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  1. rawgirl75

    The Witch/Strega

    The Witch/Strega is another reminder for me that perfumes need time to settle down from postal-shock. I didn't care for it at all when I'd first smelled it straight from the mailbox. The initial blast of oud then was way in my face and the beeswax note was all over the place. I'd initially thought I made a mistake blind-ordering this, but.... What a HUGE difference a little bit of aging/settling makes for this blend. The scent in the bottle now has calmed down significantly. It's still a little bit odd when wet, but as it dries down, it really comes together and that hint of beeswax gives it a nice touch of sweetness. I totally love this now and am wondering if I should find another bottle.
  2. rawgirl75

    It Was Just a Cat

    I'm getting that gorgeous golden amber note from Jacob's Ladder but without the olive note that made JL not work for me. The Lion was also too much for me (caused migraines) but all these lovely deep resins in IWJAC keep everything in check. I told my boss I "smell like a black cat having a snooze in a sunbeam". This perfume also triggers a strong scent memory of the smell of a former Wiccan shop that used to be in my city 20 years ago that closed down. The memory is so strong, I can't bear not to order more of this. I really wish it didn't fade so fast on me, however. Freshly applied it's so yummy, then it shortly disappears for awhile, then it comes back faintly hovering around me in an amber and resin cloud for a couple of hours and then it's completely gone again. It lasts a long time on my clothes though. I might need to find a locket...
  3. rawgirl75

    Flickering Lights, Fluttering Curtains

    I'm really torn right now. I'm not a fan of vanilla heavy scents usually, and this is heavy on the vanilla. But on the other hand it's also in the same family of slightly floral pretty feminine scents like The Girl, Black Lace (but way lighter and brighter), Ava (but less floral), and Zorya P and I have and love those. This reminds me of when I tried Black Lace for the first time (when it was first released and hadn't aged at all). At the time, I was feeling 'meh' about the scent and though "It's okay enough but not something I need" but then 18 months later I retested it and BL had aged into the most incredible blend and I needed eleventy billion bottles of it. Flickering Lights Fluttering Curtains is giving me deja vu feelings right now (of what happened with BL). I think this is going to be highly sought after once some aging smooths out that white amber note. edit: it's probably closest to a smoked vanilla Antique Lace, but my memory of AL is from a long time ago.
  4. rawgirl75

    Walking My Daughter to Class

    YES!!! This is exactly what I was hoping it would be: something less sweet than Dorian, with the best parts of Theodosius. Bottle upgrade! (darn. never mind that. see below) Edit: I was wrong about it being less sweet than Dorian. It appears to be a different kind of vanilla, a very marshmallow-fluff type vanilla. This failed my slather test - too sweet for me.
  5. rawgirl75

    Virgos Love Power Tools

    A strong, clean and fresh, lavender fougere cologne for the first hour or so. Then that took a backseat to the dark resins, a touch of motor oil, a sprinkle of sawdust, and some metal, which got stronger with time. Unisex. I am a little heartbroken because I picked this up because I love lavenders, Schwarzer Mond, light woods, Streets of Detroit, and sometimes a bit of metal. What I didn't expect was the fougere note, which reminds me of one of those CK colognes that was popular in my youth which I didn't like.
  6. rawgirl75

    The Scottish Princess

    ACK! GET IT OFF ME! I apparently amp clove. The clove note stomped all over everything else. All I could smell was CLOVE, some red roses, and the barest hint of black musk. It smelled great in the imp, so if you love clove you'll probably adore this.
  7. rawgirl75

    Songs of Autumn VI

    At first I thought it was Steampunk... but then again, I don't smell any leather. Then I thought it was Dystopian... but that doesn't quite fit it either. And then it came to me: It's Dwemer. Like a Dwemer ruin. Old dust, rusted metal automatons, damp musty caverns, decaying wood. I want to spray it around my computer during gaming sessions, and simply experience it. I like it.
  8. rawgirl75


