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  1. Anita


    /9/20 would anybody like a small cross stitch thing, like a patch or pin? or cross stitching notions like handmade needle minders? I would like handmade needle minders- I am currently working on a HP stitch along, and have a couple more on stand by so this would be a lovely gift 9/8/20 Art and artists - anyone dig any of this? https://www.studiodesade.com/ (They also do masks, see here.) Both are lovely If you knit/crochet/weave, would you like custom dyed yarn? And if so do you have preference on weight, fiber, colors? OH MY GOODNESS YES TO THIS!! and no preference on weight or fibre, as for colours, just no pastels please! what is one fun/frivolous thing for $20 or less that you’d enjoy? a new piece of Halloween decor If I sent you to a dollar store with $20, what would you walk out with? some chocolate for sure, and some if not all the materials I would need to make a Halloween wreath for my front door 9/5/20 what are your feelings on home made/ home canned jams & pickles or syrups? I even make things with berries I grow in my garden. I make both brandied & bourbon cherries. Syrups good for cocktails, in lemonade or tea, flavors include Lavender, Lavender + Lemon, & Lavender + Vanilla. I love homemade canning things, and lavender is a flavour I really enjoy Interested? Is there something that you're especially hoping to receive for this round? For example, a brand you've heard of that you're especially wanting to try, or a certain "thing" that you really want but just cant bring yourself to buy for yourself?? I have zero expectations for this round, I am always happily impressed by what my Witch gifts me, and this is usually where I learn about new foods/ crafts/ hobbies etc and then jump down the rabbit hole on my own Would you rather receive supplies/tools for your own craft/hobby or receive something you can't make yourself? This could be helpful, but sometimes the materials may be awkward to mail.. Is there anything you'd like from Penzeys (https://www.penzeys.com/)? i would like to try some of their seasoning blends 9/3/20 Would you like anything from here? https://www.etsy.com/shop/TaterRoundsBeauty Yes, I would try the highlighter, eyeshadow, and I am curious about the makeup brush cleaner 9/2/20 Would you like a face mask from one of my favorite artists? https://akumuink.com/collections/facemasks oh yes! one of our fellow BPAL friends makes custom masks, Hakutaku Custom Masks on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HakutakuMasks/ ). Would anyone be interested in one of her masks? yes, I do love a good mask and these are pretty 9/1/20 are you familiar with https://www.a-natural-alternative.com/ ? Take a peak & let me know if you might like to try something. I would be curious about the pet shampoo, Otis can get SUUUUPPPPEEERRR stinky ( my dog) 8/30/20 Is there anything you want from Japan? Current kit kat flavors are... Salty Lemon, Salty Lychee, Sweet Potato, Chestnut and possibly still some Cookies and Cream Ice Cream or Strawberry Ice Cream from summer. Other than that, anime goods, cute stationery, other Japanese snacks, lay it on me! I would be interested in the sweet potato kit kat, and I love all Japanese staionary, and do love a good washi tape What are your favorite self-care items or activities? I'm especially curious about things that you hesitate to do/get because they feel like frivolous luxuries. I love getting a massage, and one of my favourite self care activities is having a nap. They feel so... naughty, but also like you're still a kid. It feels like you have wasted all that time doing something you could be doing at night, you know? 8/29/20 Does anything from Paintbox Soapworks catch your eye (http://paintboxsoapworks.com/)? I would like to try the scrubs, and I have used the soap before and I like it, but my fave are the sample sizes because they are great for travel, not that we are doing much of that anymore... Does anything from the Trading Post's etsy page catch your eye (https://www.etsy.com/shop/bptradingpost)? I love their bath oil and hair glosses haven't ever tried their soap but would be willing to ow do you feel about fragrant things for the home like incense, candles, atmosphere spray? Sure! Do you share your home with any loved ones (human, feline, canine, etc.) who might enjoy a tiny treat too? I have 1 cat 1 dog, 2 stepsons (12, 13) and a husband and they all like treats but its totally not necessary! 