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    The unknown. Dark art. Extreme music. Inner and outter space. Doggies <3
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  1. Suspiria


    Beautiful floral, very feminine and fresh. Such a shame it does not last on my skin, one hour later and it was gone 😢
  2. Suspiria


    Another very sexy scent! Floral and feminine, powerful and highly addictive. Orange blossom and vanilla definitely, with a mysterious note that must be the narcisus -- in love! 😍
  3. Suspiria


    Badass, sexy scent! CLOVES and vanilla, sharp pine, marzipan. Strong, very complex and beautiful ☠️🖤
  4. Suspiria

    Blood Kiss

    On me, it smells like honeyed red wine.. ohh so sexy! I get no cherry, no cloves, a tiny bit of vanilla. Very vampiric indeed!
  5. Suspiria

    The Initiation

    It reminds me of Creepy but with peaches instead of apples. Sweet, caramelly and yummy, delicate and romantic.
  6. Suspiria

    Bread-and-Butterfly - Resurrected

    Wet on my skin: Earl Grey tea! It then morphs to gingerbread biscuit with lemon icing on top. A few hours later: custard. Divine, one of my favourite scents!
  7. Suspiria

    The Witch Queen

    Smells of incense and cheap soap during the first 30 minutes - but then it becomes this sexy, sweet, juicy plum (thank goodness)! I put it on half an hour before I leave the house to make sure it is past the cheap soap stage, haha. It is full-bodied but stays close to the skin, like a well-behaved black panther or some wild animal.
  8. Suspiria


    It is bizarre how boozy (rum) it smells in the bottle but so pure and clean on my skin! When applied to the skin, it smells of sweet red apples (the natural fragrance of apples, not synthetic). It becomes more and more caramelly as it dries down. Lasts all day on me but stays very close to the skin. Lovely scent, if it was a colour it would be dusty pink.
  9. Suspiria

    Pumpkin Sugar

    Smells very buttery on my skin, and quite almondy too. It is sweet, warm and spicy - makes me feel cozy. Strong scent and throw, I remember wearing this to work and overhearing some random person saying "it smells so biscuity here!", haha.