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  1. SnappingTurtle

    Scent Notes

    Updated 3/2013.
  2. SnappingTurtle

    On the Balcony

    I tried a decant of this one, because the ozone and rain and red musk didn't cancel out the risk from the myrrh and opoponax. Good thing. Once the oil is on my skin, the good notes disappear leaving only miasma redolent of old lady department store perfume. Not destined to be a bottle purchase for me.
  3. SnappingTurtle

    Raven Moon

    Raven Moon 2012. Smells like black feathers, with a birdy/dirty edge like pigeons getting too close in a city square. Sort of reminds me of getting rushed by smelly birds in Trafalgar Square years ago. Maybe I should have been able to predict this one not being for me, but I guess I never really thought it would smell like BIRDS. Was thinking more of Edgar Allen Poe. Nevermore on my wrist. Sorry, couldn't help myself. Off to the bird-watching sister with this one!
  4. SnappingTurtle

    Favorites by Category - for fun

    Fun! This is going to take some thought... - - - > Means I don't have a favorite yet, either haven't tried any or none that jumped out and said "love me forever" Ars Amatoria: Defututa Ars Draconis: --- Ars Moriendi: Twilight Atomic Luau Lounge: --- Bewitching Brews: tie between Mata Hari and Chimera Diabolus: another tie, this time Baobhan Sith and Kumiho Excolo: Mania Illyria: Three Witches Mad Tea Party: Mouse's Long & Sad Tale Marchen: Light of Men's Lives Pharmacopoeia: --- A Picnic In Arkham: Miskatonic University Phoenix Steamworks: Violet Ray Rappaccini's Garden: Hemlock Sin & Salvation: Tzadikim Nistarim Somnium: Baku Wanderlust: Pais de la Canela Panacea: --- The Salon: Needlework so far, but need to try MOAR Carnival Diabolique: Pickled Imp VILF: Philologus Boom! Studios: --- The District: --- Gaiman: The Buggre All This Bible Gris Grimly: --- Hellboy: --- The Last Unicorn: Last Unicorn Sachs & Violens: --- Witchblade: --- Dawn: --- Lunacy: Mourning Moon Lupercalia: Bijoux Y'Ha-Nthlei Halloweenie: Pomegranate II Yule: The Arabian Dance Forum Only: --- Carnival Noir: Bearded Lady Thirteens: August 2010 Anniversaries: Quicksilver Phoenix Retail Exclusives: U (Mutter Museum) Event Exclusives: Bat of Virtue Single Notes: Cinnamon
  5. SnappingTurtle

    Swaps rough draft

    Still lots of work before released into the wild/posted to the appropriate threads. To do: Add fill levels, check price caps, add prices. These are the bottles I am mostly looking for right now: The Ara.bian Da.nce Pa.is de la Can.ela Vio.let Ra.y The C.oil Bat-W.oman Good Judy: J.olt Bat Can.dles Moon Open to offers of all sorts, I have a huge wish list here on the forum and also on ScentBase (they are slightly different because of my laziness in cross-referencing) Wish List o' Doom My ScentBase Profile And if there's something you think I might like that you have to swap, ask! Still a ton I haven't even read reviews for yet... Always open to good offers! Good & Bad Notes - what works & doesn't for me so far. $10 minimum, $3.50 shipping if purchasing. 10 mL. Bottle: Les Fleurs du Mal - The scents of the blossoms of darkness, condensed into one perfume. Features a rose base, softened with lilac and wisteria. 5 mL. Bottles: Ostara (2007) - orris root, bergamot, frankincense, daffodil, orange pulp, attar of rose, jonquil, strawberry leaf, benzoin, violet leaf, copal, honey cakes, sweet cream, and the blossoms of springtime. Sunbird – no chapbook Thirteen (13): June 2008 - white chocolate, dark chocolate, apple blossom, honeysuckle, frankincense, allspice, nutmeg, black tea, tonka, and sandalwood. Thirteen (13): March 2009 - Bittersweet dark cocoa is surrounded here by 13 complex aspects, including exotic musks, caraway, allspice, aloes wood, lucky hand, Irish moss, and bamboo. Beneath it all is a glowing core of glistening cherry. Lab Imps: $2 each or 6 for $10 Blood - A vital, bold scent, throbbing with sensuality. Essence of dragon's blood resin, thickened with myrrh and cherry, with a trickle of clove. Bon Vivant - An effervescent blend of crystalline champagne notes and sweet strawberry. Czernobog - A combination of three musks, with splashes of dark myrrh, vetiver and mullein. Grog - Arrr! Avast ye, matey! This be the scent of pirate rum! Penny Dreadful - Soft perfume evocative of noir heroines over rich red grave loam. Discontinueds: Île de la Tortue - Damp air trapped in limestone caverns, heady greenery, hothouse orchids, nicotiana blossoms, bois de chandel, elemi, palm wine, garambullo, pega-pega, flame of the forest, and a swirl of Haitian vetiver. Mantis - Crushed herbs and sweet amber resin with a streak of patchouli, neroli and golden musk. Decants: $4 each or 3 for $10 Autumn and Winter - Bitter currant and dry leaves. Winter wind at dusk. Beaver Moon 2010 - Strawberry and peach cheesecake, heavy on the sticky glaze. Moon of Small Spirits - Snow-blanketed wild grasses, sage, swamp tea, cedar, giniminagawunj, copal, rosehip, juniper, clover, elderberry, sweet flag, butterfly weed, wood sorrel, and pine. Rivet.Goth – sniffie, might be testable $1 - Black leather, tobacco absolute, rust, gritty musk, and machine oil. Black Phoenix Trading Post (BPTP) Decants $4 each, 3 for $10 Candy Corn Coated Candy Apple - Tart green apples coated in thick gobs of melty granulated white sugar, with butter, bourbon vanilla, and a dash of cinnamon, spattered by candy corn and candy sprinkles. Narkissos - Gently blushing vanilla, haughty opoponax, duosmon, oude, and narcissus. Wylde Ivy Perfume Samples $1.50 each As American As Apple Pie - A sweet Apple Pie blend that is heavy on the hot golden apple filling and light on the spice and crust. Chocolate Mint Truffle -Enticing and rich blend of gourmet dark chocolate, milk chocolate truffle, with a creamy mint swirl. ZOMG Smells Regular size $10 Anti-Hydrogen In a Pear Tree – a ripe pear chilled with white mint, snowy ozone, and fizz Samples $1.50 Up Quark –Sweet basil, sweet moss, sweet musk, a hint of black pepper, and tiny flowers crushed underfoot from dancing in the woods before you ascend into the thick, summery night.
  6. SnappingTurtle