9/12/20 Does anyone like the prints or items from www.ElissaMarieCreative.com ? I have a few of her prints and the notebooks and they are quality! her strickers look pretty cool What about www.drawingsbynicole.com? Anything specific? I like her wieird mother tshirts and her stickers Does anything from www.vapidlacquer.com stick out to you? I would be curious about her scrubs I do pour painting/acrylic fluid art (with varying degrees of success, haha). Would you like a custom piece in colors of your choice (takes 3-4 weeks with curing, longer if you want it sealed, so it would arrive post-round if custom) or a piece already finished in my collection? I have mostly 12 x 12 and 10 x 10s right now. Pics available upon request! It sounds interessting- sure After enjoying looking at the links several others have put in the questions, I decided to add some of my own favorite independent artists who I enjoy supporting - so, what do you think of the goodies from these people? And specific items you love? Enjoy! 1) https://www.catcoven.com/ I like her cat coven patch and the graveyard bingo 2) https://www.mineralgypsy.com Pretty, but don't know that I need anything from there 3) https://www.redbubble.com/people/thelatestkate/shop her prints are lovely 4) https://www.marikapaz.com/shop/ beautiful prints 5) https://www.faunwood.com another lovely artist, love the prints/stickers 6) https://www.shannatrumbly.com/ the nature theme is beautiful 7) https://fiddlersgreenzine.com this is right up my alley 8 ) https://www.hedgespokenpress.com also gorgeous One of the things I do is make nifty things from sweaters that I cut up & upcycle into things like super warm mittens, arm warmers, striped arm warmers, cowls, teapot cozies, & French press cozies. I don't have a slipper I love yet, but I'm working on it. So, which of these things might you like? Give me some thoughts on colors you like & if for a teapot or press, I need to know a size. fingerless gloves or slippers ftw I enjoy historical reproductions and am a fan of LBCC Historical Apothecary. Is there something in her store you might be interested in? The cake mascara is intriguing, as is her enchanted body powder, and a few other things 9/13/20 Do you have a favorite art style/movement/artist? I love Lucha, Klimt, Van Gogh, also darker artists though no name is coming to mind right now Who is your fashion icon(s)? Don't have one What is your favorite mythological creature? I like dwarves, gnomes, faireis, dragons, so many really is there anything you want from Lush? some of their scrubs Do you need any astrological work done, since thats one of my professions? Any particular areas you could utilize a consultation? I am currently waffling about making a big career change with possibly some schooling to go along with it, it is something I would love to have some guidance on. I"m not sure if this applies to that though? How do you feel about the homemade fudge I sell in my etsy shop? https://www.etsy.com/shop/HollysRainbow -particular preferences, flavors (consider I take special flavor requests all the time!)? who says no to fudge??? How do you feel about keto or sugar-free, low carb baked goods or treats?? awesome 😞 9/14/20 Anything you'd like from Future Primitive: https://futureprimitivesoap.co.uk the cordwainer sounds like it was made for me Do you have an Etsy wishlist? I do https://www.etsy.com/ca/people/Witcharoo?ref=hdr_user_menu-profile Is there anything you'd like from the UK? I really enjoy all the candies and chocolates from the UK, I especially like treacle toffee Do you have a particular fandom you'd like stuff from? My list of fandoms is pretty long, but my top three would be Harry Potter, NBC, and Disney 9/15/20 I have a friend who does pet caricatures. He's done ones for all of my pets. Is this something you would be interested of for your pet(s)? yes! Do you decorate seasonally/for holidays? Is there anything in particular you would like to that end? I do. I go all out for Halloween and Christmas. I would like to get more Would you like anything from House of Gloi, especially from their Autumn Update? (https://www.hausofgloi.com/collections/fall-1) The butterbombs look amazing, and I would do a scrub for sure as well, Hex and Pumpkin Queen sound divine! I know the tea question has been asked, but what, specifically, about Adagio teas? Have never had an Adiago tea What about anything tempting from Dandelion Chocolate? (https://store.dandelionchocolate.com/pages/home) Yes please! Chocolate is a super safe bet with me lol. 9/16/20 Would you, my dear Witchee, like anything from April Gloom? https://www.etsy.com/shop/AprilGloom (this is our @spookygrrrly - switch witch code coming soon to a spreadsheet near you.) They are cute, but I'm not a pin person, stickers would be good though. How about from https://twinklentwilight.etsy.com ? (This shop belongs to @twilighteyes - we can maybe crochet some of the unicorns that are sold out...) adore the project bags! Galaxy, science, Harry potter and both fairy tale book ones are my favourites Are you a sock person? If so what are your