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  1. crebbsgirl

    A Mirror of Spring Pleasures on Kites (2013)

    There is a blast of hemp in the opening stages. Very green and a bit disconcerting. As it dries the beeswax and honeysuckle come out. It gets a floral sweetness and a depth. The hemp smoothes out and blends a little better. I can see this aging gorgeously.
  2. crebbsgirl

    Delight and Consternation

    This was rich cocoa and vanilla, with a delicious oudh note. This surprisingly doesn't get foody on me! The rose is very well behaved, I only get a subtle hint if it. It wears very close to the skin for me. It's very soft and lovely.
  3. crebbsgirl

    The Sound of Insects

    I have to preface this by saying that tea notes and I rarely get along. So wet on skin, this opens with a blast of tea and sharp ginger/citrus notes. It really smacks you right in the face. As it dries, the tea continues to dominate the blend on my skin, and it's really sharp and aggressive. As it dries, the citrus notes come out smoother, and the tea finally calms the hell down. The ginger sort of disappears for awhile, but reappears a little later, although much more subdued. It's a little too sharp for me. I was hoping for more citrus and ginger.
  4. crebbsgirl

    Voyeuristic Monkey

    This one was oddly sharp on my skin, and it didn't last very long! I got musks and galbanum which I think was the culprit regarding the sharpness.
  5. crebbsgirl

    Quaeris Quot Mihi Basiationes

    This is mostly honey and fruity red currant on my skin, with just a touch of bite from the ginger. The sugar cane adds to the sweetness but it doesn't go syrupy on me like that note is wont to do. It's nice but not spectacular on my skin.
  6. crebbsgirl

    Unveil The Grace In Thine Eyes

    Violety orris on my skin, with amber to sweeten and a bit of musk adding depth. Overall powdery and light. It smells clean without smelling soapy.
  7. crebbsgirl

    Vivamus, Mea Lesbia, Atque Amemus

    Soft red musk, ambrette and cognac. The lavender is a little biting, but it quickly smoothes out. The red musk here isn't as dominant on my skin as it's been known to be. There is a disjointed feel to this though, but I can't figure out what's making it. I'm going to let this age a bit and try it again.
  8. Honey and fig. This smells a little green on my skin. The chocolate is not showing up on my skin very much, but in the bottle it was quite strong. The avocado adds a fresh, creamy dimension.
  9. I'm amping the wine-infused cherries bit here. Not much chocolate on my skin. In fact, I know this is going to sound a little odd, but something here is reminding me of fruit leather on my skin. The star anise adds a little bite. Overall, this really isn't for me.
  10. crebbsgirl


    I was pleasantly surprised by this. Normally I have trouble with leather blends, but this stayed quite nice on my skin. It was soft and a little fuzzy from the moss. I think it reminded me a little bit of Mole from The Wind in the Willows series awhile back. It's leaning a little masculine on my skin, but not so much that it's unwearable. I quite like it, it's soft and cozy feeling.
  11. crebbsgirl

    En Eski Aşk Şiiri

    Ah rose, I see we're still not getting along. This is sharp rose/juniper on my skin to start with. Throughout the drydown the cedar, almond and honey come out a little more to round and soften this a little bit, but the rose stays pretty dominant on my skin. Stupid skin chemistry.
  12. crebbsgirl

    A Thought from Propertius

    This was predominantly sweet honey with a little kick from the cayenne. The apricot is very subtle on my skin, which seems to be a marked difference from other reviewers above. It almost reminds me a little of Bengal on my skin.
  13. crebbsgirl

    Sic Erit

    I had the same experience as Herb Girl with the geranium. It was pretty much all geranium all the time in the wet stages. Much later into the dry down other notes began to assert themselves, mainly the red musk and woods. It stayed sharp on my skin though, and I'm not a fan of that feel in my scents.
  14. crebbsgirl


    Yup, on me this was screaming jasmine. I had been hoping the other notes might tame the jasmine for me, but no such luck. My skin just does not want to play when it comes to that note.
  15. crebbsgirl

    Mother Shub's Gingerbread Temples

    Ok, my skin is doing incredibly funky things to this. I'm not getting much in the way of ginger, but I am getting something that seems to be reading like caramel? WTH? It's very cloying on me, and I just don't get it because ginger, honey and resins are normally all notes of win for me. Harrumph. Stupid skin chemistry.