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  1. rawgirl75


    It's been years since a scent captured my heart so deeply that I find myself wearing the same scent over and over again everyday. I just have to catch a whiff of leftover Secrets on my jacket sleeve and it's caught me up again and I feel compelled to slather this all over me. Even my best friend rolled her eyes in the back of her head when she sniffed the decant. The question I asked wasn't "Should I get this?" but became rather "How many bottles do you think is going to be enough?" I've fallen hard for Beth's coffee note. I'm starting to collect all the coffee scents. But this one takes the cake for me. I can't normally do honey scents at all, and this one is on the sweet side of gourmand (almost foody), but dammit it's yummy coffee berries fuzzy suede and sugar cookies. And I want to eat my arm everyday. The only scent I can think of with the same feel on me is (Not So) Penitent (Mini) Magdalene (which failed me in the end because beeswax is no go- but this honey is total win). Don't miss out on this before it leaves - you might regret it.
  2. rawgirl75

    The Scarlet Horror

    If you're scared off by worrying about the vetiver in this - don't be - it's not that heavy bacon-type vetiver, not in the slightest. In fact, I found The Scarlet Horror to be surprisingly beautiful and womanly. It's a 'skin, but better' type scent which will age into something incredibly sought after in the years to come. And although the throw is close to skin, I recognize a certain skin or golden musk (or possible a golden amber?) note that I've also smelled in some very popular bpal past releases, which is the note that is lasting the longest. I applied it early in the morning, and I could still smell it the next day. (Sadly that same popular note is a migraine trigger for me, so I have to let this beautiful baby go to someone else who can love it properly as it deserves.)
  3. rawgirl75

    A Multitude of Dreams

    A Multitude of Dreams was a last minute decant circle leftover add-on that I tossed into another order for something to keep it company. I certainly never expected it to become my surprise hit Most Favourite Scent of 2018 Winner. Annemathematics was right - it really IS " one of those 'little black dress/favorite jeans' perfumes that has me smelling elegant in any situation from fancy to casual " Right from it's smoky wispy intro, to it's pointy lavender edges, and smooth sweetened resin exit - this scent is SUBLIME. I roll my eyes back into my head everytime I wear it. I only wish I hadn't blown my holiday budget before I discovered this gem, otherwise I would have been able to stockpile it.
  4. rawgirl75


    I was so sure Skyborn was going to be perfect, that I almost bought a bottle blind... and now I'm SO glad I didn't. I was expecting a light, pretty, and girly scent. Instead, this goes gender neutral on me, with a topnote combo that strongly reminds me of Calvin Klein's CK One.
  5. Another rec for Shub-Niggurath. It's not quite foody (so not exactly gingerbread or gingersnapsb but yet sort of is). Best described as sweet musky hot ginger as well. I wear it whenever I want to feel comforted. Fabulous aged. I have multiple bottles. Blood Kiss. Heady, mysterious, seductive. If you like languid scents like Dior Poison, you'll probably dig this. (Note: Try to get an aged sample of this if you can. Blood Kiss has a note in it that's powdery when fresh, which goes away with time.)
  6. As soon as I read "3) rain-drenched earthy florals", I immediately thought of Season of the Inundation I definitely remember it more 'watery' rather than snowy as some reviewers said. I was really sad that I couldn't wear it (allergy) because it was really amazing.
  7. rawgirl75


    Yes, this smells like Smut musk! Thank you brineydeep. It was driving me crazy trying to figure out what scent Jiaolong was reminding me of. On me, I get almost no coffee. Just straight up sugar Smut musk without the patchouli. It even smells a little bit boozy on me. Oh it's gorgeous alright. I'm pretty sure my eyes rolled up into my head the first moment I sniffed this.
  8. rawgirl75

    Creamy scents that aren't foody?

    I popped in here to support the suggestion of Zorya Polunochnaya - it's gorgeous and very wearable. (It also reminds me a little of Morocco). *Note: it needs a few days to settle from postal shock for the creaminess to come out.
  9. rawgirl75

    Zorya Polunochnaya

    My first blind bottle purchase in a long time because I knew this was going to be perfect - and it is! I finally found a pretty, girly, sweet scent that works (most others usually amp too much on me). This seems in the same vein of scent types as Antique Lace and Morocco. Creamy musk, cool vanilla, white florals. The only downside is that it fades pretty fast on me so I have to reapply by afternoon, but aging should improve it's longevity. I predict that Zorya P. is going to become a bpal classic.
  10. rawgirl75

    Zorya Utrennyaya

    The coffee note disappeared almost instantly on me... and what's left is an incredible, slightly sweet ambrette musk and ancient soft dusty spice. Not at all what I was expecting, and yet probably one of the best scents I've ever smelled. If this passes the slather test next for allergies/migraines, I'll have to start hoarding multiple bottles of this one.
  11. rawgirl75


    Shadow is REALLY good. I don't know why, but this reminds me of a very simplified Hellhound On My Trail. Hellhound had a note that was very problematic for me (either the galangal, hyssop, or High John the Conqueror root), but this is just perfect! I also think fans Frederic or Plunder might like it too.
  12. I must have an odd nose. In the bottle, it really strongly reminded me of another bpal I used to own (I really popular one who's name I've forgotten). And on my skin, it reminds me of a combination of Velvet Tiger and maybe Question Mark. I don't get any orris or leather. Was not what I was expecting, and sadly not my cup of tea.
  13. rawgirl75

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    You'll likely only be able to find out which note is the problem by testing other scents that carry one of the notes contained in Himerus (juniper, sandalwood, rosewood, lilac, orchid, red musk, or bergamot) and see how it reacts with you. Hopefully it's a note that's easy to avoid. Also be aware that Beth doesn't necessarily list every note contained in her blends, just the ones that are most noticeably prominent. (I'm migraine-sensitive to a lot of notes myself, but recently developed a skin allergy to one that I haven't identified yet, but might be benzoin.)
  14. Rumplestilzchen is pretty awesome too, but might be harder to find as it was discontinued.
  15. rawgirl75

    Connecting Flight

    It doesn't smell like what I was expecting, but I like it anyways. It definitely needed a week to settle after being jostled around in the postal system, and it still fades too quick right now. I'm hoping that with time, it will last longer. I have a feeling that this scent will be well sought after with a couple of years of aging. [edit] I obtained a partial bottle from a decanter and YUM I love this. [update] Still love it - best scent of 2016 on me. I have observed a couple of things that I should comment on: I don't find it foodie or gourmand. It's quite cologney when wet. Yes too I can smell the sour or rusted metal aspects of it, but those dissipate after a few minutes on my skin. I'm not sure now that it's batch variations or that this is just one of those really chemistry sensitive scents (like how Vetiver turns bacon on some people, but yet grassy herbal on people like me, for example). I say that if this scent sounds like your cup of coffee, take a gamble and try it -- you just might be surprised.