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    2006 Holiday Moon..... Yummm!
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    Deciding, ..... Mossy, dark, Musk. Surprise me. Gingerbread. Honeysuckle. Wine. Leather, that's a given. Old books.... books not socks. I'll have to pay attention here and fine tune my smelling skills. Hay,... Fallen leaves. Memories, .... do they have a smell? Lemon.

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    Art, Art history, music (Goth Metal, Pagan Folk, Classical, Punk, Rock, Steampunk, You saw that one comming! Organic Foods, sprouting, gardening, heirloom seeds. Mushrooms, all sorts of moss and fungus. Ancient history, mythology, anthropology, cultural history. Poetry of any time period. Celtic embroidery, Harley tours, United States Marines (I work with veterans). Home made wines and mead, I don't drink beer unless it's Guinness. B Movies, and even worse. World religions, my faves,.... er' can't decide. The Dark Arts. Anything mystic, Yoga. Caving, hiking, rafting. Silver and Gold. Quilting, lace, textiles in general. Tea parties, yeah I know. I'll add more later.
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  1. Bunbun


    It's not that I don't like it really. It's safer to actually say "I just hate it". Seriously! Something girly, and giggly, and laughable, and tormenting, that absolutely reminds me of my younger sister when she was little. She insisted on following me around tirelessly. Not to have, or find a good game, mind you. She just enjoyed the pursuit, and her own little game of follow along, annoyingly, not at all having been invited, and viciously waiting for the opportunity for revenge, or what ever she called it. She only wanted something to go wrong, just so she could tattle on me. She’s Cajun, or as close as anyone can be, with out actually knowing it. For her, I was merely her prey, yeah right! I swear though, what ever is in this……It just won’t subside, even when coaxed. I’ve added things, I’ve blended it, and squashed it, and blended it some more,…… It’s relentless…. Which eventually makes it lovable, or wearable to court hearings destined to receive sentences of no mercy. If revenge was what Brian had in mind, he got it! I enjoy the challenge of testing her will. I love her staying power and throw, ….. IF ONLY, she agreed with my take on things, but no dice. Recommended only for highly competitive souls! However, it DID cure my headache.
  2. Bunbun


    Today it's Valentine's Day! Lupercalia or some deeper ancient Greek celebrations have unfolded for centuries. I wanted a scent to remind me of the most ancient of these celebrations.... I searched my BPAL collection and everything was lovely, but just not hitting me with what I needed. But, then......... back in the dusty corner of one of my storage boxe's, the Polish wooden one, with the pretty wood burned and colorful painted butterflies.... An un-tested bottle of Moai. WOW!!!! I'm so happy!!! So SAD that this is discontinued.. If anyone has any of this they don't need anymore, I'll take it straight away. PM me Instantly! I don't have the labs description and I really don't care what is in it. I L U U U U V this. AND NEED MORE! Signature scent for me.... Yippy!
  3. Bunbun


    I didn't get the roses right away. The smell of dirt was just flying everywhere. I have several other hates, but none as strong as the one for the perfume of ROSES. Might as well cover me in garlic and throw horse poop at me. So, .... There buried in the deep, dark, death hoarding presence of the finest and cleanest smelling earth, anywhere, are these tiny, dried up, blackened by time, hardly noticeable, decaying, ick, ROSES.... It's like a celebration held in honor of a successful anti-rose character play. Whole heartedly, I would fain improve every opportunity to wear this. Bunbun
  4. Bunbun

    Faeu Boulanger

    Bunbun just enjoys this scent imaculate. What ever it is, loves my chemistry. I'll try to figure it out and add to this post.
  5. Bunbun


    Okay, I completely LOVE this scent. But, ................................................................................ . I dumped a ton of this on my wrist and ..... in about six minutes, ..... not much of anything except a very mild honey waxy residue. Poop! My chemistry just won't let me enjoy the things I love, which is most of the scents in HELLCAT. I do get a little pitty paws worth of donchajustwishyouweremeow, ..... sigh!
  6. Bunbun

