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  1. hlemonds

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    I love wand caps, couldn't live without them. But I am a slatherer!
  2. hlemonds

    Masculine but Sweet?

    My husband has a pretty decent "manly" BPAL collection. I would recommend Jareth, Crowley, Bow & Crown, Fenris Wolf, Dee, and Western Diamonback for starters
  3. hlemonds

    Tanuki No Yudachi

    On intial test I like this very much. The citrus is lost very quickly on my skin, leaving a soft lily, lotus root, and vanilla orchid scent. It actually has very good throw for the tiny amount I tested. I'm wondering if the citrus might stick around a bit more with a more generous application. We shall see. I like this very much as a spring scent. Lily is one of the florals that tends to work nicely on me, it seems to be the waxy sorts of flowers that cooperate on my skin. And of course vanilla orchid and bourbon vanilla are win, although I'm not getting a strong vanilla vibe here. That may, again, be due to the small amount applied. It may also need a bit of age for the vanilla to begin to shine.
  4. hlemonds

    Tanuki No Hikifune

    Lots of honey in this bottle, it is reminding me of another honey heavy blend that I can't bring to mind right this moment. I get the honey and a bit of the soft musk, but actually not much of the melon that I smelled in the bottle. It may be due to where I tested though, things can sometimes end up very different on the back of my wrists (as opposed to the inside of my wrists where I usually apply perfume). I do like it very much, this is the sort of honey that works very well on me, but I do hope that once I wear it on the insides of my wrists the melon and musk come out to play. ETA: I figured out what this is reminding me of, it's the lovely rich honey in Lady Una. And upon testing it again today in my usual application spots I definitely am able to pick up the melon and the gorgeous musk. This one is light on me, but very lovely, and I can see it being a favorite when it is really hot and humid outside and heavier scents can be overwhelming.
  5. hlemonds

    The Vine

    When I tested this one yesterday it faded very quickly, but I applied in a spot I don't usually, and it may just burn off perfume too quickly. I got lots of juicy pear steeped in rich, warm cream. Very yummy. I will be testing again to see if it lasts longer in other places. If it tends to wear off this quickly it might not be an absolute winner, but it is still very nice!
  6. hlemonds

    Blossoms in Springtime

    Wow, another hit from my batch of Lupers. This is stunning on my skin. Something about it reminds me of Angel. It isn't identical at all, I'm just reminded of it. The copal in this is much more gentle than copal I've encountered in other scents, so thankfully it doesn't overpower the wonderful vanilla and resins. Very, very lovely. Another scent I will certainly want back-ups of.
  7. hlemonds

    Body, Remember

    Stunning is a very apt description. I love this. I just put on a dab, but I can already tell this is backup worthy. It is softly musky and the coconut in this is just delicious. I am so glad I ordered this one. I think that this is going to be even better as it ages.
  8. hlemonds

    Old Moon

    The lab is hitting it out of the park lately. This is probably my favorite lunacy so far. I think it even beats out Joyful moon. Granted they are quite different, but this is so wonderful, I can't help but love it. Initially it reminds me a bit of Black Opal with a hint of leather. As it dries I do get a hint of dustiness, but it is very pleasant dustiness, not an overwhelming sort of powdery quality like some things can have. And I do agree that there is a vanilla and musk quality to it. This is such a pleasant scent, very inviting. Certainly 5/5 on my skin.
  9. hlemonds


    This is beautiful. I absolutely love it. I am so grateful to the Angel who snagged this for me. Initially there is a lot of red musk, as it dries down I get the warm sweetness of the amber, a hint of the cedar, and perhaps a smidgeon of the dusty/dry quality I usually get from orris or chamomile. This is so deep and warm, and it is rich, but not in an overwhelming way. Edit: After a couple of days of rest I went back to this one for another full day of wear. HOMG. This has become my HG scent. This is what I wanted Smut to be on my skin, but Smut just hasn't ever wanted to work on me. The musks and smber in this are so amazing. It is unbelievable the way this sings on my skin. The only bad news is that my other BPAL are being neglected so that I can wear Senelion.
  10. hlemonds