    2011 Be My Valentine Swap

    Do you have a preference for a poem or romance novel and what type of Romance novel? *** Probably erotica of the NSFW kind. Poetry or paranormal type stuff is ok too. How do you feel about burned mix cds (good time for mood music *giggle*)? Fascinated. I love new experiences, and am intrigued by new music. Do you have metal/ jewelry allergies? Nope. Do you bake/would you be interested in baked goods or related mixes? Definitely. Just make sure that any mixes are less-than-complicated, for my family's safety. Do you like cute stationery, stickers, note cards, stuff like that? Yes, very much so. Do you like tea? If so, do you prefer your tea loose or in tea bags? Tea is wonderful. Jasmine, flavored black teas, green teas. Tea bags are my favorite, but I do have a couple of diffuser balls I use occasionally. Caveat: if it is herbal, and naturally caffeine-free, that's ok. A perfectly good tea that has been artificially decaffeinated is an abomination! What is your favorite Valentine candy? Anything geeky or caffeinated. Like a gummy anatomical heart, or chocolate-covered espresso beans. 1-21 How would you feel about receiving a knitted / crocheted gift? What kinds of yarny things would you enjoy (scarf, hat, mitts, cowl, socks, etc)? What are your favorite colors for wearable accessories? That sounds awesome - but no worries if not. I'm not the crafty type, so I hope my partner/victim isn't disappointed at the lack of hand-crafted items in their package. That's what retail is for, yep. 1-22 Would you enjoy some loose beads for your own crafts, or any other crafty bits? Amigurumi books, maybe? Trying to learn to crochet, and I enjoy cross-stitch. At your discretion! Anything sent is loved. Would you rather get things all together or in a couple of doses? I love small packages, but for this swap probably one big box would be most cost-effective. Again, all at your discretion. Kid/Parent/church lady safe or not? Meh. Valentine's day/Lupercalia probably shouldn't be... Length of necklace, size of bracelet, post or dangle earrings preferred? Choker-style necklace, or long & dangly. Either style of earrings, I wear them both. Nothing horribly heavy, though. Stuffed critters or other things of the cuddly variety? Fun! I have some of that kind of thing on my etsy favorites, just as a guide to what has caught my eye in the past. 1-23 Would you mind receiving an in person delivery from your Cupid? Not at all, but somehow I doubt that geographically that would work out. For those who don't do jewelry/have a prohibitive amount of metal sensitivities, etc., would you prefer something like a keychain charm or other little ornamental thing? Sure! 1-25 For you chocolate lovers - do you like yours plain or with nuts? If nuts are good, which kind? Pecans, mmmm. Plain or with nuts are both good. And disappear quickly around this house. Do you like hot cocoa? Sure. Does anyone have any strong objection to gently used items? No used clothing or shoes, please. Used books are wonderful. Just for fun, the original questionnaire answers: Allergies: None Anything you specifically don't want (do you not like fur or have too much soap already etc.): Don't like onions? Can't think of anything specific other than that! Fave colors: Sapphire Blue, Forest Green, Blood Red - dark, intense, vibrant colors Fave Scent notes: Cinnamon, coffee - Scent Notes fave flavors - cinnamon, dark chocolate, pumpkin, pineapple... Open to trying new things too. But no onions. Do you prefer "traditional" or anatomical hearts? Anatomical, by preference But a cute traditional heart is always fun. Fave flower: Daffodils Favorite candy/chocolate/dessert: Cheesecake, tiramisu Fave Author/Poet: It's hard to narrow it down. Perhaps Sheri Tepper for author, Omar Khayyam for poet? And Lewis Carroll for both. What kind of poems do you like? Imaginative ones. Sock size: Women's 9-11 Shirt Size: XL Would you like makeup/lip balm/nail polish? Sure! Mineral makeup, flavored lip balms, dark and/or glow in the dark nail polish are all good. Would you like bath/body stuff? Yep. Would you like hair accesories/clips? Sure Would you like candles,incense, or wax tarts? Wax tarts or candles are used more than incense around here. Would you be offended by things of a risqué/adult nature (nipple pasties, genital shaped soap or chocolate, etc.)? Oh, my innocent eyes and ears! On that note, the other day in the BDSM thread I saw this fascinating idea... No, it's pretty hard to offend me. Anything else you want your swapper to know: Please, please - answer questions! I have done a few swaps so far, and the thing that makes the most difference to me is having more information! It's so frustrating when I have to try and read minds, because I suck at it. Post wishlists - answers- ask for the Taj Mahal! I may not be able to pull it off, but at least I'll know what you like! Wishlist links: I have a ton of wishlist links in my profile/about me page. I love to window shop, and it's been a good place to keep them all together.
  7. SnappingTurtle

