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  1. CharB

    The Gatekeeper

    I get cologne and 'leather' from this. I say 'leather' because almost all the lab's leathers Ive tried dont actually smell like leather to me, but some kind of quite one dimensional, artificial rendition of the concoction used to cure leather.
  2. CharB

    The Manuscript

    Im totally confused and disappointed in this one. I was so excited for it, but all I can smell, in bottle and on skin is mild V8 juice and a slight hint of mint? So I think Im detecting the 'chill', but what the hell. A few people mentioned smelling cucumber, which Im guessing is what Im interpreting as veggie juice? But there's something tomatoey to me too.. Maybe the ink is coming off as an acidic tomato-esque whiff? Also not getting leather nor paper🤔
  3. CharB


    I was really disappointed by the imp I got. I expected a unique dusty and animalistic desert plains scent. Out of the bottle all I get is overwhelming amber, and a hint of evergreen? Even on my skin I still dont get animal fur, nor the dusty, grassy landscape. Perhaps a little more musky and 'doeskin warm' on skin, but definitely doesnt conjure a coyote for me. Ive become wary of Bpal scents with amber, as they have a tendency to just swallow the scent as a whole.
  4. CharB


    This is a beautifully succulent, deep rose, and you really can get a spicy waft of cinnamon around the edges. Its very feminine, and not only smells of a large bouquet, but one containing a few varieties of rose, as the description claims.
  5. CharB


    Dee is gorgeous, and I would definitely classify it as unisex, even feminine leaning, not overwhelmingly masculine. The creamy tonka bean blends well with the rosy rosewood and leather. The scent is deepened in a mysterious way by the accompanying hints of parchment and incensey woods. Its beautiful and somehow comforting too in its richness.
  6. CharB

    Black Annis

    I love this one! Anise is definitely the dominating note, but I can detect a bit of the foresty elements too. The oak leaf, lichen, and vetiver.. Im not entirely certain how civet musk works its magic, but I suspect its what gives the scent a nice rounded feel, and contributes to its depth.
  7. CharB

    Crow Moon 2020

    Sorry to say I wasn't impressed. Both in the bottle and left to mingle on my skin all I got was a bit of evergreen and nondescript greenery. Im finding that with most of the Bpal scents listing evergreen type trees as a note, its obscenely overpowering. It is very fresh smelling, but lacked depth to me. I didnt get woody or musky vibes at all. Nor did distinct florals pop out at me, or the 'wintry coldness'.
  8. CharB

    Abalone Vulva

    I actually sold my bottle, it just wasnt for me. Out of the bottle and tested on my wrist, it smelled the same. It was creamy and sweet, yes, even pearly, but there lurked a note that was stinky to me. I tried this specifically because the notes were different and lighter sounding than Id normally go for, just to branch out a little. Im not very familiar with pink musk, so maybe my nose just isnt a fan? I didnt detect driftwood either, which was part of the reason I bought it. But perhaps actually it was the interpretation of driftwood that I found unappealing? Too salt watery perhaps, and not enough wood.. 🤷🏻‍♀️