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    Notes: Tea, Cream, chocolate, spices, incense, peach, pear, apple, lite patchouli,CAKE, foody, rose, violet. NOTES THT HATE ME: Jasmine, Lavender, Gardenia, White flowers

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  1. emilybain

    Beaver Moon 2005

    This is the SAME cakey goodness in MONSTERBAIT: CLOSET & in EAT ME, but with out the blackberry bourbon... OMFG its soooo good my tummy is growling.
  2. emilybain

    Snake Charmer

    weird....this is Smut on me...with a little heat behind it, like kissing someone who had recently eaten Red Hots. I dunno if Ill keep it or not yet....
  3. emilybain

    Eat Me

    Well I do hve to say that i am irrevocably in LOVE Eat Me....is everything that MB" Closet was in the beginning, before it turned to mold..YES MOLD...on my skin. Its everything I love about MB: Bloody Mary, with out the headache inducing cherry scent it can sometimes give off. So, take the best of my 2 favorite Monsterbaits and blend them together...and you have Eat Me. Perfect.
  4. emilybain

    Sugar Cookie

    You know...its a really really strong thick sweet scent in the bottle. Very heady. On my skin, it still has the super sweet edge. Im getting the sugar, the butter, the sugar cookieness of it, and I am also getting CANDIED ORANGE PEEL. My grandmother used to make her holiday butter/sugar cookies with homemade candied orange peel chopped into it. Its very nostalgic, and very yummy, but its sooooo sweeeeeeet I dunno if I can handle it. If it was a candle or something, that would be nummy. But I just dont think I can wear it as a perfume. Which makes me sad. And its totally throwing off my diet...cuz now I want cookies. Damn it. LOL
  5. emilybain

    Drink Me

    OMG youre right...its totally Jelly Belly popcorn flavored beans!!! I know...cuz im eating some as i type . They taste GOOOOOOOD but I cant see myself wanting to smell like I just ravaged a 5 gallon drum of the lil buggers either lol. Glad I got to try it though.
  6. emilybain

    Sugar Moon 2008

    what the blue hell? i get straight up dryer sheets...strong dryer sheets...odd because none of the usual culprits are in this blend! it makes me wanna xcry, but off to swaps with you...
  7. emilybain

    Bien Loin D'Ici

    huh...reminds me greatly of Orange oil ( like when you squeeze the rind of an orange and the oils start leaking out?) and ther is something very soapy in there, which is weird because that only happens when I come into conatct with Jasmine, lavendar or white flowers.... Its pretty light, I cant even smeel it unless my nose is inches from it. I think Im going to swap it.
  8. emilybain

    Recs for Role-Playing Games (RPG), LARP and Cosplay

    Lillith Victoria? Where do you find out about forum only scents? I actually put in an order for a bottle of Dorian.....crossing my fingers. Im sure ill love it...Im a little worrried about the "victorian fougere" bit.../that usually has lilac or somethingin it...... Thanks for all the suggestions.....also, have any of you tried Black Rose? I was considering that one too....I do really LOVE some rose scents...I guess im just picky....
  9. emilybain

    Recs for Role-Playing Games (RPG), LARP and Cosplay

    Im looking for an appropriate scent for my character, which is a Elegant Gothic Lolita homocidal maniac. She talks through her doll....funny thing is, shes awfully like Mana from Malice Mizer...which I woulda realized that sooner! Anyways, I like roses, some patchouli, some amber, vanillas, sugars, some teas, some foody scents I really really HATE florals or anything with lavender, gardenia, jasmine or lilac. Gives me a migraine. So...any suggestions? I was thinking maybe Zarita.... I kow Lolita wouldnt be great for me....too sweet. Gratze! -E