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  1. So glad I could enable you to find your love of BPAL ... 😈

  2. Follow My Nose

    Kabuki Actor and Their Lover Hair Gloss

    I was expecting a heavy spring floral, and while it is floral forward, the lilac and cherry blossoms are lovely, Kabuki Actor and Their Lover was also a nice surprise. To my nose, the white musk and incense smoke are light, but quite forward, making this more complex. The champaca is very soft, I'm having trouble picking it out. I wasn't sure what amber embers would smell like, but I think the slightly smoky, warm amber blends in with the incense smoke to create a lovely resiny layer, not overpowering. This turned out to be a unique and complex shunga hair gloss that's perfect for spring, and would be a beautiful gateway floral for people who are a little afraid of heavy florals and prefer incense. So glad I got to try this and nose it out, it's beautiful!
  3. Follow My Nose

    Golden Amber, Cacao, and Tonka Bean Hair Gloss

    Mm, this is gorgeous! The amber, cacao, and tonka bean are all at the forefront and blend into a rich, resiny chocolate dessert. It's not too gourmandy, I love that the lab's cacao note is dry rather than overly sweet. And the tonka bean note is delightful. This is warm with just a smidgen of spice around the edges, and inviting, even a little sexy.
  4. Follow My Nose

    Hagoromo-No-Taki Hair Gloss

    This is a deliciously creamy coconut-vanilla scent. The sandalwood and orris are a soft, powdery backup for the main players. It kind of reminds me of Mexican coconut candy, which I love. Like VetchVesper said above, this is light enough to pair with a wide variety of scent combos. Just delicious-smelling and perfect for summer coming up for those of us in the Northern hemisphere.
  5. Follow My Nose

    Colemanite Phoenix

    I'm not familiar with most of these plant scents, but this is exactly what I imagine a perfect desert perfume would be. Wet on my skin, this start out as slightly floral and green, but dusty herbal notes and dry woods quickly come to the front and make this a deeper and more complex scent. Everything comes together in a smooth, warm balance when it's dry. Colemanite is the dry sands and rocks of the desert, but also the green life that thrives there. It is quite lovely and unique, and brings a different note to the foreground every time I sniff it.
  6. Follow My Nose

    Halite Phoenix

    This is really lovely and unique! At first, it's just a nice strong ambergris, which may be where some folks' skin chemistry brings out a ghost of corn chips, but it settles down into a fresh, salty, sandy scent that doesn't separate into individual notes. It's aquatic but sunny, clean but strangely earthy, like opposites joined so smoothly they form something new and strangely comforting. I've only visited the desert once, and it was in the winter, but this scent definitely makes me think of warm sand and golden sunshine, and an aquatic saltiness without the "aqua" part.
  7. Follow My Nose

    Benitoite Phoenix

    First impression out of the decant: a beautiful deep blue musk, soft, clean, and cool, but not chilly As it dries, a subtle, pretty white floral note pops up, and something tickling in the background that reminds me of a sweet oud, maybe?, but not strong; then a sheer powdery overlay mists around the edges Overall impression: just as the description says, a clean, sweet, musk that reads as a pure deep blue A perfectly lovely representation of this rare and gorgeous blue gemstone! (seriously, look up some pictures of this stone)
  8. Follow My Nose

    στοργή (Storge)

    Lavender and Snake Oil are absolutely lovely together! I can smell light sugary cotton candy and rosewater (one of the rose-based notes that usually works on me), and a hint of powdery honey that all come out during drydown. Those three serve as backup dancers for the Snake Oil/lavender duet. This is so gorgeous, I think I need to gather funds for a full bottle, even though I'm trying to limit myself to only decants for a while.
  9. Follow My Nose

    Bread Lumps

    This is exactly as described and I'm so tickled with it. Crusty, fresh-baked bread with honey, yum! The scent stays true on my skin through the drydown and has medium throw and wear length. I don't always go for straight-up foodie scents, but this one is unique, warm, and lovely!
  10. Follow My Nose

