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    Science Fiction/Fantasy/Humor Books and Podcasts, Community Theatre - Musicals!, pretty smellies and pretty sparklies, I suddenly have what feels like a billion e/s mineral jars. >.< I also have a soap fetish, and have been horrendously enabled by our forums. Lol! <3


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    Current favs are: Gypsy Moth and Hygeia, other scents that I love are Daiyu, Green Tree Viper, Snake Oil, Mircalla, and Aglaea. I’ve found that my tastes are evolving and changing and I like to go traveling through different notes as they do. I’ve even found a honey that doesn’t go cat pee on me! Go Womb Furie!  Still looking for that perfect clove note, but since I have lots of wonderful scents the search is not as intense!


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  1. azurephoenix

    Imp and Bottle Cap Issues (breakage, leakage)

    Ash, I'll pop a few extra caps into your Luper order when I send it out... so hang in there.
  2. azurephoenix

    Newbie Guide to BPAL and BPAL.org (add your tips)

    You'll be missing out on a lot of amazing scents! And just because a scent comes back doesn't mean that there aren't small changes to it... How long a bottle of oil, or even an imp lasts can depend on if you're a slatherer/dauber.. and if you have a lot of scents to rotate through. And the secondary market to find a unloved bottle isn't too bad, unless it's very popular with the masses. Be BRAVE!!!!
  3. azurephoenix

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    1. You are not going cuckoo!! It's de BPAL that brings de cuckoo! One of the reasons I love it, is because it's so complex! 2. BPAL ages - classic example is Snake Oil, a many year old SO is coveted by many here on the forums... As it gets older, the oil blends/ages and can get deeper and richer over time. Aging can also smooth out rough edges in scents.. like the acrid, mediciney feeling that you got from Langour originally.. There is a section HERE that talks about it. 3. You skin chemistry could have changed and thus the scent is changing on you.It's a normal thing, something as small as starting to eat garlic all the time can change how you smell.. or in a woman's case, her period can change how her skin reacts or how her nose perceives scent. (I know you're a guy.) 4. Also, don't forget that your specific skin chemistry will affect the oil. For example - just because a bunch of reviews mention smelling strong lemon... and you try it and get no lemon...it's not necessarily that your nose is blind to the lemon, it could be that your skin just sucks it in, and the lemon note doesn't show up. Another example in the opposite direction - I amp Cedar, like a mad bunny.. a scent can have a faint barely noticeable trace of cedar in it, and I will turn that perfume into one note pencil shavings... >.< So though some reviews say it smells like old lady - on you,it could just be sexay man scent! 5. That lady probably smelled like one of the notes in Languor... and because she was an old lady you automatically associated that scent with an old lady...if that makes sense? But don't forget that sometimes an unexpected scent on someone can actually be considered EDGY! Kinda like when a guy wears pink. WELCOME TO THE MADNESS!!!
  4. azurephoenix


    Bottle Sniff: Floral with a slight sourness, that can either stay or disappear once it hits my skin. On Skin: Yay! The sourness goes away and this turns into a very pretty innocent floral. I really love the moonflower, it reminds me a lot of those scented tube bracelets that had the liquid in them, that was so popular in the 80's. It stays that way for an hour or so.. but then my skin starts to "muskify" it??? What was light and pretty starts turning into a powdery deeper pez candy like scent... URghh!! Why skin? Why!? I blame the iris root and the moss.
  5. azurephoenix

    Mother Ghost

    Wow, I love love love this! I thought it would be a little more popular in my circle but only 3 of 5 spaces filled... I'm so glad it wasn't! I've claimed the rest of the bottle for myself!! Hahah! Bottle Sniff: Lemony white tea On Skin: It has a very sweet creamy feel to it. My skin loves amber and this one stays sweet and true without going powdery on me, it also can amp tea and rose, but in this case I can't really pick them out of the blend... the black orchid and musk is adding just a hint of edgy sexiness which makes this a winner for me!
  6. azurephoenix

    Who do I email with questions? BPAL/BPTP contact info

    Hmmmm, not sure where the contact form mail goes.. but I send Puddin' email to: tradingpost@papow.net I emailed him on 11/4 regarding an order that landed on 11/12 and I received a follow up email from him to check that everything with my order was okay (it was), today 11/16. He just lost a goblin, so maybe, da poor Puddin' is going a lil' . But as you can see, he didn't need to check up on my order but he did, cause da Pud is awesome!
  7. azurephoenix