    Scent Notes

    Work In Progress: Notes of Yay: Cinnamon Coffee White Tea Ginger Hawaiian Ginger Honeysuckle Pink Pepper Pink Grapefruit Violet ? Almost Always Delicious: Pomegranate Honey Gardenia Citrus Grapefruit Lemon Lime Pepper Amber Ozone Lotus Sweet Pea Tonka Jasmine Lavender Lilac Fig Old Paper/Parchment Candles, Candle Wax, Beeswax Moonflower ? Approach with Caution: Leather - doesn't like me, but mmmmmmm on the husband Pumpkin - one of my favorite scents, but the lab's pumpkin note tends to be too buttery altogether for me Patchouli - better as a supporting character than a main note Rose - some are wonderful, some are meh. Mint Sugar Coconut Licorice/Anise Red Velvet Cake - I love the taste of this, and want to try some, but foody is uncertain on me. Booze - will need more testing to know which ones are yum, and which ones make me go blecch... Musks - need to categorize. So far white musk seems ok, dark musk not so much. Strong Woody Notes Frankincense Opoponax Lemongrass Myrrh Vetiver Beer - I hate the taste of most beers, especially hoppy ones. Haven't smelled it in perfume yet though - who knows? Apple - depends on the blend, but good to be aware of it beforehand Pineapple - in just the right blend, awesome - otherwise blech. Currants - strongly blend-dependent Red Ginger ? Notes of DOOM: Butter & Buttery Yuckiness Milk (only ok on the daughter, but she likes it) Cherries - turns to cough syrup, blech Grape - much like cherry, smells like cough syrup almost always Maple - don't like it. Don't like the smell, the taste, nada. Chocolate - have had some success with the dry cocoa type, but very very suspicious of chocolate in my perfume Juniper Dark Myrrh Pine Sap Skin Musk Aged or Dark Patchouli Rum ? Overall, I tend to enjoy spicy/light floral/citrus/herbal type of perfumes more, less so on the foody/woody/resiny side. Still working on narrowing that down. Aquatics & Orientals tend to be harder for me to categorize, but so far so good. My ScentBase Profile - as up-to-date as humanly possible, this lists everything I have so far. Wish List Goodreads Source: notes you like, notes you don't like
  8. SnappingTurtle

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Now I know who bid it away from me! To the winner goes the spoils, enjoy your new smellies Penance
  9. SnappingTurtle

