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    Fav notes: Dirt, incense, vanilla, peach, red wine, chocolate, patchouli, coffee, baked goods, and tea. Fav BPAL blends: Irish Coffee Buttercream, Aluminum Phoenix, Orion, Theoi Nomioi, Morning in the City of Angels, Nasty Woman, An Interlude After Sake, Steel Phoenix, Calaveras, The Fool's Dog, Snake Oil, Bloomslang, Wilde, Zombi Fav other companies:

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    I like Speculative fiction, intersectional feminism, and small singing robots. Always down to talk about Star Trek, Discworld, and musicals. I like to grow carnivorous plants, succulents, herbs, tomatoes and peppers.

    (I don't even like eating tomatos and peppers but I have been given them and they are now my wards)

    Swap note: I work weekends at craft shows and they wipe me out so if we settled on a swap on Friday it will probably go out in Monday.

    Also summer around here is Thunder Season and so depending on weather, communication might be slow.


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  1. tomservoandcroooooooow

    Nasty Woman

    Theoretically, I should hate this perfume. Of all the notes, the only ones I typically like are patchouli and bourbon vanilla. I dislike amber and fig and tend to amp honey and BPAL's roses unpleasantly. And yet I love this. Somehow all of this come together to make a warm, tobacco perfume? Somehow? Even though there's no tobacco notes? This is easily the weirdest perfume I've had but it's also one of my favorites.
  2. tomservoandcroooooooow

    2012: Aluminum Phoenix

    This one is really interesting because most of the time I don't notice much shifting from wet to dry down but this one has very decided stages. 1. King manderin shouts, "Behold I have come!" 2. A sort of soda pop/champagne fizziness settles in with the King manderin. I think it's the white musk since it's fizzy of like 51 is. 3.The King manderian softens and a dried fruit comes in. 4. The dried fruit and white musk continue but there's a strange hint of herbs. I'm not sure if that's oudh or if the white musk fougere has deepened. It might just be there's less competing notes at this point and I can finally notice the fougere part of the white musk.
  3. tomservoandcroooooooow


    Okay, so this probably isn't a surprise to people but Wilde is nice. I'm not a lavender person at all and jasmine is not my friend but I had to try it for Oscar Wild's sake. The lavender is def. there but it's a soft and not very herby and the citrus balances it out. No sign of jasmine and I'm okay with that.
  4. tomservoandcroooooooow

    2013: Steel Phoenix

    I got to try this thanks to fourumit Carrie's generously and it's really warm and comforting in a way I didn't expect. Vetiver is one of those notes that I want to like more than I actually do (much like amber in that way really) and I'd just gotten around to thinking, "You know, maybe I don't like vetiver" and then this came along. Vetiver is probably the strongest note on my skin and here it takes on a warm and comforting tone. So if you are wary of vetiver, give this one a try.
  5. tomservoandcroooooooow

    Lick It With Consent (2014)

    Wow, now this is what I wanted out of a mint scent and have had to typically seek out in pine based fragrances. It's strong like cut through your congestion strong, like it's not scared of being minty and fresh.
  6. tomservoandcroooooooow

    La Cloche Fêlée

    This how winter feels once you take away all the gormands. It makes me think of those nights when my Mom would turn off the lights, lite candles and put on Christmas records. Not my Dad's mid-century crooners or Burl Ives, but the sacred music with the high choirs singing in german and the reedy, folk singers with broken voices singing about cherry trees and "the little tiny child." There was this interplay between darkness and light and just stillness. It's very much an incense smell but not church incense. There's smoke and woods and decidedly citrus, though the exact smell seems to shift each time I wear. It's probably my favorite BPAL and its definitely my Mom's, she's discribed it as "Pure Magnificence."