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    wrist-sniffing wench
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    Oldest Mountains of Western NC
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    As far as my fav notes, I love any foodie, gourmand, anything Halloweenie or that makes you want to chew on your flesh and eat it, cinnamon, candy floss, dark berries, red musk, smoke, leathery vanillas, sweet vanillas. Don't like typical hippie shop musks and incences or ozone or aquatics. My favz so far are Blue Pumpkin Floss, Monsterbait Underbed,( all Monsterbait really) Beaver Moon, The Waltz, Edith Cushing, anything cake or pie, Bread and Butterfly( looking for a 5ml), Boo, Bitches Love Unicorns, Velvet Pink Kitty, Priala the Human Phoenix, Saw Scaled Viper, Hideous Heart, Black Phoenix, Pumpkin Floss... all of them, Sin anything, Gingerbread anything, Pumpkin anything, Sugared anything, Cinnamon anything ( except vetiver... blech)the Soldier, Vampire Night at the Movies, Blood anything, Wanda, Velvet, O, Enraged Grounhog Musk, Strawberry Moon, Faith, Spiced Rum Buttercream Coffee, Mango Infused Pumpkin Chai Latte and sooo many more and this is just the start. Hello y'all, I'm Heather AAANNDDDD you can find my FEEDBACK as a buyer here ... http://www.bpal.org/topic/92226-feedback-for-creepcakesthebpal-addict/ you can find it easily in the sales/swaps cuz I'm new.ALWAYS DISO Monsterbait underbed, closet, Blue Pumpkin Floss, Enraged Groundhog Musk, Vampire Night at the Movies, Gollets, The Soldier, F@#K, Cherry Sugar Cookie, Sin in the Pumpkin Patch, Now Winter Nights Enlarge, Frosted pumpkin spice cookie, Yule Cookies, Braving the Ice, Movie Night, Pew! Pew!, Mouse Circus, The Eye of a Vulture, Maiko with hair Unbound Aaand, pretty much all of the 2015 Yule Lads GINGERBREAD SNAKE!

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    oddities, cats, pretty much anything DIY or crafty, bpal, yummy scents in general, clean sheets,picnics, the mountains, nursery rhymes, ghost stories, random acts of kindness, dessert, graveyard walks, the path to my garden that is lined with glitter lit by moonlight
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