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    Hellion Pumpkin King Voodoo Queen Pumpkin Cheesecake Eat Me Penny Dreadful Anything PUMPKIN( I'm obsessed with the taste & scent), gingerbread & blueberry

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    art, gothic music, perfume, anything PUMPKIN PUMPKIN PUMPKIN or gingerbread, Halloween, horror films, vampires, coffins, ravens, bats, owls, Edward Gorey, etc.......So many monsters!
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  1. boxinghelena

    India Ink

    India Ink: Smells like resinous paper on me. Sadly, I don't know if this is a scent I would wear.
  2. boxinghelena

    Capela Dos Ossos v5

    Capela Dos Ossos v5: Straight up baby powder. I can't stand the smell of baby powder. I'm going to let my bottle age & hopefully it morphs into something lovely that I can wear otherwise, off to swaps.
  3. boxinghelena

    Annurca Apple Blossom

    Annurca Apple Blossom: This reminded me of the Strawberry Shortcake doll Apple Dumpling that my younger sister loved so much in the 80's. Very pretty & long lasting power on my skin. I love single notes.
  4. boxinghelena

    The Black Temple Burlesque Troupe

    The Black Temple Burlesque Troupe: I knew this wouldn't work on me but thought I'd give it a try. Turned straight to baby powder on me. Yick! Swap/Sales pile for sure.
  5. boxinghelena

    Uncle Travelling Matt

    Uncle Travelling Matt: I bought this one right away since I'm a sucker for dark chocolate & fig scents. I didn't smell fig but the dark chocolate was a stand out in the bottle and something melon-like. Rut ro, kinda went rancid melon or sour melon once I dabbed it on my wrist. But after about ten min. or so, it morphed back into chocolately goodness. I like it and I think it will age nicely.
  6. boxinghelena


    Hoggle: Sniffing the bottle, it smelled like syrup. I asked my husband to confirm, yep, syrup. After applying it to my wrists, It's straight up coffee. No delicious pumpkin, nothing, coffee. I'm going to let this age before I try this again.
  7. boxinghelena

    Candles Moon

    Candles Moon 2010: It's very perfumery floral holding my wrist down at my side but if I actually sniff my wrist I get a slight sour milk. No thanks!
  8. boxinghelena


    Senelion: I need to let this age. The red musks are beautiful but the amber is powdery on me. Maybe combined with the chamomile. So it's a bit too much for me right now. Not a fan of powder at all. I'll try it again in six months.
  9. boxinghelena

    Blood & Champagne

    Blood & Champagne: It's carbonated soap on me. Yuck yuck yuck!
  10. boxinghelena

    Countess Willie

    Countess Willie: OMG! This is Yum!! I definitely get the chocolate right away. The musk comes out a bit, thought for a second it would ruin it for me but it all mellowed out. Sadly, I did not detect plum. Will let this age and try again. Love it though!
  11. boxinghelena

    The Zieba Tree

    The Zieba Tree: Ick ick ick! Lemon & orange blossom do not work on me ever. It smelled like cloying baby powder like woah. Yuck.
  12. boxinghelena

    Le Revenant

    Le Revenant: What the Hell? Where is the gardenia? I like gardenia. The only reason I bought a bottle was because of all the gardenia-love reviews. I think whatever note that ruined this one for me killed gardenia. It was rotting decay on me?? To the point where I had to wash it off. My husband smelled my wrist last night and said it didn't smell like decay to him, that it smelled really nice. I thought I had washed it all off last night but this morning, I did finally detect a faded gardenia.
  13. boxinghelena

    French Love

    French Love: What dragon's blood, others have claimed??? This is straight up flowery powder. Boo!
  14. boxinghelena

    Green Party

    Green Party : Is definitely a green scent. On me, it smells like flower stems. Not really me as I would never wear it but interesting nonetheless.
  15. boxinghelena

    Karmê (Κάρμη)

    Karmê (Κάρμη): This took me forever to find for a review. I didn't realize it was a WC food drive imp. Not liking this one. It's a flowery vegetable garden but in a cheap generic way. ick!