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  1. boomtownrat


    Amber of any kind is one of my favourite smells, I love vetiver (maybe it's my earthy Taurus nature), I love cedarwood and saffron even more, and tangerine is delicious yet all too fleeting on my skin. I can't believe I never sought this one out on my own, but I'm glad that a friend gave me the imp. It reminds me: I'm pretty sure I've got another imp of Azathoth somewhere. I can see myself using up the imps I have. Crazily, Azathoth gives me a whiff of bubble gum, of all things, when I first apply it. I'm sure that's got something to do with the tangerine and saffron. That doesn't last, but what follows is a rooty, earthy, woodsy scent that makes me feel both comfortable and strong. It wears pretty close to the skin. As long as I don't apply it heavily, I don't think its earthiness will bother anyone. It's probably going to work best when I'm fresh out of the shower and it's not a hot, humid day. Otherwise, I might feel a bit grimy. Layering it with something like a dry vanilla or another citrus blend would probably be lovely. My Lovecraft knowledge is limited to what my Cthulhu-obsessed husband tells me, so I didn't have anything swaying my impression of it beforehand. So far, the darker and earthier Arkham scents work well for me.
  2. boomtownrat

    Snakes Basking in the First Sunbeams of Spring

    I wanted to see if this would be a Snaky cousin to Vixen, of which I have only one precious bottle and imp. In some ways it is, but without that ginger bite, of course. The honey and orange blossom stand out the most. I'm still getting over a cold and my sense of smell is probably at about 75%, so I think the cinnamon will emerge in a few days. It's going to be a gorgeous spring and summer scent, and when the weather is cold again, I'm going to try layering it with some of my BPAL gingerbread scents.
  3. boomtownrat

    Snakes in the Lemon Tree

    Snake Oil draped over lemon bark and vetiver, dotted with lemon peel. I opened up the bottle and my eyes rolled back in my head. This was destined to be a dream scent for me! Snake Oil is my favourite GC. I love lemons, both to eat and to smell. Vetiver is in many of my favourite scents, and it gives this a solid base, smoothing out the sweet and the sour. ETA 4/16/2019: Now that it's had some time to settle, it's changed so much that I had to delete part of what I wrote above, because I don't want to mislead anyone who might only skim reviews. The lemon is barely detectable now and it's more of the tree itself, with what might be a snake hiding up there in the branches. I'm less sure that I'm going to need any backups, but I'll certainly keep wearing what I have. It's not like any of the many other Snake Oil blends I've tried. I'm going to layer it with Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat to see if I can recreate that lemon-forward scent that it had for the first several days.
  4. boomtownrat


    This is one of the first scents that ever piqued my interest when I got into BPAL in 2011 and I'm surprised that I was able to get it for a great price on eBay. I don't get any patchouli and it's not at all snarling, feral, or deranged, but I'll bet it was all of those things when it was new! It's sweeter on the backs of my wrists, with the opoponax and a ghost of cinnamon bark emerging, but everywhere else I'm getting soft, well-blended woods with a hint of leather. That can read as aftershave, but I think it's much more subtle than that. Geek is unfortunately not quite what I dreamed it would be, but it's pleasant. My husband didn't think it would be very "him" but I want him to try it anyway, because I think it will be more his thing. If he doesn't like it, then I'll hang on to it anyway. Sometimes I do want to wear scents like this.
  5. boomtownrat

    Gingerbread Tobacco

    No additional description provided.] It's Christmas Day at the North Pole. All of the deliveries are done. Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elves are chilling with some gingerbread, and Santa is filling his pipe with the good tobacco, the kind that he always saves for this day. I'm a big fan of ginger and gingerbread, whether it's for consuming or smelling. The smell of tobacco has always been pleasant to me. This combination was irresistible. Out of the handful of BPALs I've tried with a tobacco note, this is most similar to Autumn Moon of the Mirror Stand. At every stage, gingerbread is in the background, adding a bit of spice to the tobacco. Gingerbread Tobacco is warm and inviting. I could see myself wearing it anytime I want to feel like wearing an olfactory Snuggie.
  6. boomtownrat

    Blueberry Sufganiyot

    This is every bit as scrumptious as the name and description say. I put some on in the early afternoon and could still smell the sugary, fried-doughy, blueberry-gooey goodness at bedtime. I've tried all the previous Sufganiyots, and Blueberry is second only to Strawberry, for me.
  7. boomtownrat

    Gingerbread and More Ginger

    [No additional description provided.] This has only been off the mail truck for about two hours, because I couldn't wait any longer. In the bottle it's pure, luscious gingerbread. When it's freshly applied, I smell like my favorite kind of gingersnap: thin and a little crispy, like a pepparkakor from Sweden. There's even a little bit of a lemony note, but that subsides as it dries. It ends up as a perfect gingerbread that I want to eat.
  8. boomtownrat


    This is fresh off the truck because I couldn't wait to try my Yules and frimps. If the Lab's lavender is too herbal, if you think that the addition of sweet sage will make it too green, but you otherwise want to track down an imp and try it, I think you should. After a couple of minutes, the bright lavender and sage settle down into a softer blend. The warm honeyed patchouli and bourbon vanilla sweeten this up and ground it, but the lavender and sage keep it from being cloying. No one note overpowers the others. I can see this being a relaxing evening scent or a calming daytime scent for those who can wear fragrance at work. Incolumitas is a warmer, softer sibling to TKO, and it's Banshee Beat's first cousin once removed. Two imps don't seem like they're going to be enough.
  9. boomtownrat