    The Witch's Repast

    Let's just say, I must be sitting at the other end of the table. I swear, this is all Roast Beef and Wine........ From Yesterday! I wanted berries and honey but nope, ... Just more Wine than I needed. Very Very Very strange, but then, I can do strange..... A cornerstone scent for sure! Bunbun
  7. Bunbun


    I admit, once in a while...... I really like a pretty flowery perfume. Veil is very balanced if you enjoy gardenia or violet, which I do in this case. I need several bottles of this to play around with layering scents. As the saying goes, "SWEET". Bunbun
  8. Bunbun


    I Love that i'm writing this just after the above post, because at the moment I'm feasting on a huge plate of fresh out of the oven tater-tots. I'm almost in complete agreement with the reviews so far. Wicked does give the impression of vertiver right off the bat, but alas it's no where to be found. Rose just isn't my favorite scent, but it's one of the few scents that holds fast to it's original body when I wear it. I don't really sence anything monumental here as far as true wickedness goes, but then my Mom loves roses and that's all that needs to be said. Enjoyable if you can handle it.
  9. Bunbun

    Leanan Sidhe

    I'm not the kind of person to step away from any muse.... I read some of the reviews that said there was a lingering soap-ishness, and I'm seriously in love with, but allergic to Irish spring soap. So, I put her in the 'imp slot' of my perfume box. But, the lightest smell of fresh cut grass kept sneaking over and tapping me on the cheek, and then, there it was again.... I read some more reviews, and there was the grass smell again. I put on the tiniest dab..... Smack! A big wet flowery kiss.... uh huh, uh huh, I like it but.... where is that grass?? After about ten minutes of moody grassssssssss.....maybe not....... I just left her alone to find her comfort zone in my presence. I'm reminded of something special and close to my 'perfect spring day' emotional response, but it's all her. "Flower here, grass there,...... tra la la la la"! If she want's to dance around like that, fine by me. I'll finish this review in an hour or so. Okay, she seriously started opening a bouquet of amazing 'trippy' little mental flower note cards, perfectly tucked away in their own tiny scented envelope. Wild, and super picky, if you ask me....... Luring, enticing,..... enchanting...... it's her. She say's "Nope", “it's YOUR hand,"... but it‘s her. A very secretive and deeply seductive spirited "Gaelic" dance unfolds. It’s not a foreboding trance dance, but it’s not exactly the sanest or safest pace either. I'll keep her, she's a blast! And a very heart-felt and joyful Thank You to the BPALab folks who sent her as a freebee with MY FIRST LAB order. I honestly think in a crowd LEANAN SIDHE could tackle even the sleepiest of imaginations. Cap’s off!
  10. Bunbun

    Devil's Claw

    I'm super blah at picking out the layers of scents so I won't bother with that yet, but I'm getting better at it somewhat. After reading these reviews though, I’m beginning to wonder if my chemistry is just a little bit burnt around the edges. I got Devil's Claw as a freebee in one of my e-bay purchases. I don't remember who from. YAY! It's my favorite and……. I LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE IT. It's smoky, .... but a deep, dark smoldering dark.... not papery or wafty,.... Beholding, rather ..... And, what ever else is in there…… it smells like the loveliest, freshest, liveliest.... Honeyxukle ever on me ..... I want MORE.................. Like LUCY! For what ever reason this scent reminds me of Bruce Lee. I'm a long time fan so I'll be wearing this often. GIGUNDOUS Thanks BPAL AWESOME SCENT. I will be ordering more.
  11. Bunbun

    The Peacock Queen

    Peacock Queen: I'm dismayed..... This bottle smells like some horrible fake rose room freshener, one better off freshening the local dumpster, which is where it's going unless I can find another use for it and that won't be on my skin. I did get this from e-bay so, maybe it IS FAKE. But,... blech! Welcome