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  1. retyped

    How much is in that imp anyway?

    Good ideas ladies! i've been too shy to swap imps and I was afraid of selling bad imps to anyone.
  2. retyped

    How much is in that imp anyway?

    How do you ladies judge oil levels? I have a huge bag of imps and I can't tell oil levels without tearing the label.. Any help?
  3. retyped

    Ralph Lauren perfumes - discuss similar BPALs here

    Oh, thank the gods! I am so, so excited. You should really add this to the top of your other post about this issue, it's really useful. Thank you, thank you!!!
  4. retyped

    Ralph Lauren perfumes - discuss similar BPALs here

    I think there's rose, my nose is relatively untrained so it just smells like a mishmash of florals. I need to find the contents to help my search. It's a lovely scent, but BPAL seriously kicks its ass, you know?
  5. retyped

    Ralph Lauren perfumes - discuss similar BPALs here

    Moved to main "other perfume thread."
  6. retyped

    Leanan Sidhe

    I completely agree! I wore this scent to work today and got many, many compliments on it. I actually gave one customer the url to BPAL so she could get a bottle for herself! It's a light, fresh scent that has excellent staying power, I put just a touch on my wrists and neck at noon today and it lasted until probably eight o'clock when I decided to try Ophelia for the first time.