favourite kinds to wear? Do you have a sockdreams wishlist? My favourite brand of socks are Soulmates ( love all the heights/colours, size small). I also love long stripey socks that I usually get from ren from this guys: http://www.thekingsocks.com/ and my sockdreams wishlist is: https://www.sockdreams.com/wishlist/index/index/wishlist_id/107365/ Would you enjoy anything from my friend Brian's Etsy shop? https://www.etsy.com/shop/BrianSerwayArt? His |Art is Really cool, I like the raccoon drawing and the bear too. If you're not near one, is there anything from Trader Joe's you'd like? I WISH I had a Trader Joe's near me, but alas I do not, I would be will ting to try anything from there, pumpkin things are good, so are chocolate, anything really! How do you feel about local items from my city, like spicy (think chili) things or local coffee? The coffee is not spicy lol. I love to try other peoples local offerings, so this would be good for me. iwill be honest though, I don't drink coffee so that would be taken in by my husband, who does. do you have good feelings about Funko Pop? I have a few Funko, I'm not seriously collecting or anything, but have been given a few. Candles! Anything from these places catch your fancy? Not part of the question , but it should be noted that I love both candles and wax melts, as I have a warmer for them. I am also a sucker for alot of different smells lol https://cantripcandles.com/collections (restocks Friday 9/18 at 9:00 PST) I would really like the sample set, so then I could discover my favourites https://miruscandles.com/collections They are all so good sounding but seriously loving A LOT from the wizard line.. https://briarwickcandles.com/collections I dodn't get to look at them all, but Jareth and Angel seem like they would be ones that I would enjoy! 9/17/20 Is there something from your fandom that popped up in another country you'd be particularly interested in? What, and what store? It's hard knowing without perusing for hours on the web, but anything Harry Potter is a safe bet Would you be interested in some boozy chocolates (or anything else) from https://www.chocolatemoonshine.com/ ? Yes to any of them! 9/18/20 Witchee, assuming you like home made/home canned condiment goodies, what is your spice level preference? I enjoy a fair bit of heat, but still need to be able to taste the flavour of whatever it is I am eating. Would you be interested in anything from Cellar Door Bath Supply Co.? Most of them sound pretty yummy 9/19/20 Lilith are up! Is there anything from the release that you want? Decant or full bottles? Baby's first Chainsaw sounds intriguing, definitely loving the notes in Interlude. add to that you are not alone as well. How would you feel about recipes? recipes are a fantastic Idea, I love the idea of making my Witch's favourite foods. Would anyone be interested in anything from Bucees?! It’s a magical giant beaver gas station/shop! It has spices, fudge, Knick knacks, all things Texas, candy, beef jerky, roasted nuts, and of course beavers! Most things like the fudge and nuts are made in house. Sure! 9/20/20 How do you guys store your decants so they are not a confused mess? If you've got a system, please share it. I don't have a complex system, they are in ammo cases and I store them alphabetically. 9/21/20 I'm a knitter. I have some knitted washcloths done, and can knit up more. Would you like some? Also, if answered soon enough, I can maybe get a scarf done. Would you like one? What colors would you like? Thin or thick? With or without fringe? Are you allergic to any fibers - wool, cashmere, angora, alpaca? I also knit and crochet, as does most members of my extended family. I have enough cloths and scarfs, etc, so please don't be offended- my cupboards are already overflowing with them. Witchee, darling, there's a *slight* chance I might be going on a trip next week and *might*, in the course of this trip, have access to Disneyworld goodies from Epcot and Magic Kingdom - any stuff you might desire? OH YES, BIG BIG YES. any Halloween decor, any and all of the dresses from the boutiques (NOT that I expect you to pay that , I'm just making a list as we go), but especially the haunted mansion ride dress- actually anything haunted mansion will be appreciated, honestly this is a difficult question for me to answer because when it comes to disney, I basically want all the things... 