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  1. binkin


    In the bottle, this smells sharp and sweet and apple-y. On my skin, it goes through a boozy phase, and then it just starts to smell like Suave apple shampoo. I'm starting to think that apple just isn't something that works on me
  2. binkin

    Dia de los Muertos

    2009: Hm. Jasmine is one of my Notes of Doom, and I don't get jasmine at all from this. Instead I get an incensey, complex floral with cocoa and tobacco. Definitely tobacco. It's the most perfumey BPAL I've ever loved, and all I have is decant remnants, so I think I'll be trying to swap for a full bottle. While some of the other Halloweenies smell to me more like they would make great room scents, this is definitely a body/hair scent to me, and it's evocative of its name somehow. Not a very helpful review, but I'll wear it again and give better details later.
  3. binkin

    Cesky Krumlov v1

    Hm. My impression of this, out of the imp, was something soapy, like hotel soap. Floral, maybe a little herbal, and it is well known that my allergic nose doesn't tolerate those types of scents well. Unfortunately I didn't detect anything else, so I didn't give it a skin test. Now I'm wondering if my sniffer's broken!
  4. binkin

    Velvet Pink Kitty

    Pink Kitty smells, to me, like boozy sticky sweet candy. Strawberry flavored candy. It doesn't smell like gin so much as it does like... well, like making out with someone who's been drinking. Ahem. That may sound kind of horrifying, but I like it. It goes on strong and STAYS THAT WAY. I could still smell it the next day, and even a little bit the day after that. It stays pretty true the whole time; sugar and fruit and a liiiiitle alcoholic. I keep wanting to wear it again but it's so strong I keep putting it off. I think I'd like this best as a shampoo or body wash fragrance rather than as a perfume. 3.5/5 stars, here.
  5. binkin


    I wish I could give a more coherent review but this just smells like heaven to me. Plus I adore the name (maiden name + Arthuriana/Scotland = yay!). This is one of my top 10 and was from the second I opened the imp. It has amazing staying power on me and I don't have much to add to anyone else's review except it's like lightly floral vanilla amber ocean love. To me it's really evocative of the place it's named for.
  6. binkin


    I don't know if it's the musk or the sage or what, but this is SPECTACULAR. I got a decant yesterday, slapped it on, and went out of town for the day and I kept catching whiffs of myself and thinking "what smells so FABULOUS?" I described it to a friend as smelling the way I want my BPAL box to smell; it smells like a box full of precious resins or something similar to that. It stays pretty true on my skin, though it smells more currant-y in the bottle and more incense-y on me. I want to order about 15 Le Mat sets to get bottles, though I know this is not practical. Bells and liliripes above the other two Fools, though I like them too!
  7. binkin

    Planting Moon

    Oh, this is intimidating... First post.... I'm not sure how to get the descriptions! I had to order Planting Moon because it's for the full moon nearest my birthday this year. The label art is just gorgeous, maybe my favorite of any of the bottles I have so far. In the bottle: It smells like dew-laden spring. Maybe with a hint of soap? On, wet: I am torn between "spring" and "soap" as a descriptor. There's definitely something savory going on on the background, which I would say is the smell of squash blossoms. The tomato leaf is there but not very loud. Dry: This smells like a garden. It really does. It smells like spring, although maybe more June than May for those of us in Michigan On me it still has a slight soapiness when it hits the middle of my sinuses, but if I get my nose close to my wrist and breathe deeply it's a relaxing sunny day puttering around in the garden. I think it's more airy than I expected it to be, which might be why I am perceiving it as "soap" -- I was expecting a heavily earthy smell. It might still morph into one. Overall, 4/5 -- it's not one of my top 10 but I'll certainly be keeping it, and I think it will be absolutely perfect for days when it's too rainy to actually be outside in the garden.
  8. binkin


    This, somehow, was not even on my radar, but I got an imp today via swap. I opened it, sniffed it, went "hmmmm" and stuck some on the back of my hand just to see. Now I need my husband to come home from work so I may apply it liberally to him and then have my way, ahem. This is warm and manly-sexy to me... the first reviewer said she wanted to curl up in her palm and go to sleep? That's kind of right. Only with, you know, ACTIVITIES before the sleeping. Holy cow. This is on the bottle list effective IMMEDIATELY.
  9. binkin

    Avoiding notes that turn to hairspray

    OK, found another that turns bad: London. Tea rose, perhaps? I guess I'll just have to keep ordering and sorting through what works and what doesn't. At least now I know better than to put them on my skin! I don't really need recommendations -- I was more hoping someone could wave the magic Rose Wand and tell me which particular of the 100000 rose notes it was that wasn't working on me. Alas. Oh, and Flowering Chyrsanthemums is lovely on me, so I guess it's not the mums. It is, as they say, a mystery.
  10. binkin


    Richly crowned. Antiqued amber, frankincense, pomegranate, myrrh, rose absolute, and bois de rose. Wet, this makes me go "whoa, cologne!" As it dries I can smell the rose, then the lavender. And then our friends the resins come out to play, and they're not kidding around. I put maybe a drop of this on my wrist and I could smell it all day. Pleasant at first, but as the day wore on my skin amped the frankincense and myrrh more and more and more and MORE, to the point where 12 hours after application they were conspiring to give me a terrible headache. Alas. This scent seemed really capricious, changing every hour or two. It's got considerable throw, and it's interesting. I'll be keeping my decant to see what happens as it ages; perhaps it will mellow out more. It may also be that spring is springing, and this seems more like a heavy, cold-weather scent.
  11. binkin

    Dark Chocolate and Pepper-Smoked Caramel

    In the bottle this reminds me very much of El Dia del Reyes, which is good, because I love El Dia. As it dries down, something about it makes me crave delicious, delicious bacon, which feels kind of wrong. Then the caramel comes out, almost overwhelmingly, and finally it settles in to something that's a little too smoky right now, but I still can't stop sniffing it. I'm glad I got a bottle, and I have been told that overly-smoky scents can mellow with age; I think once this does, it's going to be pure win. The throw is a little less than average but my honker's also a little stuffed up from allergies. Overall 4 out of 5, for me.
  12. binkin


    My skin turned this to straight up anesthetic cloves, which is really too bad, because in the imp it smells wonderful, spicy and rich.
  13. binkin


    I wanted to love this, but as it turns out, it's the rose that turns to chemical hairspray acetone smell on me, and I could tell when I opened the bottle. Sad. Off to the swap pile.
  14. binkin


    I love this scent but it's one that I'll probably never wear outside the house since it turns to straight up honeyed sex on me. Very nice but also something to keep for myself and my husband. I'll likely end up with a bottle though. Naughty!
  15. binkin

    The Host of the Air

    I've tried this twice now, and both times it fades on me within half an hour or so. At first it's a burst of fresh greenery with dew and almost a clean/aquatic feeling, then as it dries something more floral comes up, and then... nothing. It's gone. I really like it while it's around, but my skin seems to eat it. I'm going to try again soon, with more slathering.