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    In no particular order: Count Dracula, Soceraphobia, Cockaigne, Bobbing for Snake Oil, VILF, Adam, Evil, Vain Sorceress, Womb Furie, Death Adder, Mars Ultor, Outlaw, Dragon-Smooched Snake Oil. I love clove, apple, rose (depending on what kind), tobacco, vetiver, red patchouli, black musk, leather, and apparently pumpkin!


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  1. vthesiren


    This is one of my favorite BPAL blends ever. Smells like a well-loved coat rack in a music store full of vintage instruments. It does have a sexy edge, but to me, it's comforting - it's a scent I wanna sink myself into and wrap around myself like a good blanket. Love, love, love.
  2. vthesiren

    Dad! Let Me Do Your Make Up

    I was hesitant because other Earl Grey blends/tea musks (think the Dorian/Theodosius family) haven't really worked on me, but I'm glad I took a chance on this one! On me, it's true to life Earl Grey with creamer with a hint of sweetness, and not overpoweringly so. I'd like to dig this out again when the weather cools down for maximum coziness!
  3. vthesiren

    The Antikythera Pumpkin

    I put this on initially, thought "cool, pumpkiny wood", and didn't think much of it afterwards apart from "nice skin scent". However, after I woke up from a nap, I found myself bewildered by the most BEAUTIFUL vanilla-tobacco smell with a light pumpkin overtone. A morpher for sure and a pleasant surprise! I may have to track down more of this.
  4. vthesiren

    Fiery Brazier

    First sniff: Count Dracula, is that you?! Super spicy clove with a faint background of sandalwood. Drydown: Clove, wood, and what reads to my nose as a bit of greenery. Not as complex as the Count, but definitely one of his siblings. I get very little that screams CHARCOAL to me, so it must be exceptionally well-blended. Clove fans need this in their collections, and I need to hunt down a bottle.
  5. vthesiren

    Black Wooden Goat

    This is so interesting because it is totally NOT what I expected. In my head this was going to be smoky and wooden, but in the vial and on the skin I get the same sweet, spiced milk/cake note from Cockaigne. The tobacco prevents this from going super foody; the oak is more like a backdrop. Fans of Antikythera Mechanism, Perversion, and Cockaigne should give this a whirl.
  6. vthesiren

    Angel With Flaming Sword

    I also get the strange effervescent note - there's a fizzy quality to this that I wasn't really expecting, almost like champagne/soda. Not much rose, it must be super well-blended. The musks are gorgeous and it winds up drying down into something woody. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet, but I'll hang onto the decant.
  7. vthesiren

    Green Apple, White Cedar, and Bergamot

    Starts off as all tart green apple, but burns down within an hour to just a hint of cedar. I'll hang onto the decant, but wish it lasted a little longer. Fans of apple scents should enjoy this!
  8. vthesiren

    Dead Leaves, Scorched Pumpkin, and Marshmallows

    I was so hoping that the "scorched" aspect would keep the dead leaves from doing their celery thing on me, but alas. This is straight out of the mail and I can tell that there's something really nice, soft, and sweet beneath the screeching green pepper/celery note, so I will hang onto this and try again in a few days. EDIT: This dries down to a WONDERFUL marshmallow scent close to the skin, but that first hour was rough. I was hoping for more toastiness.
  9. vthesiren

    Bronze Dildo

    This is absolutely the sort of thing I would put next to my Mars Ultor bottles as an "everyday" unobtrusive masc scent. That metallic note is SO realistic, it's almost aquatic, but the oakmoss prevents this from turning to dryer sheets on me. The cardamom lends a touch of spice (and thank goodness it's not turning to cumin like others have mentioned!). In the end, it dries down to a slightly sweet patch. Earthy without feeling dirty. I need a bottle, yesterday.
  10. vthesiren

    Chaos Theory VII: Animalic

    #65 decant - black musk and amber, maybe vanilla? Orange-y. A touch of something grounding, if I concentrate. Reminds me most of Velvet Panther and Haunted, which are two of my faves. Will definitely hang onto this.
  11. vthesiren

    Narrow Opening

    I'm getting the same weird white floral/nutty notes as others - I suspect that the champaca and frankincense are not playing nice with me. A shame, because I was looking for this one for a while because of the leather/rum/vanilla in the notes. I was definitely hoping for something a tiny bit sweeter. I'll let it sit for a few days and try again.
  12. vthesiren


    This is the rose that's super subtle and soft on me, like in Harlot. It's predominantly rose, but the cacao offers /just/ a bit of sweetness without turning foodie. It's a lovely, "your skin but better" kind of scent. One for my rare girly/pretty moods; might have to hunt down a bottle.
  13. vthesiren


    This is one of those scents I could never wear out because it's just so strong and evocative, but I love having it to myself. Very strong red patch and vetiver with a touch of cedar - yeah, I get the burning grass/gasoline comparison, but it makes me feel weirdly powerful. Like the drydown of a super-"manly" cologne. Dirty and delightful.
  14. vthesiren

    Bobbing for Jack O’Lanterns

    At first test, this was a pleasant spicy fall candle - a great wearable Halloween scent, not too overbearing. A half hour later, however, it's All Cumin, All the Time. 😕 I had such high hopes at first and wish this worked better on me!
  15. vthesiren

    Pleasures of the Imagination II

    I am so thankful that I'm not amping the sandalwood this time around, because this is the sultry leather/tobacco scent I have always wanted. Makes me want to wear loud lipstick, a fur coat, and start smoking outside a sleazy club at night.