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  1. Marina Napoli

    Late Night Moon 2021

    This smells so expensive! I agree with the other posters that this is a neroli-forward blend. After 20ish minutes the white tea and champaca bloom and they all blend together to make this floral dream. It's definitely going to be a good spring/summer Date Night scent for me
  2. Marina Napoli

    Sugared Lace

    Okay, so this is amazing. Like, *amazing*. The standard Lace base is there, of course. On top of that I get a stunning blend of the sugar and champaca that has me pressing my wrist to me nose all day. Although I do agree with a previous poster, the champaca isn't super floral the way I expected, it's more ... gentle. Like nag champa rather than a flower. I think it's the coconut blending with the champaca that creates that effect. It's like a sweeter version of Crinoline and Lace that doesn't disappear on me after 10 minutes. Seriously, the staying power on this is significant. It feels like wearing my favorite vintage sundress to go get ice cream with my husband. Fun, sweet, classic, and full of love. I genuinely don't know which of the 2 new Laces I like more. They're both so gorgeous!
  3. Marina Napoli

    Witches Lace 2022

    Okay. I'm obsessed. I received my bottle a week ago and tested it today. In the bottle: this smells... happy? I know that's a weird way to describe it. But it just makes me feel happy. No specific notes stand out. It's bright and slightly creamy. Wet: why am I getting apple? There's no apple in this. But I'm getting vanilla and apple skin and some kind of spice. Definitely getting that boozy cognac now, which makes me happy because it's stupid beautiful. It reminds me a lot of Emerald Lace or Summer Lace. Dry: alright, the tobacco and patchouli have come out to play now. It's settled into something rich, creamy, and sophisticated. The tobacco and cognac combo is intoxicating. I can't believe I only bought one bottle. Stupid of me.
  4. Marina Napoli

    Mulled Wine and a Wool Blanket

    Well, this is just delightful. I was a little nervous to order this one, because spice blends tend to irritate my skin, and I assumed the mulled wine part of this would have cinnamon or something. But it has the Lab's wool note, so I had to have it. Fortunately there is no spice to be found! This blend is very fruity. There must be orange in the mulled wine part, because I'm getting a lot of bright citrus with the red smell. The wool blanket is like the wool note found in Fuzzy Peach Sweater and a Mug of London Fog, which is to say cozy AF. I love this. I want to wrap myself up in this every day. I'll be going back for at least one backup.
  5. Marina Napoli

    The Shore of the Lollypop Sea

    LOVE. Omg love. I'm a huge blueberry fan. This one smells like they used the same blueberry note from Blueberry Sufganiyot and just added some saltiness. Sweet, salty, strong blueberry jam. I might need a backup, because this is everything I wanted it to be.
  6. Marina Napoli

    Velvet Clown

    I just acquired a bottle of this off eBay. I get a LOT of the licorice whips, but it comes off as more of a cherry sno-cone smell, which is awesome. I get the cotton candy and some booze in the background, too, but definitely can't pick out any smoke or greasepaint. I love this! I'm so happy I finally managed to snag some.
  7. Marina Napoli

    Strawberry Moon 2009

    Maybe it's a result of the bottle aging for so long, but this is super synthetic, fake strawberry to me. No grass, no sugar, just cheap strawberry shampoo. Super disappointed
  8. Marina Napoli

    Pinched With Four Pumpkins

    Obsessssssed. Obsessed. Super chewy tobacco and a gently spiced pumpkin. 12/10 would buy backup
  9. Marina Napoli


    Oh dear. Okay, I'll be honest, I KNEW that this one was a gamble for me, but Storyville is so well loved that I just had to try it out. Woof. Is there jasmine in this? There's gotta be jasmine in this. It smells like the same one in New Orleans, which is to say... It is intense. This jasmine is VERY heavy on the indole for me, so if that tends to turn into diapers on you, give this one a skip. I'm going to let it age and see if it mellows out, but for now, it's a scrubber for me. Edit 12/13/2021: Alright, now that it's had a couple weeks to settle, I am re-testing. Okay, WOW. I mean, really wow. The diaper note is completely gone now. All I'm getting is red musk and sugar and something buttery that I am assuming is the pumpkin. This scent has done a complete 180, changing from a scrubber to something I'm sniffing over and over. If your bottle smells scary out of the mail, I can attest that it will get better!
  10. Marina Napoli

    October 32

    I received this in the mail 2 days ago, so not super fresh out of the mailbox, but not rested very long. I'll be editing this review after the bottle sits a while longer. Even with as fresh as it is, though, I LOVE this. Granted I adore pretty much everything that the Lab puts their wool note into, but still. This is fall in a bottle for me. I get a TON of the dead leaf note, and the wool is pretty distinct, and what I believe is the amber just kinda gives it a warm feeling. Not a whole lot outside of those 3 notes so far, so I hope the black tea is more prominent later.
  11. Marina Napoli

    Fuzzy Peach Sweater and A Mug of London Fog

    I. Am. Obsessed. Obsessed. Like, I ordered 4 bottles of this and I don't know if that was enough. The bright, juicy peach hits you up front, but followed closely behind is a wooly, fuzzy tea scent. I don't get any milk or anything like that, but my bottle has only been resting for 3 days because I have no chill. Overall it really does give the impression of sipping on a London fog while wearing a freshly laundered wool sweater, and there's a plate of fresh peaches on the table. Amazing, SO good
  12. Marina Napoli

    The Man in Black

    LEATHERRRRRRR. Nothing but leather. The air and my skin and my clothes, all is leather. I was hoping for more complexity out of this one, but alas, my skin betrayed me.
  13. Marina Napoli

    A Shadow In The Elevator

    I received this bottle in a swap a few weeks ago, so now that it's rested I am testing it. I *adore* this. It's like a sister scent to Black Moths. It has the same beautiful plum and vetiver combo, but the other notes prevent it from being as dark. This is one of the most sophisticated scents I now own. I don't know why, but I feel like Barbara Stanwick in Double Indemnity, an iconic femme fatale. Stunning!
  14. Marina Napoli

    Sunrise in Winter

    I have to say, this one really surprised me. On my skin this really does smell like drinking a hot cup of tea on the porch after a fresh snow. It smells like freshly brewed tea and cold. I can't pick out any individual notes. It's exactly what I hoped it would be!
  15. Marina Napoli

    Ghost Milk

    This is seriously marshmallow. On my skin it's all marshmallow and white chocolate. I don't get any milky notes, but that might just be because I'm unfamiliar with them. This actually reminds me quite a lot of Stekkjarstaur. Maybe the marshmallow note is the same one? But yeah, it smells a lot like Stekk, which is awesome. 12/10 highly recommend. I will be buying a backup, maybe multiple backups.