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  1. fetish911

    Brainstem Lollipop

    Wet I get no apples, which is fine because I'm not an apple fan. I do get a caramelish sweetness, but this is sadly short lived. It quickly turned into this weird artificial powdered candy smell that I don't like at all. It's strong too. Apples never did show up to this party. And this smells nothing like Bloody Mary on me thank god- I love Bloody Mary! This Hallowench, not so much!
  2. Saltspray on moonlit fur with a hint of palm, white fig, and lime. Salty aquatic. I get a little blast of lime in the beginning, but it burns off quickly. The sharp saltiness mellows out as it wear on. I'm not getting a fur note, but I do like this scent for sure!
  3. fetish911

    Dr. Janice

    Very pretty scent. I feel like this is more of a "whole scent" than individual notes I can pick out... First sniff it reminded me of Black swallow tail, even though they don't share notes. I do smell ylang ylang & sweet lavender. Seems to have a good bit of throw on me too. I like this one too. So far I have loved all the Hallowenches!
  4. fetish911

    Blood Sangria

    Fruity wine! delish red wine aged in oak casks. It has a warmness that makes it feel like spice, but it not the labs spice note. I cannot wear & don't like spice notes, so it's not that. Almost feels like a mulled wine.... I really like this one!
  5. fetish911


    Melons! Smells like cool melons (think cantaloupe & honeydew) with a hint of pineapple underneath. Fruity and fun. Doesn't morph on me too much.
  6. fetish911

    They Shall Eate the Residue of that which is Escaped

    Starts off as a strong vanilla /mint ala "lick it" series. Mint blast subsides quickly and the lovely vanilla and rosewood peek out. This is so pretty! A tiny shadow of mint is all that's left. Slightly foody, but slightly floral, and hugely beautiful! Another for sure bottle purchase. This is a close second favorite for me to About Midnight.
  7. fetish911

    Fire Mingled with the Haile

    Heavy salty aquatic with a sweetness from some sort of flower thrown in there. I do smell that same bready, baked good note others smell when first applied ,but it burns off in about 20 mins. Since that bready smell is gone now I can smell the fire smoldering in the background. It reminds me of Aurora Spaceship takes a dive. Still, a very pretty salty ,slightly sweet aquatic (loves me some ambergris!) and just a faint ember in the background.
  8. fetish911

    About Midnight

    Pure, warm, glorious vanilla sandalwood!! No hamster bedding cedar chips on me at all.. Not a foodie vanilla either. This one is my absolutely favorite out of the bunch. Want multiple bottles!
  9. fetish911

    Upon Man and Upon Beast

    I got no cherry what so ever from this. It's all super dry sandalwood and patchouli... Cedar chips! Poster above me said this is "warm fur and cedar chips " is spot on description for me too. Also one of the driest bpals I can recall trying. I kinda like it!!
  10. fetish911


    Rose. Rose, rose and more rose. I amp fore mentioned note like there is no tomorrow, so this pretty much just a strait forward sn rose on me. Strong as all get out too. When I first put it on I could smell a bit of a deep vetiver component, but it was quickly trampled by ROSE and that is all that remains. Not my thing unfortunately.
  11. fetish911

    Southern Cloudywing

    Cardamom tea, orange peel, mate, oakmoss, tonka bean, sweet cedar, and costus. This was very hard to decipher. I can smell spicy tea and cedar. It smells weird. I didn't like it while it was wet, but dried to something that reminds me of a generic Lush scent. Wtf, that 2 butterfly scents so far that has happened with. And I haven't really bought lush in years, I just like to sniff it. I know this isn't a very helpful review I apologize. Tiny hands solid moisturizer. That's what this reminds me of. So bizarre.
  12. fetish911

    Goatweed Leafwing

    I don't smell any orange while this was wet, just tonka and sandalwood. It dries to a very soft, sandalwood that stays close to my skin. Not a lot of throw, but it's a nice fuzzy brown scent. This would be nice when you want an snuggly, understated skin scent .
  13. fetish911

    Red-Spotted Purple

    White thyme, yuzu fruit, hinoki wood, blue cedar, white carnation, plum rind, white mandarin, and lime-tinted white musk. Wow this has a lot going on! Herbal. Fruity. A bit floral. Wet, I smell herbs and Yuzu/mandarin citrusy thing over everything else. Carnation I can pick out but it's not particularly strong. I can also smell wood as this dries further... It's getting stronger as it dries. Yep. Herbal wood with fruit cut up on it. Kind of a strange scent for a perfume. This would be a nice room spray actually......
  14. fetish911

    Eastern Comma

    Sweet orange with tobacco absolute and hay. Orange is the first note I get. I can smell the tobacco underneath with a slightly caramel-y base. As this dries the orange fades (as orange tends to do) and I can now smell the hay. So tobacco and hay! It's a sweet , grassy hay and a nice caramel tobacco. I like this one a lot too. Very well done!
  15. fetish911

    Black Swallowtail

    Licorice bark with freesia, jungle orchids, elemi, Bulgarian rose otto, and jasmine sambac. Wet I get a whiff of licorice, and something sweet, the freesia I do believe. This smells fantastic on me! I sometimes can't wear jasmine but this is so well blended I don't even notice it. This to me smells like bubbles . I know that sounds weird, but it for some reason reminds me of a Lush bubble bar. It's nice and strong too. I keep catching whiffs. As it dries it stays strong and has not morphed. I love love love this scent the longer I have it on. It's such a pretty/clean scent. I'm not sure what the rose otto smells like alone,but I think it's giving this a bit of a softness, while I can still smell the licorice and freesia they just somehow work nicely together. Jasmine I really wouldn't know is in here if I didn't see the notes, so jasmine haters don't be afraid! Absolute beautiful scent. Bottle worthy for me for sure!