    In Brightness and In Joy

    “Grandmother!” cried the little one. “Oh, take me with you! You go away when the match burns out; you vanish like the warm stove, like the delicious roast goose, and like the magnificent Christmas tree!” And she rubbed the whole bundle of matches quickly against the wall, for she wanted to be quite sure of keeping her grandmother near her. And the matches gave such a brilliant light that it was brighter than at noon-day: never formerly had the grandmother been so beautiful and so tall. She took the little maiden, on her arm, and both flew in brightness and in joy so high, so very high, and then above was neither cold, nor hunger, nor anxiety–they were with God. Divine mercy: sweet winter berry, orange blossom, frankincense, golden sandalwood, angel’s trumpet, and red rose. Wow, another first! I'm a bit unsure of this one. The intial wet stage is almost too much for my nose. That's a lot of berries and rose. Mostly berries, but I can for sure smell a sweet, bright rose there. Sometimes the backs of my wrists tend to amp brighter, fruitier notes though, and I have this on the backs of my wrists. When I have a chance I want to test in on the insides of my wrists, and that's where I usually wear my perfume, and I think I will get more of the frankincense and sandalwood to balance the sweet berry-rose. And I just realized there's orange blossom in here too, which is probably adding to that sweet, fruity, floral hit in the early stages. I am able to get a hint of the underlying dandalwood and frankincense now that it has been dry for an hour or two, but it has also faded sonsiderably overall....so. I'm just not sure. I'm gonna give it some time and see how it develops.
  11. hlemonds

    Winter Heavens

    When freshly applied this is all floral...it doesn't register as Champaca to my nose, but I think that is because the white musk is confusing my nose and making me think of a more high-pitched sort of floral. It might be the "chill air" element as well. Once the initial blast dries down however, I love this! That's not to say I don't like it wet, it's just not a scent I would ordinarily choose. Once dry it is lovely. I think that my nose mostly picks up the white musk and grey amber, which are a wonderful combination. I think that my nose might be reading the amber a bit like vanilla. I think it is a lovely amber note. The champaca adds a slightly fruity sweetness in the later drydown. Very pretty!
  12. hlemonds

    Thousands of Lights

    Thousands of lights were burning on the green branches, and gaily-colored pictures, such as she had seen in the shop-windows, looked down upon her. The little maiden stretched out her hands towards them when–the match went out. The lights of the Christmas tree rose higher and higher, she saw them now as stars in heaven; one fell down and formed a long trail of fire. Indian ambrette seed, beeswax, champaca flower, saffron, Italian bergamot, frankincense, oak bark, and vanilla orchid. Wow, first one! On me this is mainly frankincense and beeswax. It has a very peaceful, churchlike aroma. Beeswax candles and church incense. I wore it straight out of the box, however, and I wonder if more of the components might come out to play once it has had a bit of time to rest. This is my favorite so far of the Yules I chose. It is simple and sweet and warm. It seems very true to the inspiration.
  13. hlemonds

    A Wonderful Light

    Mostly honeyed amber with a hint of orange that disappears once dry. I might be getting a hint of the Linden Blossom. Can't really pick out the vanilla. This reminds me a bit of Womb Furie (without the spices) Or O (but not as strong). I do like it, but I wish I was able to sniff out a bit more vanilla and orange. Also wishing it had a bit more throw. All in all it is a nice scent, and I'll enjoy seein ghow it ages.
  14. hlemonds

    The Glittering Apple Of The Stars

    Gorgeous! I've not found an apple scent prior to this that worked. They all have ended up smelling too craft store potpourri. Which would be fine, if I wanted to smell like that, but that really isn't my thing. This is absolutely NOT a craft store sort of smell. I get apple in the beginning, but it very quickly subsides into the musks and vanilla. It is so wonderfully smooth and sophisticated smelling with the hint of tropical florals wafting over the base of vanilla, musk, and subtle, sweet apple. Just amazing. I see multiple bottle in my future, it is that good.
  15. hlemonds

    Luna Negra: Ted's Creation

    Love, love, love! This smells fantastic on me. There's definitely red musk here, but perhaps tempered with another variety, maybe a touch of black to make it a bit darker? The currant and blackberry add a wonderful hint of tart fruitiness. Not certain what Kewda Attar smells like, but perhaps it is part of what gives me a sense of Champaca? And I'm certain the amber is there, providing sweet richness, but I can't pick it out of the whole. This is going to age sooooooo well. Thanks Puddin, for such an incredible creation!