    After letting my package settle down from the mail for a few days, I decided to properly test this today. Whoa.. this v2 Prototype version is really foody on me. Cream, sugar, coffee, dusty tomes, and a little bit of woods - in that order. I recognize the cream and sugar notes from blends like Egg Nog and Boo, and the dusty tome note from The Lurid Library. The throw isn't huge, but it lingered all day on me. The cream note might verge on plastic with some skin chemistries, but it didn't go plastic on mine. As someone who has/had all the known versions of Miskatonic University (GC, v2, and v3), I think I can reasonably compare the other two against this: The GC version has prominent creamy Irish coffee and wood polish notes. And the v3 prototype version has lots of coffee, liqueur and some dusty books. As yummy as this v2 version is (and it is really good), it's just too foody for me. The v3 version remains my favourite as it's only a little gourmand, and not foody at all.
  9. rawgirl75

    No Coward Soul is Mine

    Oh wow.. this is so soft. As soon as it dried, the lavender almost disappeared and what remains is mostly rockrose (aka cistus), some herbs, and pale woods. This is a light, gentle, safe for work type scent. Although I'm struggling to recall which scent this reminds me of, it seems like it could easily fit into either of the Illyria or Mad Tea Party categories. Fans of Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, Seance, or aged Brisingamen might also love this. I'm sorely tempted to buy a bottle, as it's gorgeous and I have nothing else like it. I'm worried however that my personality might be too strong to pull off wearing it.
  10. rawgirl75


    It's been years since a scent captured my heart so deeply that I find myself wearing the same scent over and over again everyday. I just have to catch a whiff of leftover Secrets on my jacket sleeve and it's caught me up again and I feel compelled to slather this all over me. Even my best friend rolled her eyes in the back of her head when she sniffed the decant. The question I asked wasn't "Should I get this?" but became rather "How many bottles do you think is going to be enough?" I've fallen hard for Beth's coffee note. I'm starting to collect all the coffee scents. But this one takes the cake for me. I can't normally do honey scents at all, and this one is on the sweet side of gourmand (almost foody), but dammit it's yummy coffee berries fuzzy suede and sugar cookies. And I want to eat my arm everyday. The only scent I can think of with the same feel on me is (Not So) Penitent (Mini) Magdalene (which failed me in the end because beeswax is no go- but this honey is total win). Don't miss out on this before it leaves - you might regret it.
  11. rawgirl75

    The Scarlet Horror

    If you're scared off by worrying about the vetiver in this - don't be - it's not that heavy bacon-type vetiver, not in the slightest. In fact, I found The Scarlet Horror to be surprisingly beautiful and womanly. It's a 'skin, but better' type scent which will age into something incredibly sought after in the years to come. And although the throw is close to skin, I recognize a certain skin or golden musk (or possible a golden amber?) note that I've also smelled in some very popular bpal past releases, which is the note that is lasting the longest. I applied it early in the morning, and I could still smell it the next day. (Sadly that same popular note is a migraine trigger for me, so I have to let this beautiful baby go to someone else who can love it properly as it deserves.)
  12. rawgirl75

    A Multitude of Dreams

    A Multitude of Dreams was a last minute decant circle leftover add-on that I tossed into another order for something to keep it company. I certainly never expected it to become my surprise hit Most Favourite Scent of 2018 Winner. Annemathematics was right - it really IS " one of those 'little black dress/favorite jeans' perfumes that has me smelling elegant in any situation from fancy to casual " Right from it's smoky wispy intro, to it's pointy lavender edges, and smooth sweetened resin exit - this scent is SUBLIME. I roll my eyes back into my head everytime I wear it. I only wish I hadn't blown my holiday budget before I discovered this gem, otherwise I would have been able to stockpile it.
  13. rawgirl75


    I was so sure Skyborn was going to be perfect, that I almost bought a bottle blind... and now I'm SO glad I didn't. I was expecting a light, pretty, and girly scent. Instead, this goes gender neutral on me, with a topnote combo that strongly reminds me of Calvin Klein's CK One.
  14. Another rec for Shub-Niggurath. It's not quite foody (so not exactly gingerbread or gingersnapsb but yet sort of is). Best described as sweet musky hot ginger as well. I wear it whenever I want to feel comforted. Fabulous aged. I have multiple bottles. Blood Kiss. Heady, mysterious, seductive. If you like languid scents like Dior Poison, you'll probably dig this. (Note: Try to get an aged sample of this if you can. Blood Kiss has a note in it that's powdery when fresh, which goes away with time.)
  15. As soon as I read "3) rain-drenched earthy florals", I immediately thought of Season of the Inundation I definitely remember it more 'watery' rather than snowy as some reviewers said. I was really sad that I couldn't wear it (allergy) because it was really amazing.