    Ginger Skulls

    In the imp: very sweet, spicy pear with a hint of quince. Wet: Immediate hit of candy sweetness, no ginger at all. Goes to strong pear, but no spice or cinnamon for me from this. Since I was hoping for some ginger spice, or hints of cinnamon, sad now. Drydown: Fades to plain pear, pleasant enough but more of a room scent for me than a perfume. Barely noticeable after less than 20 minutes, fades very quickly. Will keep my partial decant, because it's pretty. But not enough love for a bottle purchase.
  10. SnappingTurtle


    Most desired: The Ta-Ta Violet Ray Destructive Vagina of the Fox Spirit Greater Horseshoe Bat Mopsfledermaus The Arabian Dance Pais de la Canela Vampire Bride Fire Phoenix Ether The Coil Bat Woman Dysopes Tenuis and testers of: Half-Elf, Thieves' Tools. Anything with coffee, or cinnamon, or bat-themed is always worth trying.
  11. SnappingTurtle

    More Lovely Icons

    Blood Moon: stellans jabberwocky: Aldercy Mouse's Long & Sad Tale: penance& cfrancesca
  12. SnappingTurtle

    Encroaching Madness

    In the Imp: Kind of nasty. See observations above Wet: Floral and light. Sweet, without being cloying. Something unsettling lurking around the edges, though. Drydown: Catching the occasional whiff from my wrist, pleasant but still strange. Perfect for an unsettled mood. Dry: Almost gone, but still smells good on my wrist when sniffed closely. Liked it enough to put it right back on again once it faded. Don't need a bottle, but my imp is staying around...
  13. SnappingTurtle

    Icons of Joy

    My apologies for not attributing the source; in most cases, I simply don't know whose lovely work it is. cfrancesca : october 2010, marshmallow pumpkin, samhain 2010 Stellans: Blood Moon
  14. SnappingTurtle


    11/3/10 So what do you want from Paintbox Soapworks' Yule release? Comfort and Joy. Just the name is wonderful, but the notes added in, mmmmmmm 11/1/10 Would you like a box filled with Christmas/Yule treats? If you so feel like, Witch, sure! Darling Witchee, are you in on this NaNoWriMo craziness? Would you like motivational pings/writing instruments/lovely blank books in which to pen your masterpiece - No. No NaNowhatsis for me. But I would love a seal and some wax for letter-writing... In fact, there just might be some I keep admiring on my Amazon list 10/29/10 Did you know BPAL is on etsy with leftover trunk show bottles? Would you like any of them? Nah. At least none of this current round. 10/28/10 Would you prefer to have your final package before Halloween or have a reveal package at the end of the round? I believe my procrastination in answering this question may have answered this one for me... Do you prefer lip balm in a tube or tin? Slight preference for tube - don't like getting it under my nails. But I've gotten some in a tin that only came that way that were absolutely wonderful. 10/21/10 What are you most interested in from the Yule update? I have ordered decants of far too many... But was tempted and resisted ordering decants of Haloa and Jacob's Ladder. Also Lick It - I've never smelled any of its incarnations, and I just don't understand why peppermint candy canes are so well loved? So even sniffies of any of those would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and Autumn and Winter - barely scratched that one off of the decant list o' doom, still sounds cool. 10/20/10 If you were my witchee, would you want to receive Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict, or wouldn't that be your cup of classics? I haven't heard of that one, but it sounds interesting. If my witch has a copy lying about in search of a new reader, go for it! Would you like some homemade snack mix? Sure, as long as it doesn't have onions. Knitterly Witchees, would you like a yarn bowl? Not knitterly enough here, sorry. 10/18/10 So....let's say that you're my witchee, and you have an affinity for widgets. Let's also pretend that I sent you one of these widgets, but in a form that has a very special personal significance to me. Would you find that to be touching (in a "Yay, now I'll always use this and think of my witch!" way) or tacky (in a "My witch is making this all about her!" way)? That would be so completely awesome and wonderful... Have you had a chance to try Halloweenies? If so, which ones are you really really in love with this year? Pumpkin Latte. Punkie Night. Need more And I REALLY, REALLY want Marshmallow Pumpkin, at least a little bit. But am not sure I will get a chance to order any before it comes down 10/14/10 Do you prefer scented or unscented lotions/moisturizers? Either is good. 10/13/10 Today I got one of the Starbucks Halloween Bearista Bears - it's dressed like a werewolf! Is this something witchees might like? Weellll, we do like Starbucks bears. My daughter collects them, as a matter of fact. And so, we already have picked up ours from a local Starbucks. Are you interested in Halloween costumes for your pet(s)? The daughter would love this. Not sure the pets would, but hey it's a hard life sometimes. Spotty pets - one Dalmatian, one tuxedo cat. 10/12/10 Would you want your witch to reveal herself? How? Yes. However s/he would like!