9/22/20 Would you like any of Snag Tights’ Halloween offerings and if so, what size? So I answered this on the actual thread of conversation, but will state here that you can't go wrong with stripey tights. The mermaid ones look pretty awesome as well. Do you prefer getting one or two really nice/more expensive things or several smaller/less expensive little things? Or do you have no preferance? This is such a loaded question for all the reasons that have been posted in the thread. I have no preference as I know whatever I receive will be sent with thoughfulness and love, and that My Witch did what she thought was the best for me and for her time/budget. So no preference here at all. Witchee, do you like tea? If so, what kind? I do enjoy a good cup of tea, I like Irish breakfast and flavoured ones. Steer clear of anything with orange in it though, I have never found one I have liked. Witchee, do you want anything? Shirts, mugs, postcards from Anarchist Seattle, Portland, or New York.... https://www.redbubble.com/people/litlnemo/shop?artistUserName=litlnemo I'm good, thanks Would you be interested in a gently-used tarot deck (or other oracle)? If so, toss out some styles you gravitate towards, cause I have SO MANY DECKS and I'd love to send one or more along! I would be only if the person I get them from doesn't mind that they may not actually be used as tarot but possibly for mixed media art projects. Are you interested in receiving a burned CD of music? If so, name of genres, artists, styles that you are into or would like more of to explore. I love discovering new music. Generally these forums is where my tastes get expanded. So if you have some favourite artists or bands, send them along- although I might suggest a usb stick instead of a cd, as I have had one break in transit. Do you have an Amazon wishlist? If you do and you're ok with getting stuff from it, please share the link! My wishlist is actually my cart, but once I have a moment or two, I will make one and post the link. Pumpkin/pumpkin spice – yay or nay? Yay in food/drinks but nay in other products (soaps, perfumes, etc.) or vice versa? What are your thoughts? You can't have enough pumpkin spice, the only thing I don't like it in is lip balm, oddly. Candy corn – love it or loathe it? Or just don’t care much one way or another? Not a huge fan, but am curious about the thanksgiving ones that have been making the rounds, but other than that they are meh. 9/23/20 https://www.poesieperfume.com/loose-leaf-tea <---- would you be interested in receiving tea and / or scents from Poesie? London Smoke and Twice to Tea sound like they would be right up my alley tea wise, and I didn't get to look long at every thing, but Charm of Making describes as a scent I would like. I have been remiss--witchee (or anyone needing a minion), I am notorious for homemade caramels, shortbreads both savory and sweet, and catnip/catnip laced toys. I've also started playing with homemade marshmallows and fruit candies. Any interest? I do love me some caramels, and funky flavours are always welcome 9/25/20 I happen to live near this amazing place. Do you have any interest is anything that I could pick up there? The have hand made pottery, cookie molds, cookbooks with historical recipes all sorts of good stuff. https://www.gcv.org/shop/ The slipglaze crock is gorgeous, as are the pie plates. 10/1/20 Would you be interested in anything from KBShimmer's new Fall nail polish collection or their Falloween collection? Fully Booked and Bugs and Kisses are my picks from the Fall Collection, Take it or Leaf it, and Creep it Together are my picks from Falloween 10/3/20 Witchee, darlin', anything appeal from this goth-metal-Satanic Tea company, Pitch Black North? https://www.pitchblacknorth.com/category/all-tea Vanilla Earl Grey or Black Lavender WITCHEE, WOULD YOU LIKE ANY OF THESE? Don't just say "yes" -- please be specific about which ones you want the most! Brown Sugar Plum Butter Pflaumenmus (also Plum Butter) Cardamom Plum Jam Star Anise Plum Jam Ginger Peach Butter Vanilla Peach Jam Sweet Green Tomato Relish Dill Green Tomato Relish Huckleberry Jam Apple Butter Candied Jalapenos (delicious with cream cheese on burgers or crackers) Lavender Vanilla Bean liqueur Rose Petal liqueur Star Anise Plum jam, Ginger Peach Butter, Vanilla Peach Jam, Candied Jalapenos (YES PLEASE!) Lavender Vanilla Bean Liqueur all sound DIVINE 10/4/20 the other day I found the pattern I made for a small crocheted skull. I have made some before and included some herbs and oils and such, things that both smell good and are said to carry protective virtues, in the stuffing, and hooked them up to hang in a vehicle or such. Would any of y'all like one of those? I love this idea! 10/5/20 is anyone a Daredevil fan?? I'm going to be working with Christopher Brewster who is Daredevil in the suit (i.e. the stunt performer but not the FACE of the actor... but when the suit is on... its Brewster). I worked with him on something else... and he was super cool... excited to get to work with him again... but if that's anyone's fandom... I wanna know LOL My Son is a HUGE Daredevil fan, he would be so pumped by this.
  2. Anita