    Jiggery Pokery

    It took me a while to figure it out... but I think the cotton candy note is the same that was used in BPTP BO Spun Sugar Spectre a few Weenies back. The core of the scent is definitely the creamy cotton candy note overlayed with a gentle brush of orange that's faintly kissed at the end with the pepper, if I wasn't searching for it, I wouldn't have noticed the pepper. After a bit I'm just left with the soft cotton candy scent. This is a gentler version of Spun Sugar Spectre, which had a stronger lemony sweet throw/presence. Very pretty, but I'm not sure it's me... it will probably go into my work imp box to be pulled out once in blue moon.
  8. azurephoenix

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    Go ahead and use the USPS postal calculator, now that you have the weight, it's really easy. http://postcalc.usps.com/ If you're going to frimp make sure the entire weight of the package is below 8oz otherwise you'll end up going into a higher shipping cost. Factor in whether or not you will charge for the cost of the bubble env and bubble wrap... Make sure to wrap each item separately with a nice cushion of bubble wrap before sticking into the bubble envelope (exception are imps, you can wrap a group of imps side by side in a line together). I'm not sure if you'll be able to get the HG with bubblewrap into a 6x9... I like to use the plastic bubble env. for int'l but the paper type should be fine. You'll have to fill out an Int'l form, and if you use the hard copy version from the post office, it has 4 lines and asks for item description, item weight and item cost per line. Hope this helps!
  9. azurephoenix

    Venus Libitina

    In Bottle: Cherry and almond? On Skin: Cherry almond and cream... not really liking it for the first 30 minutes, BUT then it softens up a lot and then I get a stronger slightly cherryish version of Love, not super surprising when I looked up Love's notes, but unexpected.
  10. Hiya, I think you'll get your order in time, but if not and since ummm mailbox stalking when it's not your mailbox is pretty creepy... you might want to think of contacting the post office and do one of those - just moved mail forwarding dealies.
  11. azurephoenix

    Serving Tea After Coitus

    This is one of the few scents that caught my nose while decanting... cold sniff: light green tea with a sweet light fruity floral over it on skin: the green tea is barely noticeable and doesn't scream out "I'm green tea!" which is nice, cause I don't really like green tea perfume. This reminds me alot of Perfumed Garden but more delicate and ethereal. Without looking at the notes, I was thinking I was smelling a very delicate jasmine, but it must be the plum that I'm getting and it is quite beautiful. Normally I'm wary of BPAL's honey note which can go cat pee on me... but even though the description says "heady honey", it's not out of control, it's there creating a nice demure honey sweet background. This is a gorgeous light fruity floral spring scent that seems to stick closer to the skin.
  12. azurephoenix


    Wow!!! Just lurve this!! cold sniff: It smells just like Big Red gum... sweet cinnamon on skin: It's totally nommy sexy cinnamon over snake oil.. SWOON!!! I rarely buy bottles but I need a bottle of this stuff!
  13. azurephoenix

    Smoky, Sweet Scents?

    Hell-Gate of Ireland - it's a very deep dark rich scent. Clove, musk and covered with smoke
  14. azurephoenix

    Eat Me

    Sooo my imp is from 2010?* Boy has this puppy aged well and it's pretty potent! I know I wasn't in love with it when I first got it but it had potential. Now that it's aged, it's quite yummy! I'm getting snake oil overlayed with vanilla cake and red vines... Very pretty and sexy sweet! Glad I kept this around! *I have a note on the label purchased 5/2010 and to age. Apparently it's taken me this long to get back to this imp!
  15. azurephoenix

    Uncle Brian

    UNCLE BRIAN Chalk on chalkboard, 2012 This is my Uncle Brian. He cut his hair. Raspberry sherbet dotted with orangesicle, merlot gelato, pink cotton candy, and iced lime. Uncle Brian All the bright colors on the label comes through, this is a fruity fun scent! It makes me think of tropical jello or gumballs and on my skin Uncle Brian turns into red vines. It's very nommy.