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    Spiced Rum Buttercream Coffee, Zoe and the Goat, King Cake, Halfling, Dana O’Shee, Port-Au-Prince, Snake Oil, O, Bengal, Jack, Elegba, Samhain, NAVA Karnak Orange Black Honey, Womb Furie, GhoulishFavorite Bpal notes so far: rum, vanilla, coconut, cinnamon, cardamom, milks and creams, Amber, honey, anything nutty, patchouli especially paired with anything sweet

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  1. JakkieTreehorn

    Spiced Rum Buttercream Coffee

    This is my new favorite. It's all comforting and cozy for me as it somehow smells EXACTLY like my grandmother's house always did (I guess because there was always a pot of coffee on and cinnamon potpourri all over the house). I get no booze which I was a tad bummed by until I realized it's like my gram's house in a bottle. I'll have to scour the swap boards for more of this.
  2. JakkieTreehorn

    Happy and Dauntless and Sagacious

    I am not generally a huge fan of fruity smells even BPAl, but this is amazing. In the bottle it smells exactly like fresh, super juicy raspberries. Wet on my skin is about the same and dry still is very bright, fresh and juicy smelling. I'd like to have a bottle of this!
  3. JakkieTreehorn

    Womb Furie

    This is exactly what it says it is, which I couldn't be happier about! Definitely a favorite that will get heavy use! Snake Oil and honey, yum!
  4. JakkieTreehorn


    In the bottle this is maraschino cherry and amaretto, which I am completely in love with. It is the same wet but loses some of that as it dries. Wear length and throw of not great which is disappointing but I love this so much I have no problem reapplying it throughout the day! This would be up in my top 5 if it had longer wear length but still one of my favorites!
  5. JakkieTreehorn


    This is by far my favorite Bpal right now. The patchouli and fir needle are super strong in the bottle and when wet on my skin but as it dries I get the sweetness of the apple, the buttery pumpkin and the spices. It lasts all day which is hard for me to find in any perfume unless is is overwhelming. This is seriously the perfect perfume, and I can't stop smelling myself.
  6. JakkieTreehorn

    Zoe and the Goat

    Omg THIS is exactly why I started buying Bpal a few months ago. This and Samhain were the scents I was after! I really need a backup of this. In the bottle and on me wet and dry is all the same....the best patchouli ever with fresh honey. Sooooo awesome!
  7. JakkieTreehorn


    Initially I thought, This is incredible, probably one of the best perfumes Ive ever smelled. I can smell each of the notes individually but they all blend into a very dark and sexy scent. Definitely a date night scent. And then when dry I get straight sandalwood that is SUPER strong....so much so that I gives me a terrible headache. I dont think I will be able to wear this ☹.
  8. JakkieTreehorn


    Fresh out of the bottle this is a little funky on me like some others have noticed. It smelled like dirty feet actually. Dry its better but still not great. Im going to put it away to age for a while and hope it transforms into something yummy!
  9. JakkieTreehorn


    This was one of the first Bpal scents I ever tried. It’s one of my favorites. The pumpkin is rich and buttery, and the peach makes it slightly sweet. When dry the spices come out more. I think I actually prefer to wear it in the summer because it only takes one application and every time I get slightly sweaty I get a resurgence of the buttery pumpkin but it’s still light enough to not be too overpowering for a warm weather scent.
  10. JakkieTreehorn

    Come to Me

    After reading many reviews I was really hoping to love this even though I'm pretty much only into foodie and spicy scents. And, it's not that I don't like it, but on me, the fresh, un-aged oil both wet and dry smells exactly like the fancy soaps that my grandmother was famous for putting in all her drawers to keep her linens smelling nice. So it's an oddly comforting scent that I would love for my linens to smell of faintly, but I don't think I'd like to wear it. It was pretty neat though when I first tried it. It brought back a lot of really fond memories of a very important person in my life who is no longer here.
  11. JakkieTreehorn

    Recs for my next order- sweet and spiced?

    Spicy and sweet are my thing. Most of what I’ve tried was pretty subtle. Bengal was even more subtle than I was hoping for but amazing anyways. Truth Will Prevail from the Fatherhood line is also really nice but pretty subtle. The one that so far has really satisfied my urge for super spicy and sweet is Port-Au-Prince. Some people think it is a bit masculine but on me it is delightful dark spice with a bit of sweetness.
  12. JakkieTreehorn


    Omg this will be an all time favorite for me. Im a lover of heavy spice and this really delivers! As with some others it definitely reminds me of Christmas. In the bottle: sweet spicy holdiday yumminess Wet: The clove became more sharp and prominent which I love Dry: Awesome throw and I cant stop smelling myself. I dont get masculine from this at all. I get 100% Christmas spice which is something Ive been looking for!
  13. JakkieTreehorn


    In the bottle I get all butterscotch which I love! It pretty much stays that way wet and toned down a bit when dry. Im new to Bpal but at this point I can safely say that her rum notes are some of my favorites! This isnt as complex as I was thinking it would be at least on me but yummy nonetheless.
  14. JakkieTreehorn

    Nibble Nibble Gnaw

    Soooo wanted to love this. Wet on my skin I did! Like some others I too thought it smelled a lot like pancake batter which I really liked! Dry on my skin it went to fermented apple which wasnt terrible just not what I want to smell like.
  15. JakkieTreehorn


    This is by far my favorite so far. I'm new to Bpal but have tried a lot due to Duskinhereyes who is now responsible for my new addiction, haha! In the bottle: I was unsure as I couldn't really place the scent other than it was quite sweet. Wet on my skin: Yummy nutty pastry and hot breakfast cereal. It really reminded me of hearty hot cereal with real maple syrup and butter, which being from Vermont is a fond and warm childhood memory. Dry: This has staying power for me. Can't judge throw yet as I've only tried it the once at home, but I could distinctly smell it on myself for a good 8 hours. Again, by far my favorite, and I'll be buying or swapping for at least one backup bottle soon. I'm really surprised it's not more popular with the foodie crowd. A lot of foodies seem to go wonky on me but this one stays just right!