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    I have tried a lot of BPAL oils and find new favorites all of the time. I consider myself olfactory obsessed and a collector of all things that smell good (particularly perfume). I have yet to find anything that compares to BPAL <3Favorite BPAL Scents: Urd (aged at least 5 years), Snake Charmer, Samhain, Banshee Beat, So Below, Carceri D'Invenzione, Mme Moriarty, Perversion, Albedo v5, Penumbra , Witch Dance, Raven Moon, Tezcatlipoca, Schwarzer Mond, RomantiGoth, Deathrock, Eisheth Zenunim, Hungry Ghost Moon, Monster: In the Closet, Queen of Clubs, Graveyard Dirt, Gingerbread Poppet, Miskatonic University, White Rabbit, Strawberry Moon 2005, The Red Queen, Bordello, Freak Show, Men Ringing Bells w/ Penis, L'Autunno, Worm Moon, The Illustrated Woman, Lilith Victoria, Blue Fire, Upa Upa, Moai, L'Estate, L'Estate Bath oil (as perfume), Incantation, Mr. Nancy, Red Rose (from the Unity Set), Ysabel, Punkie Night, Devils Night, Goblin Rider, Death of Autumn, November, All Night Long, Sin, Mania, Agape, Creepy, Dia, Maiden, Rhinotoros, Mouses Sad Long Tale, Mircalla, The Phoenix, Haloes, B340, Halloween: Las Vegas, Tombeur, Single Note: Haitian Vetiver, Single Note: Sumatran Red Patchouli and Black Patchouli, SN: Madagascan Vanilla Rum, Sylvia, Gwenyth, Haute Macabre, Senelion, Mourning Lace, Achluophobia, Eldritch Dark, Minotaur, Feed Me and Fill Me with Pleasure, Hope and Fear Set Free, Beaver Moon 2012, Beaver Moon 2010, Imaginer, Sweet Lavinia's Dread Puddings, Boo HG, Loved to DeathFavorite NON-bpal Scents: Oriental Brulat by Guerlain, Real Patchouly by Bois 1920, L`Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer, Laila by Geir Ness, L'Huere Blue by Guerlain, Patchouli 24 by Le Labo, Angel and Lolita Lempika (guilty pleasure).Favorite notes include: Red/black/brown musk, vetiver, patchouli, vanilla, tonka, honey, clove, rose, carnation, strawberry, amber, pine, ginger, lemongrass, coconut, anything with wood, spices, incense, resins, fruits and gourmand notes that aren't too cloying. In general, white flowers or high-pitched floral dominant scents do not work on me.I DO NOT like Chocolate, MOST coffee scents, Dragons Blood, Jasmine, Lavender, most florals (especially gardenia, or any white flowers with an indolic quality), ozone, aquatic scents. There are of course, exceptions but usually these notes don't work for me. Also, pumpkin is a note I love but it's hard for me to wear.I don't know where to place stone, blood or lightning. These notes can go either way for me.My favorite regular, life scents (I don't know what to call these) are: Vicks VapoRub (I have a collection of international Vicks and vintage Vicks which I've been interviewed about in an antique collectors magazine), the forest after it rains, fresh baked bread, wet dirt, dry/sun-scorched grass on a hot summer day, fresh snow, moss, lake water, my cats fur and paws, the smell of my roller derby pads (I know, it's gross but they smell like corn chips, victory, and love).

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    ASL, Disability Advocacy, Occupational Therapy, Roller Skating, Fitness, Perfume, Figure Skating, Climbing both real and figurative mountains.

    I discovered BPAL back in 2005 through LiveJournal. Miskatonic University and Perversion were my first two bottles and have been hooked ever since. :) I am also the Worlds #1 Urd fanatic.
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  1. Monster

    Black Silk

    This truly smells like black silk, it's smooth, dark and sexy. For the note listing, this is surprisingly light and understated. It's not the type of scent that fills a room, rather, it hugs the skin in a sensual way. Like a black silk slip, it's not meant to be shared with just anyone. The dry down is a smooth, vanilla cream with ambergris and only lasts about 30 minutes before it fades. Hopefully with some age, it'll deepen and stick around a bit longer. While it's there though, Black Silk is gorgeous. <3 I'm so happy to have a bottle.
  2. Monster

    Mouse Circus

    This starts out caramel popcorn and peanuts. As it dries, the fresh, pink cotton candy notes comes out. In the final dry down I have a dominant cotton candy, supported by caramel popcorn and a small amount of dry wood in the background. This is FANTASTIC! Mouse Circus sort of reminds me of the Trading Posts Midway Plaisance Atmosphere Spray (without the apple note). This is such a wearable scent perfect for every day, work, anywhere. I just love this. I can see why it's such a popular scent.
  3. Monster

    Chocolate Stout Cupcake

    My experience was a lot like Numanoid's. Chocolate Stout Cupcake starts out as a boozy cupcake and dries to a dark chocolate buttercream frosting. Sometimes chocolate scents can be stomach turning and for some reason, turn to a weird cheese-like note on my skin. Not CSC. While it's 150% foody, it's not cloying, fake smelling and never turns sour on my skin. The chocolate in this is deep, (it's even a little dry and woody smelling after a while) and has just enough sweetness to make you crave cupcakes. I agree it's a less toothsome version of Bliss, a little more grown up and entirely different than many of the Lab's chocolate scents I've tried in past years. I can't stop huffing my wrist.
  4. Monster

