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  1. JakkieTreehorn

    Banana Pancakes

    In the bottle this is all banana and when it hits the skin it is a BLAST of banana laffy taffy which is one of my favorite candies so I’m not mad about it at all lol. The banana top note burns off super quick, like in a minute and I get some vague spiciness and pancake batter and toasty nuts. No maple syrup here for me at any stage unfortunately. The longer dry down gets a bit of the banana back with some pancake note so this ends up reminding me a bit of the Banana Bread Lilith with a light nutty spice to it. This one is not what I was hoping for but interesting and different. Currently on the fence.
  2. JakkieTreehorn

    Shortbread Diamonds

    In the bottle this is quite faint but I’m getting a light butterscotch that’s a bit tangy and just a tad sweet. Wet on my skin this is pretty realistic cookie dough right down to that vaguely play doh like scent from a homemade sugar cookie or shortbread dough. It’s definitely a close to the skin scent and not overly sweet. Then I swear as it dries I get whiffs of powdered sugar. Dry down is sweeter with no play doh or powdered sugar. I think the initial wet stage is my favorite part of this but turns just a tad perfumey when dry which doesn’t work for me. This would be a hit for me if it stayed closer to the wet stage.
  3. JakkieTreehorn


    This was by far my fave of all the Ukraine dessert scents. At first it seems like it’s going to go weird like every other cheesecake scent I’ve ever tried has though it starts a sweet bright lemony cheesecake. The dry down on this reminds me of cheesecake dusted with powdered sugar. It’s like the powdered sugar from Pralines and Powdered Sugar but with a creamy vanilla cheesecake. Not a ton of throw and I’ll have to wait for a full day test to see about wear length.
  4. JakkieTreehorn

    White Chocolate, Pink Carnation, Coconut Cream, and Clove

    I’m surprised that this isn’t more popular. This is GLORIOUS. Admittedly I’m a coconut lover and have never met a fume with a floral note that worked for me. This is definitely all about the coconut, but it’s so soft, creamy and feminine. I really get zero morphing. For me it’s the same in the bottle as it is wet and dry, and it is lovely. It’s unmistakably coconut but not at all like my other coconut faves, Eden and Obatala. It’s very much like opening a can of coconut cream but with some sweetness from the white chocolate. This was a rare love at first sniff and believe I’ll be getting a backup! Update: Hours later when I’m going to bed it’s a super soft and slightly sweet white chocolate.
  5. JakkieTreehorn

    Gnome Ruckus

    Wow, I adore this. In the bottle I get super realistic red vines and popcorn. It doesn’t morph much on the skin for me which is just fine. Wet the red vines are even more realistic and bright and juicy! And the popcorn is the only popcorn scent I’ve liked. Most have the buttery thing going on that turns rancid on me. Dry down I get less popcorn but it’s still in the background. This is a super fun scent and a great pick me up in comparison to my usual deep, dark syrupy scents.
  6. JakkieTreehorn

    Bonfire Toffee

    Definitely sweet dark bourbon in the decant. Wet it goes SUPER sweet toffee which is exactly what I was hoping for. Dry I get the same sweet toffee with a bit of nuttiness and spice. Without the spice this would be an immediate top five for me. With the spice it’s still really nice but I’m not sure yet if I will try to hunt down a bottle. ETA: ok an hour later the spice is all but gone, and this is glorious, deep rich nutty toffee 🤤
  7. JakkieTreehorn

    Mr. Morse’s Seances

    This is not something that I ever would’ve tried on my own. Another BPALer suggested it based on my other likes and made me a decant. I was skeptical based on first sniff from the decant because it did smell more like whiskey to me than rum. And whiskey and I are not friends. Tobacco is also almost always a death note for me. As soon as it’s on my skin though it sweetens right up and it’s sugary rum musk. Dry I lose that but get a soft absinthe with just hints of wood and musk. It’s quite nice. The sweetness keeps it from feeling like cologne, but I’d definitely be all over any dude who smelled like this lol.
  8. JakkieTreehorn

    Ghost Faced Bat

    I could have sworn I reviewed this a while ago when I purchased a decant. Anyways, in the bottle I get Obatala-esque coconut and soft sweet honey. Wet is about the same just stronger and sweeter. Dry down on this I lose all but a hint of the coconut which is ok, because it’s a very soft “fuzzy” creamy non floral honey. Not sure what gives it the fuzzy feel, but it’s very pretty and cozy and kinda reminds me of the raw honey cream I used to buy a lot to eat with crackers and cheese lol.
  9. JakkieTreehorn

