbooks

    Daylilies at the Bottom of the Stairs

    One of the 2 WKAP scents I had time to snag at Comic-Con and I really like this. Delicate, clean, lilies and greenery and after several hours it comes up again with a gentle wave. Really lovely.
  15. alhbooks

    Litha 2009

    I only got a passing whiff of smoke for an instant as I applied the scent, then for me it goes happily to a softened honey and grassy field mixed with flowers. I didn't know what to expect but I'm a big fan of carnation and usually willing to try anything with that note and I'm definitely not disappointed although the carnation is so well-blended it motly shows up as a spicy top note. I'm certainly keeping my bottle.