    Utter Sophistication

    My skin reacted differently to this scent than other folks & went through a few interesting stages. On first application, it was buttery popcorn with smooth, warm oak and an undefined sweetness underneath. As it dried, the Dorian, lavender, and vanilla came out right away, reminding me of The Serpentine. Beeswax and Snake Oil immediately followed but remained in the background. It quickly all blended together into a lovely sweet blend of all the notes with Dorian most prominent. Sadly, after it dried completely, the lavender and popcorn faded away on my skin. It's still gorgeous, but I did love the popcorn! Apparently, so did my skin, since it ate it all up. Although I'm still smelling a faint buttery note which compliments the rest of the scent. Leftover popcorn, maybe?
  11. Follow My Nose

    Peach Chypre

    My favorite peach-forward scent! On first application, it's a pop of juicy, golden peach, then the soft chypre notes start to come out immediately as it dries. After it's dry, the soft mosses and woods ground the fresh peach, while it still remains a strong note, and it's complimented by subtle citrus. I can't claim to recognize all the notes of a typical chypre, but I think they turn a sweet fruity scent into something much more sophisticated and subtle. It's soft & fresh, but has great staying power on my skin, which tends to eat most lighter perfumes. Definitely a lovely scent for a great cause!
  12. Follow My Nose


    I'm usually cautious about peach blends, since it amps slightly on my skin, but this peach is well-behaved on me & I'm so glad I took a chance on it! Wet, I notice the soft peach/apricot, softly smoky incense, and a faint sweet rose at first. During and after drydown, all the notes come out and blend perfectly together: the oud is soft and grounding, and slightly smoky; the amber and frankincense add some warm, soft powderiness; musk is sweet and fairly light; peach and rose stay present, but the peach is well-blended and the rose is light; the honey is rich and sweet, but not overpowering. Overall, it is sweet and creamy with a touch of powder & smoke, a bright, hopeful blend with soft strength underneath. Makes me think of a warm, golden-peach color with amber-brown at the base, like a late sunset (appropriate for the concept, I think 😉 ). This is an absolutely gorgeous honeyed incense with a serving of peach on the top, and very joyful, as others have said.
  13. Follow My Nose

    No Coward Soul is Mine

    Lavender-lovers, grab a bottle of this! In the bottle and on first application, it's pure lavender, as if I smushed my face into a handful of fresh-blooming stalks from my mom's garden. As it dries, the brightness of the lavender smooths out and blends seamlessly with the other notes. The pale woods come in first, and they are soft, light wood notes, no strong pine or oak, just a pleasant grounding base for the more herbal and floral notes. I don't know if my nose is good enough to recognize rockrose specifically, but there's definitely a warm golden floral that comes in and makes this into an incredibly lovely blend. I think this scent is neither "feminine" nor "masculine," but reads as gender-neutral. No Coward Soul Is Mine is a soft, soothing scent that stays fairly close to the skin, but has great lasting power (my skin usually "eats" softer scents within an hour or two). I'm definitely glad I blind-bottled this one to add to my lavender-based scents!
  14. Follow My Nose

    Pumpkin Musk and Black Oudh

    It may just be the way my skin chemistry interacts with this scent, but I totally get Streets of Detroit mixed with pumpkin pie filling. It's gorgeous and unusual! The pumpkin and spice pops up right away, but softens as this dries, giving more focus to the dark musk and oudh notes. The scent stays really well-blended, and has good throw & staying power. If you are a fan of Streets and pumpkin, you need to try this one!
  15. [No additional description provided.] I don't think I've ever been first before, but this atmo is so perfect for the fall season, I wanted to give it some love here. On first spritzing, this starts out mostly cinnamon, not too sharp or overpowering, just nice warm spice. The cocoa comes out quickly, not a chocolate-heavy scent, but dry cocoa powder in the background. As it dries, the dead leaves make their appearance, but stay behind the cinnamon with the cocoa, filling out the scent with a warm, soft woodsiness. This is perfect for evoking crisp autumn days, having a cup of spiced cocoa after a walk through the woods, fallen leaves still stuck to your sweater.