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  1. Christina when are you going to return the $1000 of my Bpal oils you have of mine or pay me for them. I have contacted  you over a dozen times but you are not responding! 

  2. SmilesSunshine

    Comedy Queen

    the honey is very forward, not in a bad way... reminds me of the honey in the bride. cotton candy and the orange blossom is prob the magic ratio. the candy is not too sweet, nor pink. the orange blossom is neither sharp nor soapy. together, upon application, its a nice honey, as nice as it gets for my skin. the orange blossom infusion is a top note. the spun sugar takes over. overall this is a lot of fun. might require more bottle time. it is neither powdery nor sharp, which were my concerns, albeit much sweeter than i like, without aging eta: the honey is very pretty... it is really a lot like adante con fantasia and brides honey note from 2016 lupers snails... this is a MUST for honey lovers
  3. SmilesSunshine


    This is straight up flourless chocolate cake a beautiful rose like peacock queen and some rich redvelvet cake frosting. It's like part the debauchery of Halloween in Las Vegas, part cupcake splatter analysis, part candy butcher plus some Black Forest cherry all added to may be 33% peacock queen. Not al all what what I expected!!!! I kinda dig it because normally I'd wash off all chocolate or Black Forest cake or red velvet cake w frosting, This is a happy medium ... like a magnificent chocolate chocolate soufflé, your man presents you with a dozen giant perfect almost frozen red velvety long stem roses, and you have some cherry liquer and creme anglaise folded into that soufflé while your nose is shoved in the bouquet It's a a great moment but I'm not sure I can wear this
  4. SmilesSunshine

    His Own Heart Laughed Bath Oil

    Well it's my first bath of 2017, or last of 2016 depending on time zone. I have my pink floof w the tiny tongs and some fizzy drink. The snow here with the very bright cherries makes me smile and mouth water. It reminds me of the red/white/ blue firecracker popsicoes. Of course I only ever ate the red and white portion. And what I smell in the tub is a dead ringer for that effervescent red cherry w a sweet white fizzy. The snow has a hint of evergreen, but zero coconut or plastic. Verdict: quite happy and I'm happy I have two bottles. It's just the right a,punt of fruit. ... downside... while it lasted... fleeting laughter
  5. SmilesSunshine

    This World's Joy

    Lab purchase, tested from bottle. Equal parts white rose, faith and pencil shavings and hints of liturgical incense. i was quite skeptic where this will go, as i HATE pencil shaving driven notes. the throw is decent wear time medium i get frankincense, violet, and rose, in that order on drytown. i'm happy i got a biggie of this. Though i am unsure i will use it much. A ton of potential but i need that cedarish thing to calm down.
  6. SmilesSunshine

    The Bear Prince

    I have a couple years of the prince and I'm reviewing after re-test. Ill start by saying this is lovely! But he is not for me. In bottle & application: beautiful roses full bloom, slightly cold. Very similar to rose red. Drying down: rose note warms up, nuances of Snow White,,, the coconutty snow. Drydown/ finish: bahaaaa... my chemistry. I cannot deal with this, I scowl and sneeze. My rose is muffled w fuzz and coconutty snow. It's almost like fuzzy mothballs in a long stem rose bouquet. Verdict: I like my rose alone, and I do not like snow w fuzz.
  7. SmilesSunshine

    Desert Places

    pale sandalwood and white ti is the foundation on me. slightly chilly. negligible vanilla at moment. hint of orris rounding the higher pitched heart of this. unisex to me. i would like it more on me, if and when the vanilla is more active. at moment, i did not need a full bottle
  8. SmilesSunshine

    The Avenging Vase

    Ponds cold cream if there is a Rose scented one. It has that old world charm. It is not the way I love my roses. Make me feel I am wearing a flannel night gown with lace eyelet frills.
  9. SmilesSunshine

