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  1. JakkieTreehorn


    I was sure this would be a slam dunk for me based on the reviews, but sadly it was not. In the bottle it is almond with a bit of a sharp chemical smell in the background. Wet it is nice sweet almond and for a minute as it dries I get some yummy bakery goodness. BUT, for me this goes down hill really fast. It smells exactly like a freshly shampooed puppy....straight up fluffy puppy and dog shampoo. Then it goes through a phase of spicy dry cinnamon and fig. I thought it was going to get better, but then the final stage is super strong spicy dog shampoo. I had to scrub it off. I’ve tried multiple times over some months with the same result.
  2. JakkieTreehorn

    Unsubtle Euphemism

    Eh, not crazy about being the first to review something, BUT I freaking love Japanese milk bread so I was pretty curious about this one. Holy moly. In the bottle I’d probably drink this if I didn’t know it was perfume lol. It’s buttery and slightly sweet and definitely smells like a nice moist yeast roll with a hint of spice. Super excited so far! Wet I get the same initial blast of buttery yeast roll but the anise starts coming on making me super nervous. At this stage hoping the anise calms down a bit and heads to the background, as now it’s an anise scent with a background of buttery yeast bread. On dry down the anise definitely plays nicer and calms down. Up close I get a delicious buttery and slightly sweetened anise scented yeast bread. From afar though I don’t get the anise, just frequent whiffs of pretty damn realistic milk bread slathered with butter. I have a feeling this is going to do beautiful things as it ages and the notes hopefully become less distinct from one another. I bought two bottles of this hoping it would be backup worthy and it definitely is...one of the more unique scents I’ve tried in a very long time! ETA: Came back to add that this got sooo much better later on. I could smell it though the sleeve of my hoodie! Not in a strong perfume way as it doesn’t smell like perfume. It’s just this amazingly comforting savory foodie scent. This is like dopamine in a bottle 😍
  3. JakkieTreehorn

    Honey Marzipan

    I was super excited to try this one. I’ve been searching for an almond that I actually like to wear and so far have only found ones that smell great in the bottle but underwhelm once I’m wearing them. In the bottle this is delicious realistic marzipan with something tangy in the background though I wouldn’t be able to identify it as honey. Ooohh, wet this is sweet golden honey and marzipan. The honey is super bright which is keeping this from being heavy and chewy like most almond goes on me. Dry this is a nice light bright honey with a little bit of almond in the background. It’s nice, but not sure it’s a keeper for me.
  4. JakkieTreehorn

    Similar to Sin?

    Bastet didn’t work, which I was super sad about. Nasty Woman was way too much too. I have thought about the Amber and Cardamom. The others you mentioned I haven’t checked out yet!
  5. JakkieTreehorn

    Similar to Sin?

    So I have been pretty strictly foodie all my life due to serious sinus issues and most other scents causing terrible headaches. I do however love amber and some patchouli if it’s not overpowering and have found Sin to be my new favorite. I also love snake oil. So far I’ve struck out with other resins but I’d love to find some new smellies that aren’t foodies. I really can’t do floral at all. If I can smell the floral note it will be impossible for me to wear. Are there any other scents similar to Sin that might work for me?
  6. JakkieTreehorn

    Penny Rolle

    This is really nice. Obatala is one of my all time favorite scents and I definitely see why people are making comparisons. I feel like they are two sides of the same coin. Obatala is cool and refreshing while Penny Rolle is warm and comforting. It’s definitely Shea dominant on me but with a bit of a dry note from the sandalwood and just a hint of spicy cinnamon. I’m a huge fan of super foody scents that a lot of other people might find too syrupy or cloying so I find this one pretty mild in comparison.
  7. JakkieTreehorn

    Goblin Stampede

    I love this. On me it’s exactly what the description says, spicy black coffee with just a tiny bit of sweetness.
  8. JakkieTreehorn


