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    Interfector (#1 fav), Tombeur, Adam, Iago, Sacrifice, Pleasures of the Imagination III, The Soldier, The Arabian Dance, Mne Moriarty 2006, In Hideous Darkness, Golden Priapus, Morocco, Snake Oil, Snake Skin, Boomslang, Dorian, Captain Cully, Invasion of the Flesh Eating Reindeer From Uranus. . . Notes I like: tobacco, leather, red/black/white musks, incense, vetiver, resins, vanilla, woods, amber, beeswax, cinnamon, spices, coffee, gingerbread, patchouli, rum, dirt, pine. Notes I dislike: dragons blood, mints, scents that smell too clean, lavender (but only if it's really strong/noticeable), whatever is in 21 (makes me gag)


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  1. Klaatu

    Midnight Bell

    I agree with doomsday_disco. This definitely has dragon's blood (and lots of it). I normally hate dragons blood and avoid scents with it but this one is a definite winner for me. Wet it's mostly dragon's blood and incense. As it dries the dragon's blood gets less strong, the incense amps up and the stone note becomes more noticeable. I believe this uses the same stone note as Tis Strange. The scents definitely share something in common. This is like Tis Strange but with slightly more incense and dragon's blood instead of leather. Glad a got a bottle.
  2. Klaatu

    Looking for White Musk~

    The best white musk smell I tried is Paladin however it's more masculine leaning in my opinion.
  3. Klaatu

    JK Men Are Very Good LOL People

    Definitely a masculine scent. I can pick out the grass in the wet stage. On the dry down I can't pick out any of the individual notes but this smells incredibly close to Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch in my opinion.