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    I used to love these, but my nose has changed and some are too heavy/cloying now. and some, I barely remember the scent: Mme Moriarty, Senelion, The Infernal Lover, Body Remember, La Mano Del Destino, Luperci '11, The Coiled Serpent, Death Adder, Osiris v4, Panther Moon, Raven Moon, Schwarzer Mond, Black Lace, Gun Moll, Luna Negra, Midnight Mass, Black Forest, Ivanushka, The Illustrated Woman, XCDL13, Velvet Unicorn, Cake Smash, The Candy Butcher, Silver-Haired Bat, Red Lace, Bordello, Fetish.Goth. Basically, anything that made me smell like a hippie or a baby prostitute. now, my favorites are: Dia, Dorian, Habu, Lady Una, Underpants, Loli.Goth, Glowing Vulva, Amaterasu v3, and Half Elf v5. darker scents I still love: Banshee Beat, Snake Oil, Anti-Saloon League, Anne Bonny, and Snake Charmer

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  1. Gold Dust Kitten

    Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge 2024

    I admit I was a bit scared when I ordered three bottles of this, unsniffed. I adored the original Glowing Vulva— and would’ve been devastated if this didn’t smell like the iconic BPAL perfume I remembered. while I don’t have the imp I cherished years ago to compare this to— this surprisingly did not disappoint. it’s the same hypnotic scent I remembered: lactonic and sweet, but soft and mildly woodsy. the lotus gives this a hint of sweetness that’s tempered with luscious cream, softly-glowing amber, and teak notes. truly a glorious post-sex afterglow!
  2. Gold Dust Kitten

    Hair Loosened and Soiled in Mid Orgies

    scents like this trigger my synesthesia— and I saw a pale golden glow when I sniffed this in the bottle. I was immediately reminded of the “honey musk” note in Lady Una, which is in my top five favorite BPAL perfumes. this is so sensual-smelling on my skin, and I want to bathe in it. I'm so happy that the honey is not that dirty, sexual honey in scents like Womb Furie and O (which I was kind of expecting based on the name), it’s soft and fairylike, dancing joyfully with the glowing musk and ambrette seed. I’m so in love with this. I adore skin scents and will definitely need to pick up another bottle before it disappears.
  3. Gold Dust Kitten

    Sugar Cookies and Bourbon

    the rum hit my nose as soon as I opened the bottle, and I was sure I hated it. I tested it on my skin anyway, and let it dry. now, the boozy smell is mostly gone— or hiding behind a chewy, warm, dark brown sugar cookie. I’m happy that the cookie scent isn’t cloying— it’s almost like a sweet skin scent. I LOVE this one, keeper for sure ♥️
  4. Gold Dust Kitten

    Drink Me

    I’m not getting any turkey notes from this but upon first sniff it’s a yummy pineapple cupcake with marzipan buttercream frosting, and it’s strong. I only used a tiny dab on my skin after smelling the oil in the imp. I love foody scents, but I don’t know if I could slather this one. it might be one for the hair.
  5. Gold Dust Kitten

    Schrödinger’s Checkmark

    someone recommended this when I said I loved Banshee Beat, and I immediately ordered two bottles. I ripped my package open because I was so excited to smell this. I sniffed the unopened bottle and immediately thought it smelled like Antikythera Mechanism (which I need to re-purchase)…and a black licorice note? I opened the bottle and got a whiff of buttercream, and coffee liquor…? I was a bit disappointed. I dabbed the oil onto my forearm and wrist and suddenly the scent transformed into the marshmallowy, caramelly, patchouli I was expecting. an hour later, the marshmallow is very faint, but I’m still smelling caramel with a hint of that sweet patch. it’s not the exact same melty-sweet patchouli that’s in BB, but I love it either way & I’m glad I bought two bottles 💜
  6. Gold Dust Kitten

    What's the best coconut blend?

    My favorite coconut scent that rarely gets mentioned in the "coconut" category is Snake Charmer. It's a discontinued scent, but you may be able to track down an imp or bottle. The Lab's description... Sensual, sibilant, sexual and hypnotic: Arabian musk and exotic spices slinking through Egyptian amber, enticing vanilla, and a serpentine blend of black plum, labdanum, ambrette, benzoin and black coconut.
  7. I've been wearing Dia for the last 2 weeks, it's perfect for warm weather. <3
  8. Gold Dust Kitten

    Where is this scent?

    to buy. http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/forumonly.html
  9. Gold Dust Kitten

    Siberian Musk

    This reminds me of Panther Moon a little, or is it Velvet Panther? Or Scwarzer Mond? There's heavy musk and syrupy cola. I get a little Snake Oil from this but it's nowhere near as sweet and vanilla. I actually love this, and will be grabbing a couple more bottles before it goes away.
  10. Gold Dust Kitten

    Best Pirate Scent?

    I've tested most of those and I like Port Royal and Jolly Roger best. I think they have similar notes of rum, woods, and salty ocean, but JR has leather. Another great pirate scent, and hands down favorite is Anne Bonny: "...A blend of Indonesian red patchouli, red sandalwood, and frankincense..." I'd also recommend Pirate Moon, which is a limited edition and not available anymore, but you may be able to find a decant around the sale/swap pages. Pirate Moon: Red musk, ambergris, coconut palm, red sandalwood, balsam, date, warm leather, tobacco, ebony, lingum vitae wood, pandanus grass, an' a touch o' lime.
  11. Gold Dust Kitten

    India Ink

    This is such an amazing scent! It's not registering as perfume to me, but it really smells like the India ink I remember from art classes in college. There is a strange resiny smell that reminds me of one of the notes in Ivanushka or the 2010 bottle of Midnight Mass when it was fresh (frankincense maybe?). There's also something that smells like fresh motor oil. I am getting the "peppery paper" others mentioned in the dry down also. Rad.
  12. Gold Dust Kitten

    Dolly Kei

    Dolly Kei is like a lighter, flirtier Haloes or Antikythera Mechanism to me. Something, the tobacco-smells like teak/oak. It's a creamy golden vanilla. It's positively gorgeous!
  13. Gold Dust Kitten

    Down the Rabbit Hole Atmosphere Spray

    This is just delightful! I can close my eyes and see the rabbit hole with dirt and greens and gardeny stuff.
  14. Gold Dust Kitten

    White Peacock

    I wish this wasn't such a light scent despite all the heavy notes. The teak is glorious. The patchouli-vanilla combo is slightly reminiscent of Banshee Beat. The musk makes it a little perfumery but in a good way, and tobacco is a supporting note. I'm not too familiar with some of the other notes or they just aren't showing up to the party. This is a beautiful scent. I'm glad I got a bottle. :-)
  15. Gold Dust Kitten


    This is not my favorite scent. There is sweet, cloying rotted flowers and herbs, and dirt and grapey wine. No...