    This Wan White Humming Hive

    Smells sweet and warm in the bottle. On my skin, beeswax and incense. Warm, creamy. I notice the ambergris faintly and it's beautiful. Drydown it's incense, some honey, kinda beeswax warmth. Very long wear & mellow throw. The weirdest thing is this amps very similar aura as young snake oil on me. I ordered a half bottle from decanter. I don't think I'll be needing more as it really does not standout for me.
  10. SmilesSunshine

    The Haunted Beach

    source: lab direct bottle. bottle: i agree with zakoku_zen, oceanic. application: reed diffuser from Voluspa. drying down: beautiful ambergris is evident for a moment then the musk... ultimately soapy finish: a bourrique couture reed diffuser. ethereal as a bathroom scent or at the beach house, but i do not like it for me. final verdict: i do not need another bottle and when i get around to it, this needs a better home.
  11. SmilesSunshine

    Die Nacht

    source: bottle direct from lab in bottle: as million mentioned, just like avobath from LUSH wet: HALLO!!! FULL BLAST verbana & lemon rind!!!il... almost like mosquito repellent. drying down: green musk, bamboo, amber appears, in this order finish: lovely, if you can get past the in your face wakey wakey. and i suppose all good things come to those who wait right? it is close to body. beautiful sweetness and freshness. Amber, bamboo, musk at the core. Lemon rind and verbena are a halo of fresh sweetness billowing. This is quite lovely. Wears much more like a Lupercalia release than Weenie. Prognosis: i'm not sure i need another bottle, but i am happy with this blind buy. I would have purchased from decant if it showed this way. Fresh, sweet. Not food sweet, more a atmospheric sweet, authentic
  12. SmilesSunshine

    Four Seasons: Winter

    blind bottle direct from lab.... in bottle: OMG total love, the juicy plump ripe apricot as you bite into. the aromatics, the sweetness. the blood orange and hint of lavender hints lend an ethereal feel to the apricot. and i LOVE apricot. On skin: GORGEOUS on application. as it warms up, amber and musk appear. And the apricot, blood orange and lavender combo is DIVINE. Dry down:on my skin, this fell flat and one dimensional apricot with amber and musk. my skin ate up the mitigating notes of blood orange and lavender which kept this ethereal in the beginning. and, apricot+amber+musk, are some of my favorite notes. on me, these 3 collapsed into a single note like the worlds best smelling Staedler eraser. FINAL VERDICT: i will be testing again after this settles in a week or two. I want to love this badly. and I would if the other notes did not fold an collapse. Its beautiful. I need it to be more authentic to buy another bottle.
  13. SmilesSunshine

    The First Rose

    pink roses like the ones you see w baby's breath in a high school bouquet. cool fresh pale with a shy drop sweetness as if from an infused simple syrup. darling, just not for me. dries soft and pretty, slightly soap waxy roses. i much prefer Rose Red and peacock queen
  14. SmilesSunshine

    The Peacock Queen

    2016- regal, proud,, gorgeous as ever. I love her forever. This year if I'm to defferentiate, is gloriously velvety and smooth. Sexy.
  15. SmilesSunshine

    The Drum Bridge and Yuhi Hill at Meguro

    Utagawa Hiroshige Snow-dusted ti leaf, winter-white cherry blossoms, gilded ylang ylang, and hinoki cypress. the ylang ylang and hinoki cypress can easily ruin anything as they are so pungent, so i was nervous with this blind bottle... in bottle: every component is evident and swirled in perfect harmony. application: starts off w a sharp blast of ti leaf above the floral, w the hinoki cypress as a base. ti leaf recedes and the cherry blossoms beautifully appear on a bed of bonzaii needles. the ylang is elegant and a supporting note. verdict: i am happy i have a bottle... do i need another to age? though the hinoki is not overly herbal or menthol-ish and the ylang not pungent. i cant shake the strong base of cypress needles and snow, as much as i love everything else. something childish like sweetarts+ cherry blossom in here makes it a keeper for me.