    Dragon's Musk

    Happy sixth birthday to my bottle of Dragon's Musk! 😄 I'm glad that I gave it so long before reviewing it, because over time it's turned into the scent that I wanted it to be. Lately I've been in a musky mood and in need of empowering scents. I hadn't worn Dragon's Musk in a while, as the dragon's blood resin note has always been more cherry-floral than I'd like it to be. Then someone mentioned in another thread that they think of DM as an autumnal scent and it reminded me that I should try mine again. Coincidentally, I reached for it and saw that I've had it for six years as of this month. Dragon's Musk used to be weirdly salty on me, in addition to that flowery, sweet DBR. I guess the musks were combining in an unusual way, or my nose just got confused, but in any case, it was consistent overy many attempts. But I wanted it to work and I thought it might change a lot with age, so I stored it in my cabinet and waited. I'm glad I did, because at some point, the saltiness faded into the background and the musks have blended gorgeously. As for what musks are in it, I can identify the sensual sweetness of red (or maybe Siberian?) and the lemony tang of black. It's not as heady as you'd think, with so many musks present. Now that it's an older bottle, it's mellowed into something a little more potent than a skin scent, which is why I believe there's skin musk in it. Green musk would make sense and could be the reason for the saltiness. That would leave one last musk, and it could be the "dark musk" note that's also in Titus Andronicus, which feels like a distant cousin to this. It took a few years, but Dragon's Musk is worth the wait. I could wear this everyday as a default scent.
  10. boomtownrat

    Kinda Sorta Snake Oil Cream Soda

    It's exactly like a spicy cream soda in the bottle. When I put it on, the cream soda kind of floats away after it's dry. Then it's like a softer Snake Oil that seems to disappear into my skin too quickly. I'll need to try it again when I'm not in a Halloween costume and have moisturized well.
  11. boomtownrat

    Mexican Long-Tongued Bat

    The Gene Simmons of the Phyllostomidae family, this little buddy has a tongue built for harvesting nectar, extending up to a third of its body length and covered in hairy and horny papillae. Smoked chili peppers, caramelized saffron, and clove bud. Something about this is a little pumpkiny. Not like the Lab's usual pumpkin note that goes kind of buttery on my skin, but closer to the one in Jack. I assume it's mostly the caramelized saffron, with the help of clove bud. The smoked chili peppers are reminiscent of Raven Moon 2012, but milder, and they come out more when applied to my throat and higher up my arm. Mexican Long-Tongued Bat is comforting, subtle, and perfectly autumnal. As good as it is now, I believe it's going to get even better and could be worthy of a backup bottle.
  12. boomtownrat

    Pomegranate Grove: Morocco

    [No additional description provided.] In the bottle and while it's wet, Pomegranate Grove: Morocco smells like Kool-Aid spiked with mulling spices. When it dries the spices come out more, but it's faint. I don't get Morocco from it at all yet, but maybe that will emerge with age. The pomegranate isn't as strong as it is in Persephone, which is the most similar scent I own. It doesn't make me think of Halloween specifically, but it's a scent to wear when I'm tired of being hot and just want autumn to get here already. In other words, it's appropriate for October in North Carolina. My skin eats this right up, so I'd have to slather and keep reapplying if I wanted to smell it at all by lunchtime. I applied it on my throat, on the sides of my neck, on the inner and outer wrists, and in the crooks of my elbows. An hour and a half after applying, I had to lift my wrists to my nose and huff. Now, in the late afternoon, there's a ghost of the pomegranate remaining on the back of my left wrist and it's gone from everywhere else. It might have more throw and staying power in my scent locket. It's certainly pleasant, but not something I'll need more of after I finish this bottle.
  13. A. Ducote Sweet vetiver, bourbon vanilla, and wool. This is the beautiful vanilla blend that I've been looking for all along, like a softer cousin to The Antikythera Mechanism and Tombstone. It's simple, like most of my favorites, and easy to wear. The sweet vetiver blends gorgeously with the bourbon vanilla and wool. It makes me think of a perfect autumn day somewhere in a cool climate, when the skies are a rich blue that contrasts with the orange leaves. I think it will be glorious and long-lasting in a scent locket too.
  14. boomtownrat

    The Queen of Hel

    A big reason I wanted this was because I love Hela and Cate Blanchett but I also had a feeling all the notes would be wonderful together. I always want to try musk and amber scents if I can, and to have them together was irresistible. Musk is the main attraction as The Queen of Hel dries on my skin. It reminds me of another musk that I remember from the '80s but can't quite place. The leather is a beautiful complement to the musk and the green amber floats around it all like a glowing cloud, truly luminescent as the description says (how does Beth do it?). It's soft, like zankoku_zen said. This is Hela when she's feeling a little more mellow, not on a rampage. I feel a bit stronger and more confident when I wear this, like I'm wearing bad-ass black leather armor.
  15. boomtownrat


    The only patchouli-based scent I've tried that was this dry and woody was Malediction, but Dragonsplaining isn't nearly as stanky and loud as that one. It doesn't smell like a cookout, but rather, more like the fire before you've begun to cook. I get no sweetness from it, but it's slightly green at first. It's really not cedar itself but the smoke, just as the description says. Worn only on my wrists, its throw was plenty noticeable but not overpowering, so I'll probably not wear it on my throat or behind my ears.