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    Most loved scents: Mme. Moriarty, Hell's Belle, Love Me, Bayou, Mummies of Mexico City Loves: vanilla, incense/resins, patchouli, tobacco, earth/moss, almond, lavender, woods, cinnamon, tea, herbs, opium & smoke, magnolia, fruits, cardamom, saffron, buttercream/cake.Generally dislike: honey,vetiver, and cassia are my death notes. Orris is usually a no go. Not a fan of white musk.

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  1. ziggystardust13

    Dead Leaves and Maple Sap

    This is hands down my favorite dead leaves. I never would have tried it had a wonderful forum member not sent it to me as a frimp. I assumed I would have smelled like maple syrup which is not my thing. This is glorious! The most perfect fall scent I’ve tried in a long time. True dead leaves + Maple sap. Bravo Beth!
  2. ziggystardust13


    I believe Dorian is one of Beth's greatest scent accomplishments. I remember a decade ago ordering it in my first imp pack and just being blown away. My first reaction was damn, this smells really good. And I remember thinking how unique and beautiful it was. At some point a year or so ago, I used up the last of my Dorian and got caught up in all the LE releases and never got around to replacing it. Until yesterday! It was like being reunited with a first love. I'm surrounded in a cloud of sugared vanilla tea swirling through an eloquent victorian fougere (magic?) with an underlying musk that is anything but over the top, but rather rounds out the scent perfectly. Sometimes I get a hint of lemon if I sniff really hard, but its so faint that I have to wonder if its there at all. Simply put, Dorian is a masterpiece.
  3. ziggystardust13

    Snake's Tongue

    I must amp the moss in this because Snake's Tongue is very similar to what I remember Banded Sea Snake smelling like, which I loved. However, this is more resin-y. It's not a heavy scent and I enjoy it in all its stages - wet to dry. Everything is very well blended. I'll also add I LOVE the label art. I'm so happy to have this gem in my collection!
  4. ziggystardust13

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Masquerade smells very much like Karma!
  5. Oh! I have Hell's Belle in a little bag by my bed just begging to be tried! I hope you love it! It will always be a favorite of mine.
  6. ziggystardust13

    Old books... Books, paper, libraries

    Old Moon falls into this category for me and its one of my favorite scents. I love wearing it at night especially.
  7. ziggystardust13

    Fate's Jester

    I didn't expect to like Fate's Jester as much as I did. I found myself reaching for my tester over and over again. This reminded me of Silky Bat, but better. Its an uplifting scent and not too foody. I would love to have a bottle!
  8. ziggystardust13

    Perfumey scents

    Tavern of Hell, Black Butterfly Moon, and I've heard Coin Trick is this way as well - though I haven't tried it!
  9. ziggystardust13

    The Perfect Lavender

    I have been reaching for A Moment in Time. It reminds me of TKO and I love wearing it at night especially. I am anxiously awaiting my bottle of Lavender Lace. I hope to add it to my favorite lavender blends! ETA: Lavender lace didn't give me all that much lavender - mostly tobacco. I will retest again once it settles more.
  10. ziggystardust13


    Eve smells like the love child of Gothic Horror and Morocco. I do not care for Morocco and when I saw the comparison in other reviews, I was a little skeptical of purchasing. But this is so much better. Eve is so well blended and is just a beautiful scent. I love this when its first applied and as it blooms on the skin. Im going to have to test it a few more times though because the honeyed powder scent starts to take over on the dry down. Unfortunately honey ruins so many bpals that would otherwise be perfect for me.
  11. ziggystardust13

    I've never found a scent I liked!

    Elf smells just like jelly beans to my nose. Eat me is a delicious vanilla cake scent. Mouse Circus starts out popcorn but morphs to cotton candy! It’s really blows my mind and don’t let the popcorn scare you bc it wears as cotton candy. There are so many gourmand bpals that I know you’ll find something you’ll love!
  12. I'm guessing Eden. Similar but a little more sweet and less earthy. Both are lovely!
  13. ziggystardust13

    Creamy scents that aren't foody?

    I think Hell's Belle falls into that category. I love it so much.
  14. ziggystardust13

    BPAL Patchouli - there's nothing else like it

    Love that description!