    So Below

    I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet! So Below has to be one of Beth's most gorgeous creations. Anything with her black coconut note in it ends up working out so well on my skin. I love coconut in all it's many shapes and forms, but black coconut has a drier, woody quality. It doesn't read as sun tan lotion but rather, gives you the impression of fresh coconut water spilled over the outer, sun-scorched husk. So Below is that perfect black coconut note against a well-balanced bed of amber/patchouli/copal. The cardamon really ties everything together in the dry phase. It lightens the resins up and gives it a warm, green tropical sort of feel. I get the impression of burning incense on the beach at sunset. It's smoky, golden, lush and green. I wore this scent all summer and don't think I can wear it any other time of the year, it's a perfume for hot days and bare shoulders. Sniffing this now in the wintertime is making me long for summer. I've since purchased multiple back-ups and will continue to give HM my money for a zillion bottles of this stuff. <3 I sort of wish we still had the option to purchase 10mls. I go through this stuff so fast.
  5. Monster

    The White Witch

    Oh White Witch, how I love you! This has to be the very best scent from the entire 'Weenie release. In the bottle I get resins with red musk and a kiss of vetiver. When I apply it to my skin, the wet stage is a gentle red musk sweetened by pomegranate and smoky resins. As it dries, the rose blossoms on my skin (I amp rose). In final dry down, it's an almost edible rose petal with a well-behaved red musk and balanced resins. White Witch can be summed up as sugared rose petal incense! Even though I amp rose, the floral component never dominates in this perfume. If you're afraid of rose, don't let that scare you away. This is mostly a resin blend to my nose. I can totally see this comparison too! (minus the dirt note from QoC)
  6. Monster

    Visions of Autumn VII

    This is by far one of the best of the 2014 Halloweenies. <3 Visions of Autumn VII opens with a thick and sticky French Tobacco single note. As it settles into my skin, it becomes more complex with dark resins and has the barest kiss of pepper. This is a rich, black, multi-faceted scent. It's sophisticated, smoldering and unisex. If you liked the French Tobacco single note or scents like Minotaur, you NEED to purchse a bottle before it comes down. I may need a back up, I've been wearing this for the past couple of days and have already received a compliment. A true beauty. <3
  7. Monster

    Shiny Furball Hair Gloss

    I don't know why I waited so long for this one, it's probably my favorite HG scent so far. This is the perfect wintertime outdoor scent. It starts out with a woody cedar. Moments later, the clove comes through along with a very Hellhound On My Trail vanilla. I smell like I just ran through the woods with my hair down, catching the wind and bits of balsam fir and pine needles. I just love this so much <3
  8. Monster


    Starts out with strong mimosa which almost reads as yang yang on my skin. The floral and the spices blend so seamlessly into this it's hard to decipher individual notes. There's an almost commercial perfume quality to this along and it even reminds me of a more grown-up jester. It's a shame this one was discontinued, I feel like it's one of those hidden gems.
  9. Monster


    This is almost pure nag champa incense with a kiss of sweetness from the orange blossom. I'm only getting a little bit of sandalwood as the champaca overpowers it. I smell like I was just in a hippie/Indian gift shop!
  10. Monster


    This starts out with A LOT of lavender and dries to an extremely feminine blend of jasmine and honeysuckle. Unfortunately, the jasmine in this isn't one I can wear, it has that band-aids/diaper thing going on. If you love delicate girly scents, this one is for you!
  11. Monster

    India Ink

    Wow, this is spot on. On first application, it's a sharp, chemical-like inky note. After only a few moments, the paper start to come through giving me the impression of multiple black and white copies being spat out of a photocopier. I've never smelled india ink before, but I'm guessing it smells like copy toner. There's also something about this that reminds me of wood polish. In the final dry down the ink dissipates leaving behind sappy resin. There must be a ton of olibanum in this, it smells very similar to the single note when it's dry. Incredibly bizarre!
  12. Monster

    Pumpkin Spice Everything

    This is what I wanted Three Witches to smell like! Don't get me wrong, I adore my bottle of Three Witches but this is a much better blend of spices. I don't get any pumpkin at all, just warm, pumpkin pie spices. I get less allspice in the perfume oil than I do the hair gloss. It's mostly cinnamon and clove on my skin. LOVE!
  13. Monster

    Autumn Cider

    2014 version Autumn Cider smells less like cider and more of a mulled punch with tart cranberries. I do get an apple note, however, the cranberry is dominant. I'm with Allumina, I can't decide if this is too candle-like to wear on the skin as a perfume. I really love the way this smells, it reminds me of Thanksgiving and the cranberry chutney I make every year. I grew up next to cranberry bogs and used to pillage them illegally as a teen just for my special holiday condiment. I'm going to keep this for nostalgia and also try it in my oil warmer.
  14. Monster

    Visions of Autumn III

    I get the comparisons to Banshee Beat, patch + vanilla, check! However, the sweetness in this blend comes more from the honey note. To me, this is more like Feed Me and Fill Me with Pleasure, with an added spicy kick of cinnamon. I skin tested this only moments after receiving it in the mail, I'll need to do a side-by-side comparison with Feed Me...but I'm pretty sure they're almost identical. I'll be back with an update!
  15. Monster


    This smells exactly like bubblegum and Silky Bat. The fruit notes amp as it dries with a bit of sugared Silky Bat patchouli. Fruit notes work so well with patchouli, it's one of my favorite combinations. I'm really enjoying this but I don't think its bottle worthy. My imp will do!