    I love this. I’m really only into foodie scents. Halfling is my favorite followed by King Cake. This doesn’t remind me at all of Halfling as I love that one because it’s so nutty. Wet this smelled so much like King Cake to me. I live in Vermont so pure maple syrup is a staple here. King Cake reminds me and everyone that smells it on me of Maple Syrup. Whatever that top note is seems to be the base note in King Cake. So where King Cake stays that syrupy sweet maple on me, Cockaigne gets spicy and a tad boozy mixed with the maple syrup. And it has a lighter throw on me than King Cake which I can only wear sparingly in the winter So I don’t overpower every room I’m in. So this is definitely a keeper for me. I like it more and more too each time I wear it.
  9. JakkieTreehorn

    Snake Oil

    I’m not sure at all how to review perfumes. I was introduced to indie perfumes many years ago by my dear friend Courtney who now runs BPAL Vermont lunacy. There has never been a better smelling person in the history of people than this magnificent lady lol. I have MANY allergies and thus was averse to perfumes for my entire life...and then came my friend Courtney smelling like a goddess among creatures in a way that I cannot describe. Her scent was something out of my fondest childhood memories, yet I had no idea what it was. I admired it for YEARS, just thinking my own scent was subpar. When I finally got the nerve to try BPAL it changed my life....I’ve never smelled something so wonderful....I’ve had the same scent locket in my car for nine months and everyone that gets in my car still sniffs like a crack whore in heat lol. My husband commented tonight on what he referred to as “the scent of my childhood that he just can’t seem to make place.” We have been married for 7 years. He got used to me not wearing scents because of my allergies, and he is utterly hooked. I’ve never had a person smell my neck so many times lol. I feel like Snake Oil and Sin are pretty similar though. I feel like Snake Oil is a bit sweeter while Sin is all bad all the time. Either way.....grrrrrrr.....sex in a freaking bottle!
  10. JakkieTreehorn

    Banana Cream, Black Coconut & Raw Chocolate

    I really love this one too. For me I get an awesome banana top note that fades really fast on me and I’m left with a light tropical coconut with a hint of banana...I can see myself wearing this a lot in the summer! I do get a hint of the chocolate later on as I wear it!
  11. JakkieTreehorn

    Milk Chocolate & Honey Cream

    This is sooooo good! It will definitely be in heavy rotation for me. The honey is a much different honey than in other BPAL blends I’ve tried. This is by far my favorite honey from them so far. It is creamy and chocolatey and so good! No floral note with the honey which is how I prefer it!
  12. JakkieTreehorn


    I was super excited when I put this on. It smelled like yummy almond and cardamom. Dry down is not good for me though. Something about the lotus and Egyptian Musk together I think were problematic for me. I am interested to see how this ages though as I typically like scents with strong musky or woody notes only after significant aging. I’m hoping this might be smoother and that the notes will blend together once aged.
  13. JakkieTreehorn

    Black Pearl

    I dont get any coconut or Hazlenut at all which was a bummer as that’s what I was hoping for. On me it’s all floral musk which is always a no go for me. As someone who absolutely loathes florals though, this is one of the only ones I’ve tried that didn’t give me a raging migraine. It was as pleasant as a floral can get for me.
  14. JakkieTreehorn

    Kamau Kogo

    Since Obatala is a favorite I thought for sure this would be right up my alley. It leans too aquatic for me though. I find Obatala to be much sweeter and more fresh smelling. This was a good test though in that it helped me further determine which notes and types of scents work for me. This did smell exactly like a salty, coco nutty day at the beach, but alas, too much salt for me....this felt more like sweaty chasing after the kids all day while Obatala feels more like lounging in glorious solitude on a boat 🤷‍♀️
  15. JakkieTreehorn

    The Sea Foams Milk

    This was my first try with a more straight forward aquatic. Obatala is one of my favorites, so I hoped I’d like this. And I do love the smell, just not on me. This smells great and is very much the kind of scent I like on my hubby, but is much too masculine for me and my foodie loving nose. It is very refreshing and effervescent! I might try to make him wear it even though he hates oil bases 😂