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  1. Upstart Crow

    Queen of the Nile

    Going to try to see how this works with a man I'm interested in but who I'm talking to online...will update you. I like how it smells! ETA: 6/6/20 Hm. I'm not sure if this is working, but it's doing something interesting. It's making me feel not just more confident in my interactions with him, but, interestingly, less gender dysphoric?? I didn't expect to have it start to make me comfortable with my "feminine side" (for lack of a better term), but there it is.
  2. Upstart Crow

    Sustained Boos

    Just got this out of the package and it's smelling like pure chocolate tootsie pop on me. I'm hoping that will change as it settles down, because I'm so not a foodie person (aside from coffee beans).
  3. Upstart Crow


    Oh, Crowley, my Crowley. You're gorgeous, both you and your scent, but why do you just turn to some sort of sweet muddle of confusion on my wrist? It's a very wonderful muddle of sweet confusion, but I just can't pick out many notes aside from the musk and the vanilla--but musks of all kinds tend to turn into single-musk notes on me, so that's probably why. Still, though. I really wanted you to do what you do for so many other people. But you are very, very nice in my oil burner (especially with Aziraphale).
  4. Hi there! Trying to message you about Sadak at the Waters of Oblivion, but it looks like you can't receive messages now? PM me if you can?

  5. Upstart Crow

    Evil Does Not Sleep

    This is TKO with a slightly diabolical undertone--something just a little bit "off," a bit smoky and a tiny bit too sweet (but not in a cloying way that makes this unbearable). It comes across as an olfactory portrait of someone trying to sleep but not really understanding how sleep works. Perfect for what Crowley ultimately does in the book. Great bedtime scent if you want something a bit more unconventional than TKO. 10/10 from me!
  6. Upstart Crow


    This is the only way I can describe it: Having a sexy lurk through a churchyard at night. I'm sorry, I really tried to describe the notes here, but I just can't. This is just an incredibly sexy blend. One of the sexiest BPAL has done.
  7. Hi Joselle, Did you get my last message? 

  8. Hello Joselle, have you seen my message? 

  9. Upstart Crow

    Dead Leaves, Peonies, and Moss Atmosphere Spray

    My favorite so far of the Dead Leaves room sprays for this year! Sweet hothouse floral with the slight astringency of moss. Definitely worth a full bottle if you like florals!
  10. Upstart Crow

    Dead Leaves, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Cocoa Atmosphere Spray

    Delicious, sweet chocolate blended with cinnamon with just a hint of cologn-y dry leaves. I'm not much for foody scents, so I think I'll be happy just using my 2ml decant, but this is quite nice.
  11. Upstart Crow

    The Creation of Lilith

    I can never say no to pomegranate--even if I was so burned by the oudh in one of 2017's dead leaves blends that I've all but sworn it off. But there's no poo-poo smell in this gorgeous scent! I'm just getting pomegranate, lavender, and a little sweet, ripe fig--but mostly pom and lavender. If I shove my nose against my wrist, I think I get a hint of the oakmoss. Just lovely. I'll need another bottle.
  12. Every leaf tells a story. Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of void, but out of chaos. ― Mary Shelley, 1831 I have bottles #25 and #20. They just arrived, but I am an impatient person, so I opened them up. #20 Is just incredible. The dead leaves note is the strongest, and it's bolstered by what smells like lemon and orchids with a little autumn frost. A keeper! #25 is a bit less polite. It smells fruity--cherries, perhaps? Something red and juicy. It's really the first perfume I've ever had that turned to stale urine on me! Sickly sweet and acrid. I'll let it calm down before trying again, but I have a feeling this will be swapped for another blend or sold.
  13. Upstart Crow

    The Storm

    I only got this because orris/violet is my favorite scent ever. Blackberry is meh to me (Dead Leaves and Blackberry smelled like overdried blackberries on my skin ) and salt is a constant no. It turns into puke on me. So I figured this would be a horrible trainwreck but wanted to try anyway. I'm really glad I did! The orris is dominant on me, and the blackberry just enhances it and sweetens it in a way that makes it amp, rather than being too fruity. I don't get salt at all, only a little aquatic coolness. A beautiful, bottle-worthy blend!
  14. Upstart Crow

    Pomegranate Grove: Dorian

    [No additional description provided.] Mercy! I'm the first to review a Dorian scent?! This just arrived this morning, so I haven't given it time to settle yet. But I couldn't wait to try it and review it, because I love Dorian and I love pomegranates. Unrested, this is very much the tea-and-vanilla Dorian we love with a very red, very sweet pomegranate blanketing it. As it dries down, I get more of the vanilla and tea. Wonderful take on the blend, and while I think Frostbitten Dorian will always be my favorite Dorian of all, this is a close second. I'll update when it's had time to settle.
  15. Upstart Crow

    Fortuna Respiciens

    The Fortune That Changes Bad Luck to Good, Intervention in Times of Need A hymn for blessings: pomegranate juice, mint, and juniper berry. I love Violent Gesticulations from the 2017 Weenies, and when I saw the notes for this, I hoped for something similar but that may be a bit less high-pitched (which is perfect for Violent Gesticulations! But I didn't want a carbon copy). I got pretty much what I hoped for in this lovely scent. The pomegranate is darker and heavier, less punchy and more mellow--a bit like the kind in September Midnight. The mint and juniper berry blend in a way that accentuates the best parts of both--the crisp menthol of the mint and the woodsy, slight pungency of the juniper. Very well blended, but each note still manages to stand out even while balancing each other. Definitely a keeper! Glad I trusted my love of pomegranate enough to get a bottle.