    There's a Certain Slant of Light

    not much here on me with this one, it's minty but not overpoweringly so, and..... that's it.
  3. Anita

    Eat Me

    All cake with a touch of currants, which I find my nose can't smell until my arm in heading away from it, like a memory of currants. The cake is vanilla-y, but has spices in it- kind of comparable to a box cake versus one from scratch. The scratch one is better, and this imp has the scratch version in it. Surprisingly light, for being a foody scent, and I suspect this won't last long on my skin. I was mistaken. It's still on me, just really close to my skin. Any hint of currant is gone and has been replaced by smelling like a food version of snake oil, but in secret because snake oil blows up on my skin and has tremendous throw, while this doesn't but has the same spices in it, with the sweetness still there. A keeper.
  4. Anita


    So, when I first sniffed this, I thought uh oh, that jasmine is super strong. But I got brave and dabbed it on anyway. The Jasmine gets a slap and is told to behave by the lemon verbena. It's actually quite lovely. I don't know if I am getting any neroli because I do smell something else, but the green tea is a no show, which I can live with. it's a bright sunshiny floral, that I don't mind at all. Although I 'm not usually one for lemon scents, this one does beautiful things- at least on my skin. I will probably frimp this to my daughter though, she loves lemon perfumes. Edited to add: This one doesn't last very long on my skin at all.
  5. Anita


    Like a lot of people on here- a lot of zucchini at first, but then the leather shows up halfway through the drying time. Not much in the way of vetiver, which is ok by my as we don't always get along. I have almost no throw and have to keep my nose close to the skin to sniff it out. near the end of the drydown the vetiver has peeked out, with the zucchini still faintly there but leather being the note that stands out the most. I only have an imp, and I think I will keep it, but not sure how often I would wear it. I will try layering it with the other rpg and see how it goes. Edited to say: I'm going to let the man try this one on for size, see what he has to say ...
  6. Anita


    All cherry almond in the imp. While it is wet, the plum comes out, but still has a almond smell to it. I agree with alot of pp's that it has a plastic smell to it. It is missing the "realness" of the plum, and the almond for that matter. During the drying down, my skin sucked on it like a kid with a lollipop, kept it close to itself and and didn't throw it away. Some sort of sour flower is showing itself, but every note is shadowed by this fake smelling something. It's like I am trying to smell it through a layer of saran wrap almost. I wanted to keep an open mind with this one but it just isn't meant to be. Off to the swap pile. edited for spelling
  7. Anita

