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  1. Ondine

    Ten Lords-a-Leaping Hair Gloss

    If you have ever smelled the prototype Butter Arsenic, this smells VERY much like it to me--smoky opium. Lovely.
  2. Ondine

    Pumpkin Latte Hair Gloss

    If you have ever had Lapsang Souchong tea, this smelled a lot like that in my hair--apparently I amped the smoky vanilla note, and it was a very smoky scent (the tea isn't present, just the smoky note from Lapsang) and then I get a little coffee and pumpkin. This was interesting to try but I don't know it seemed like actual pumpkin latte on me.
  3. Ondine

    Ella Hair Gloss

    This is a beautiful mixture of blueberry, which burns off quickly, and fresh greenery. It's sweet greenery, most likely the magnolia is what I'm smelling, and it's just overall a very fresh and sweetly beautiful green floral-ish scent with berry. And it's fairly strong on me too, as some of the others were pretty light and dissipated nearly immediately. I will likely get a whole bottle of this one.
  4. Ondine

    Granite Hair Gloss

    I love carnation. I love patchouli. This is a lovely carnation dominant scent on me. I don't really get much corn chip paws, but there is definitely something kind of warm and snuggly in with the carnation. Beautiful. I wasn't sure about this at first but I kept going back to it more and more. Will be picking up a full bottle.
  5. Ondine

    Lola Hair Gloss

    This smells like Snow White to me. I tried to get the pepper but my nose doesn't pick it up. But if you love Snow White, Pink Snowballs, those scents, you'll love this.
  6. Ondine

    Pickle Hair Gloss

    I've tried Coconut Vanilla Tiare, and that one was fairly strong on me and heavy on the tiare. This one is much, much lighter. Unfortunately, so much lighter that I put it on and minutes later it disappears It's more coconutty, which I love, but not strong enough for me.
  7. Ondine

    Mischief Hair Gloss

    Dragon's blood cotton candy with a touch of cinnamon!
  8. Ondine

    Spooky Hair Gloss

    Coconut and mint. I love it. If you like the idea of these two things together you will probably love this. More heavy on the coconut to me.
  9. Ondine

    Lilith's Hair Gloss

    Yes, very reminiscent of TKO. I love it! If you are a fan of lavender and vanilla you will like this.
  10. Ondine

    Who is Nibbling at my House? Hair Gloss

    Do you like Candy Corn Coated Candy Apple? You will love this. CCCA is one of my favorite perfumes and this smells just like it in my hair. Delightful!
  11. Ondine

    Dark Chocolate and Sweet Orange Bath Oil

    I love it. Smells just like a Terry's chocolate orange.
  12. Ondine

    Dark Chocolate, Black Tea, and Patchouli Hair Gloss

    This smells like the tea note from Teatime in Roswell or Lilith's Tea Party plus some chocolate. So if you like those tea fragrances and a little chocolate in it, you might like this.
  13. Ondine

    The Love Swing Hair Gloss

    Like Little Bird, this smelled like Antikythera Mechanism hair gloss to me. Nice, but not what I was expecting given the notes!
  14. Ondine

    Strawberry Moon Hair Gloss

    This one starts out smelling a lot like Strawberry Moon 2009 the perfume oil, but quickly the strawberry recedes on me and it's really mainly the vanilla sugar portion. It's nice, but it's not the strawberry blast I wanted it to be, and so I guess I'll use Enveloped in Silk for that
  15. Ondine

    Red Wig Spray

    I can't really figure out what this smells like yet. People above were saying red musk but it doesn't strike me like the Lab's red musk (I usually don't love it) and Smut, but it's not really Smutty to me. Nor is it like Formula 54, which is one of my favorites. It's just ... awesome. I keep catching little whiffs of it and thinking it smells really, really good. About the closest thing I can think of is an atmo spray called Thriambus that was "shiraz, clove cigarettes, tobacco, spilled absinthe, latex, vinyl, and artificial fog." The feel of the two is similar--the smoke/club/red smell. Anyway, if you like smelling like smoky musky mystery, this is for you.