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    In no particular order … Glitter, pink, nail polish, red lipstick, bright colors, rainbows, unicorns, cooking, FOOD, music that makes me laugh and smile, country pop, the beach, stars, stickers, candles, art, painting, reading, musicals, Dolly Parton, ice-cream, fish net stockings, high heels, wine, cocktails, the sound of rain on a tin roof, my wonderful husband, my silly boys, fairies, mermaids, fairy-tales, happy endings, herbs, dancing, sleeping, dreaming, Care Bears, my childhood, memories, Barbie Dolls, teddy bears, books, the internet, bubble baths, beer, not caring what anybody thinks, porn, swearing, the F word, woods, photography, long necklaces, beads, iced coffee, tea, Twilight, Golden Girls, dressing up, themed parties, eating, shopping, birthdays, Fall, Halloween, crispy mornings, cold winds, snuggling, sitting by a fireplace, elevator music, being ninja, mail, this forum, flowers, weekends, drawing, blue, beach boys
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  1. loubric

    Dusk in Autumn

    In the bottle it smells like dried flowers! Sweet, herby, burnt and smokey. On my skin the cake and smoke is vey pronounced and it has a lot of rose coming through. Soft and sweet and very very floral.
  2. loubric


    Green scents are my jam and this doesn't disappoint! In the bottle it's sharp, sweet, green, clean and herby! On my skin it's similar, a bit warmer but still the same gorgeous herb and cleanliness. Dry down it's a beautiful subtle sweet greeness.
  3. loubric

    Songs of Autumn I

    In the bottle it smells sweet and clean, a soft sweetness like violet or peonies with hibts if greeness. On my skin it's pretty similar, cleaner and maybe more green? Slightly sharp, less sweet very sophisticated. Hints of the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. Amazing.
  4. loubric

    Apple Pie

    In the bottle it's spicy apple pie filling lots of cinnamon, lemon and green juicy apple. On my skin it's a gorgeous spicy juicy apple scent. Reminds me of Fall and I adore it!
  5. loubric

    Enveloped in Silk Hair Gloss

    In the bottle it's a very strong strawberry vanilla. In my hair it's all sweet strawberry with just a little hint of musk making it sexy. Love it.
  6. loubric

    Strawberry Moon v5

    In the bottle it's very sweet strawberry and green herbs. On me it's a gorgeous sweet and strong strawberry with a lovely clean and herby undertone. On drydown the strawberry is less intense and there is a slight floral scent but more green than flowers.
  7. loubric

    Green Tree Viper

    2015 Version In the bottle it's a gorgeous clean and warm mint. So green! On my skin the snake oil is more prominant at first until the green tea and mints mix in. It's a beautiful mix of warmth and cool greeness. The Snake Oil is a little too much though on my skin
  8. loubric

    The Small Harem

    In the bottle sharp sweet strawberry bubblegum with a green coolness in the background (the vetiver perhaps?) On my skin it's a very very sweet and potent strawberry bubblegum!! The dry down is beautiful and the vanilla is stronger with a sharpness coming through. The vanilla is very strong which is a shame, I was hoping the strawberry would be stronger!
  9. loubric

    Single Note: Apple Cider

    MMMMMmmmm in the bottle it smells like the gift store in Cracker Barrel which is a good thing for me anyway It smells like fall spices, mixed with wood, hay, smoke, fire and a healthy dose of apples. On me it's very sweet, almost sickly with all the spices and warm apple but the dry down is perfect all warm, fizzy, spicy apples. LOVE LOVE!
  10. loubric

    Single Note: Candied Apple

    It was my goal to get all the apple scent from the 2015 weenies and this and Apple Cider were the last 2 for me to get Anyway on to the testing and review ...in the bottle it's a very sweet and floral apple ...on me it's very sickly sweet but with juicy apple mixing in beautifully ..... mmmm it's just gorgeous! The dry down is lovely, with the candy sweetness fading into the background and a soft floral and apple scent being the most prominent. Very sweet, fruity and clean.
  11. loubric

    La Primavera

    In the bottle (thanks to Dark Alice who gifted it to me in a PIF) it's very pretty and sophisticated, reminds me of a perfume my mom used to wear when I was a little girl. On me it's still strong but very beautiful very floral citrusy with hints of soft spicyness. Not something I would have gravitated to, but it's really lovely.
  12. loubric

    Apple I

    In the bottle it's sweet sugary creamy apples. On my skin it's juicy wet apple with hints of soft violet. Very soft and beautifully romantic.
  13. loubric

    Apple III

    In the bottle all I smell is dark, dirty smokey lavender! On my skin it's earthy, smokey apple, with hints of soft lavender. Very sexy!
  14. loubric

    Apple IV

    In the bottle it's sweet, crisp red apple with hints of lavender. Some soft hints of spicy clove underneath. On my skin it's a beautiful green/clean combination of tart apple and clove. The blackcurrant and vanilla add a soft sweetness to the overall smell. The clove makes it spicy and the tart sweet apple makes it sexy. Love love.
  15. loubric

    Apple V

    In the bottle it's gorgeous apple and coconut scent, like a juicy apple martini with Malibu Rum! On my skin its a juicy wet tart red apple with very subtle hints of sweet coconut. The apple and coconut blend so well together neither is overpowering, just perfectly juicy and sweet. The apple is the most prominent smell though but only just. Absolutely amazing.