    The Chicken-Legged Hut

    I think I have a mislabel because after reading all of the reviews here, that is most definitely what I do not get. For me it was a chocolate coffee smell. Weird.
  8. Anita


    Got this as a frimp, and thoght I would give it a go. In the vial it's very sweet but with something floral. On my skin it's sweet with a hint of musk, and the floral is still there, just not as prevalent. As it dries I get the honey, the musk, and an afterthought of floral. Zero throw, and not overpowering, but does feel like it's missing something, but that makes sense (scents?) as they were made for layering. I think I have an imp of Rogue I will have to dab on top of this to see what happens. Keeping my imp, but don't think I need a bottle.
  9. Anita

    Fire Cock

    Dammit I wanted to love this one. Super nauseating throw and all I can small all lilies, which is odd, since it isn't even in the description, but man oh man, there is no question that this is all lilies on my, like big blooming Funeral lilies. When I get my nose up close, I can just make out what I think is the peony, but I smell nothing else. I can't even wait for the drydown, it is giving me a raging headache. Sadly off to the swaps/sales with you..
  10. Anita

    Diligent Instruction for the Bridal Night

    Just got this in and had to try it on right away. I agree with a pp about it smelling like strawberry candies in the bottle, but that is not the case when it is on my skin. At first it is straight up strawberry, with something soft trying to peek out, I am assuming it's the mallow. After about half an hour the mallow and the strawberry are dukeing it out, and it has considerable throw on my skin. a couple of hours later, I have a very soft, closer to the skin sweet creaminess with a slight flower smell to it, which has to be the mallow, and an afterthought of the strawberry. I am wondering how this will age, as it does seem what others have termed a "young" scent. Been trying it again, and for some reason, my skin chemistry at this moment has it drying out to be a VERY similar scent to Antique Lace, which I adore. I know (am pretty sure) they don't share any notes, so it is probably just me or my nose, but who cares?? So this one, for me at least, just keep s getting better and better.
  11. Anita

    The Book

    I get a hint of leather and some super luscious sandalwood, it's beautiful and has a paper "feel" to it in my nose. A decent amount of throw, but does fade quite quickly. I wish it had more staying power but I am fine with having to reapply regularly.
  12. Anita

    Tin Foil Hat

    I tested this out and agree with most on here about it being a manly clean cologne, that I feel like I have smelled before. My friend sniffed and said it smells like Irish Spring soap, so there you go. Off to swaps!
  13. Anita

    Hua Mulan

    I love this scent. It is remiscent to me of Aizen myoo, but without the fruity-ness of AM. It just sparkles as a nice clean floral, it's beautiful. Going on my wishlist for a bottle for sure.
  14. Anita


    Really light on me, not so sweet but.. innocent I guess is what I am looking for, but not in a little girl innocent sort of way. It's really very pretty and a surprise that I like it as much as I do. Not much throw to it, but I think that if this scent had a lot of throw it could become very overpowering very quickly, so The lowness of throw suits it quite nicely. I will see how often I reach for this decant to determine if I need a bottle of it. Edited to add: I think my husbandis on drugs. Severe drugs. I aksed him to sniff me. He said he liked it. I asked him to describe it. He said I smell like Butterscothch- WHAT!?!?! He doesn't have a cold so he must be high lol.
  15. Anita

    Crumpled Wrapping Paper

    I won this through a giveaway (looking at you crimescenecleanup- thanks again!) and finally had the opportunity to test it today. Super inky wrapping paper, definitely the kind where the ink may come off on your fingertips. It has that processed smell to it, but there is something in the background that I have smelled before but can't place it for the life of me. I agree with TTP I think that it would be a good layering scent, on it's own it makes you smell like you work in a print shop- which is fine by me because I like it, but people may need a bit more depth than that to wear it. Decent wear time and throw.