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  1. skunkwater

    French Tobacco

    i'm a tobacco lover all around - i love to smoke and my favorite thing to do since i was a little girl has been steal the plastic outer part off my dad's marlboro reds and just stick my nose in there and inhale. i realized i love tobacco as a perfume note when i tried the tobacco honey from rapaccini's garden (which, once dried down on me, is almost an exact replica of the marlboro red's plastic wrap scent haha) when i first applied french tobacco it had spent some time in the mailbox but i have no patience whatsoever so rather than let it settle i slathered a ton on. out of the bottle i get a definite earthiness that hints at sweetness and gives me the impression of a rough golden-blonde color. i can definitely feel it hinting at the "caramel richness", too. and of course there's that tangy metallicness, though i'm not getting it in abundance either in the bottle nor on my skin. when first applied to my skin and still wet the earthiness amps up in a weird way that reminds me of dried leaves (?) but after a short while it begins to mellow out and get smoother/sweeter. my sister, who is a smoker and shares my love for tobacco scents said "why is it all sweet like that?" so the almost foody sweetness that people have mentioned is definitely a component in this all in all it's a very wearable single note since it's so complex, but i'm also looking forward to layering with it. glad i got a bottle~
  2. skunkwater

    Absent Of Thee I Languish Still

    weird, i'm getting buttery, possibly honeyed... wax. beeswax or candle wax? something about it is reminding me of the waxiness of loi krathong. definitely really sweet though.