    Madagascan Vanilla Rum

    I love this. In the bottle it’s definitely dark, syrupy vanilla extract. Wet that’s really amplified, and it’s delicious. It rivals my favorite NAVA vanilla for sure. Dry down is super interesting. It loses some of the sweetness and there’s something slightly spicy that doesn’t read as rum or foodie type spice at all. When this is dry it actually reminds me of what I wish Snake Oil could be for me. Snake Oil is just too much for my sensitive sniffer, but this feels a little bit similar to me but I can actually wear it. Pretty excited about this.
  10. JakkieTreehorn

    Coffee, Brown Sugar, Cream, & Honey

    Omg, this is the same honey that was in the following Milk Chocolate and Honey Cream a couple months later with the 2020 Lupers. If you’re desperately searching for more of that and can’t find it, this is definitely a sister scent. In the bottle I get sweetened creamy coffee. Wet this is a huge kick of the same honey in Milk Chocolate and Honey Cream. I can’t smell the coffee at this point, but it definitely gives it a deeper slightly less sweet feel than Milk Chocolate and Honey Cream. Dry down on this makes me realize that what I love so much about Milk Chocolate and Honey Cream is whatever magic Beth worked on the honey note, because it’s exactly the same here. I’m going to do a side by side tomorrow to compare, but this absolutely scratches the same itch as my beloved Milk Chocolate and Honey Cream. At this point, before doing the comparison I’m saying this is super similar but definitely darker and less sweet. The coffee is vaguely present but I mostly get dank dark honey and caramelized brown sugar and agree with the mead comparison. The coffee takes this out of cloying territory. Definitely hunting down a backup of this.
  11. JakkieTreehorn


    I’ve tried a couple of the more recent years’ Smut variations, but red musk is tricky for me and only works sometimes. Due to hormonal changes I’ve recently found past loves no longer working for me and things that in the past would be hard no’s or even scrubbers to be amazing. This has led me to a deeper exploration of all things red musk through which I read about every Smut year and variation. I took a chance and bought a 2012 Smut hoping it would be just right. This is to die for. I definitely get the amaretto I read about in the bottle. In the bottle smells like deep dark amaretto and red musk. Bright juicy amaretto/maraschino cherry with a dark red musk undertone while wet. On dry down it stays just sweet enough for this foodie lover without actually being foodie at all. It reminds me a lot of my other non-foodie love, Sin. I feel like whatever components are in the Amber used in Sin must be similar to or include red Musk. Anyways this reminds me of Sin, but deeper Musk and candied cherry instead of cinnamon. I now have a second option when I wanna feel like a sexy, dark badass lol. And I will cherish this bottle.
  12. JakkieTreehorn

    Milk, Burnt Honey, And Ambrette Seed

    I grabbed this, because I saw someone on BPAL Parlour compare it to Aoede. In the bottle I can definitely see that comparison. It’s similar but with some sweet honey. Wet I also get super sweet almost carmelized honey. This stage lasts a while. I love this stage but was wondering where the milk and Ambrette were. Then the final dry down to this for me is an amazing, soft fuzzy creamy milky scent with a hint of sweetness from the honey. Basically I love all the stages of this. And I do see with the dry down the comparison to Aoede. This is less intense, kind of like a lighter fuzzier sister to Aoede. I do believe I’ll be getting a backup or two.
  13. JakkieTreehorn

    Caramel, Smoked Chilis & Black Vanilla

    LAWD! This is literally perfect. I’m so glad I was able to track down a nearly full bottle. I get almost no morphing. In the bottle, wet and dry down are about the same. It’s possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever smelled. It’s sweet, smoky, buttery and chewy with a spice that is just perfect. I truly wish I’d jumped on this when it was released. It is not unsimilar to other Vanilla, caramel spicy gourmands from BPAL, but it’s like the perfected version of those others that I love. The heat from the chilis takes it to a different level than others that are similar but have cinnamon, clove and/or nutmeg for spice. Immediate top 5 fave for me.
  14. JakkieTreehorn

    The Feast For The Greatly Revered Ones

    Wow, this is so interesting and not at all what I expected based on the reviews. To me this is a dead ringer for fizzy Dr. Pepper. I think it’s my nose being tricked by the combo of the spices and the wine. But the cinnamon is so bright it’s reading as fizzy to me. And the fruity thing from the wine is making it sweeter than I anticipated. It does kind of lose that Dr. Pepper thing and turns more cinnamon, but it is so unique. This is Stunning.
  15. JakkieTreehorn


    This is very similar to Unsubtle Euphemism. To me, it’s basically that without the spices and with caraway instead…buttery rye bread.