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  1. Marina Napoli

    Fuzzy Peach Sweater and A Mug of London Fog

    I. Am. Obsessed. Obsessed. Like, I ordered 4 bottles of this and I don't know if that was enough. The bright, juicy peach hits you up front, but followed closely behind is a wooly, fuzzy tea scent. I don't get any milk or anything like that, but my bottle has only been resting for 3 days because I have no chill. Overall it really does give the impression of sipping on a London fog while wearing a freshly laundered wool sweater, and there's a plate of fresh peaches on the table. Amazing, SO good
  2. Marina Napoli

    The Man in Black

    LEATHERRRRRRR. Nothing but leather. The air and my skin and my clothes, all is leather. I was hoping for more complexity out of this one, but alas, my skin betrayed me.
  3. Marina Napoli

    A Shadow In The Elevator

    I received this bottle in a swap a few weeks ago, so now that it's rested I am testing it. I *adore* this. It's like a sister scent to Black Moths. It has the same beautiful plum and vetiver combo, but the other notes prevent it from being as dark. This is one of the most sophisticated scents I now own. I don't know why, but I feel like Barbara Stanwick in Double Indemnity, an iconic femme fatale. Stunning!
  4. Marina Napoli

    Sunrise in Winter

    I have to say, this one really surprised me. On my skin this really does smell like drinking a hot cup of tea on the porch after a fresh snow. It smells like freshly brewed tea and cold. I can't pick out any individual notes. It's exactly what I hoped it would be!
  5. Marina Napoli

    Ghost Milk

    This is seriously marshmallow. On my skin it's all marshmallow and white chocolate. I don't get any milky notes, but that might just be because I'm unfamiliar with them. This actually reminds me quite a lot of Stekkjarstaur. Maybe the marshmallow note is the same one? But yeah, it smells a lot like Stekk, which is awesome. 12/10 highly recommend. I will be buying a backup, maybe multiple backups.
  6. Marina Napoli

    In Night When Colors All to Black Are Cast

    Okay, I absolutely LOVE this. This is like a purple version of Madame Moriarty on my skin. Lots of juicy plum, with some resinous notes to support it. I normally don't allow myself to buy backup bottles. But I may buy a backup bottle to age it, this is that good.
  7. Marina Napoli

    Liquid Gold is in the Air

    Apple soap. Or like a candle maybe. Definitely a little artificial smelling. I think the Lab's saffron hates my skin. Between this and Rose Quartz Bedroom, I think the saffron is what turns scents into soap on me. Which is a huge bummer
  8. Marina Napoli

    Flickering Lights, Fluttering Curtains

    20/10, cannot get enough of this! It is smooth and creamy vanilla chamomile. Definitely similar to a Lace, even without the Lace base. This is soothing, calming, incredibly wearable. I'm in love
  9. Marina Napoli

    Rose Quartz Bedroom

    Soap. Rose soap. It doesn't morph at all, from bottle to drydown it's just soap.
  10. Marina Napoli

    Dead Leaves, Marshmallow, and Pistachio Cream

    I love this. I'm not a huge gourmand person, but this is so nice. I get a lot of marshmallow, not a ton of pistachio, but it's definitely there. I hope it becomes more prominent as it ages! The leaf note isn't as aggressive as other blends either. Overall if I had to sum it up, I would say lightly nutty marshmallows dropped on the ground outside. 10/10
  11. Marina Napoli

    Please Scream Inside Your Heart

    In the bottle: WOOF, there is something hella sharp coming through. I cannot smell anything else, and I can't identify that specific smell. Wet on skin: Okay, now this is all fried dough and spices. It doesn't specifically smell like funnel cake. I agree with the churro comparison. That sharp note that I get from the bottle is hovering in the back. I think it's just whatever spice blend is in this. Dry: Cinnamon fried dough. Definitely churros. This is very nice! I'll probably pick up a bottle of the Please Scream Inside Your Snake Oil for my birthday next month. I like this a lot.
  12. Marina Napoli

    Thirteen (13): March 2020

    Guys. GUYS. I've never tried a 13 blend before because they so often have chocolate or frankincense, neither of which I enjoy. But sugar? Hell yes, absolutely sign me up! This is so freaking excellent. It starts out kinda... lemony? Very sweet, obviously, but not cloying. The dry down smells more caramelized, and the citrus overtones calm down. This is everything I wanted it to be and I am so happy I snagged it.
  13. Marina Napoli

    Iulia, L'Artiste du Diable

    White tea, sugar cane, orange blossom, rockrose, lemon balm, white mint, and honey. This is my first experience with the Carnaval, and I am so incredibly happy I tried it out, because I'm definitely going to be ordering more scents from it! Iulia is so beautiful! In the bottle: The strongest scents I'm getting here are the mint, orange blossom, and tea, with a slightly sweet base. The sweet scent smells more like honey than the sugar to me. It's an extremely feminine perfume. Wet on skin: Orange blossom, tea, and mint, with very distinct honey scent. Just freaking gorgeous! The sugar starts to come through a bit. The throw is exactly what I want, maybe a few feet but still pretty close. Drydown: The rosewood starts to peek through the other scents, which are still very much present. The honey has become stronger and the mint and orange blossom have evened each other out so the oil as a whole smells more balanced. Overall, this has become one of my top three perfumes. I'm absolutely in love with this! I can't get enough! Now, I'm going to go order a couple more CDs!!!