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  1. dreamingjune

    The Seesaw

    Imagine sweet strawberry preserves mixed with Ask the Nearest Hippie. This is not a bad thing at all. Also, nice longevity and throw without being obnoxious.
  2. dreamingjune

    Rose-ampers discuss. What rose scents can you wear?

    There are only a few rose blends in my collection of sweet,dark resins and wood notes. It seems that if it is coupled by vanilla, sweet notes, resin, and woods it can be ok. Sometimes strawberry too.. Pink Lace: Delicate tea rose and strawberry-laced vanilla stained by tobacco, champaca incense, and white cognac. Lilith's Tea Party: Imaginary génoise cakes, imaginary trifle (with imaginary rosewater, imaginary Madeira and imaginary strawberries), imaginary macaroons, and imaginary Devonshire tea served in an imaginary garden surrounded by one-thousand imaginary flowers. Red Rose: Red rose buds, with amber, clove, tonka, Indian musk, fir, and tobacco. Ysabel: Red carnation, red roses, Spanish cedar, velvet musk, pomegranate, clove, and incense. Hope that helps.
  3. dreamingjune

    Nag Champa scent in a BPAL blend?

    I always feel like Panther Moon has the vibe of Nag Champa, and even others have said that I smell like incense when I wear it.
  4. dreamingjune

    Feed Me and Fill Me With Pleasure

    I knew I would love this one, and I pretty much do. Imagine Goblin, but less sweet or #OccupyWallstreet without the cocoa. I could see Banshee Beat comparisons, though not so much Antikythera Mechanism as it is far more light. Those afraid of honey have very little to worry about here as all it seems to be doing is adding a touch of sweetness. What I did not expect is that the patchouli is a bit more green and light than I am used to. As far as the amber is concerned, you can kinda sorta tell it is there but it never entirely asserts itself. Overall, pretty fabulous and I imagine people will be going nuts for this.
  5. dreamingjune

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    Yes, definitely Celeste! I kept on thinking of Arcana's Smoked Vanilla layering note, but really that reminds me of Celeste. It truly has an airy quality along with light smoke, yet it still has the sweetness of vanilla.
  6. dreamingjune

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    The Black Rider or Dance of Death remind me the most of Fetish.Goth. Just based on searching for leather and myrrh I got Kroenen, but I have not tried it to be able to say one way or another. Malice might possibly be one to check out too. Good luck, I love this one too!
  7. dreamingjune


    In bottle: very clean with a green quality. I almost did not bother to skin test this. Wet: knowing that there is balsam of Peru in here I was expecting rich, sweet balsam leaning towards benzoin. Instead I am getting the more green balsam notes of blends like Ü. There is definitely a light, hay-like honey note and maybe a touch of pepper. Dry: The sweetness of the honey is coming out more to balance out the green balsam notes. The honey has definitely become sweeter without going into Womb Furie territory. I really do not smell much pepper, but I get the sense that this note just keeps things balanced. The skin musk threatens to go into cologne territory on me (funky skin chemistry..) but the other notes keep this in check. Overall, this is a very clean and green scent without being the typical herbal. It also does not go soapy, which is quite an achievement on my skin. There is just enough richness from the balsam and honey, yet it is definitely not sweet or foody. I see this as being very unisex too. It may not be quite what I was hoping for, but I think this one will be a huge hit if people have the guts to try it.
  8. dreamingjune

    The Tears of Lilith

    In bottle: Herbal grapes. Wet: Wow, lots of grapey fruit along with a dry herbal quality. Dry: This reminds me a ton of Alecto, with more of the grape/wine thing going on. It is very herbal mixed with something that almost reminds me of cedar. I would not have picked out mead without knowing that it is there, however if I try I can smell the hay-like sweetness.
  9. dreamingjune

    Golgothan Myrrh

    In bottle: Not at all what I was hoping for. Very soft and almost rosey? Wet: Ok, this is totally different on. I am getting some of what I love from myrrh heavy blends like Minotaur, with an almost resinous rose note. Note: I have funky skin, so I might be the only one getting rose here. Dry: This is lovely. Rich resin with a delicate quality to it that leans into floral/herbal territory while still being highly wearable.
  10. dreamingjune

    Frank Burns

    Well, hello there tobacco and oak! In bottle: All oak, all the time. Wet: Very strong oak mixed with tobacco and maybe just a little booze on top. Dry: The oak calms down on my skin a bit to let the tobacco come out more along with the sweetness of the booze. After about an hour things calm down and there is just a touch of sweet rum keeping me intrigued. I would say this is a must if you like tobacco.
  11. dreamingjune


    Whenever I choreograph my belly dance/burlesque numbers I find a signature scent to match. It helps me get into character, as well as remember choreography. This means I also wear that scent every time I rehearse. Also, it is just fun figuring out which one of my blends best matches the character or idea I am trying to portray.
  12. dreamingjune

    Halloween In The Miskatonic University Library

    In bottle: Faint pumpkin latte with dusty wood notes. Wet: Yup, pretty much that. The pumpkin is winning out over the coffee on me, and I am not complaining. Dry: This is faded, musty pumpkin perfume with a dusty clean wood. It is making me think of a watered down or stale pumpkin latte. No throw on me, and my skin is eating it. At least the cologne is not making much of an appearance. Overall: If what you want is super faint pumpkin and clean wood, here you go! For me, not so much.
  13. dreamingjune

    Witch Dance

    In bottle: Dry leaves. Meh? Wet: Ooh, there we go. I am getting a smoky mahogany wood thing happening here, with the sweetness of wine and red musk. Dry: Like Samhain without all of the apple and cider notes that make it smell like a halloween candle on me. In other words, yay! This is really quite lovely, without being in your face red musk. Overall: Those afraid of smoke and incense should not worry too much with this one. Run to this if you want subtle red musk and the fabulousness of Samhain without the foody candle.
  14. dreamingjune

    Wolf Spider

    This is not at all what I was expecting. In bottle: Clean, sweet wood and herbs. Wet: Yup, pretty much the same. It sweetens up just a hair, but this is so very subtle. I expected at least the coconut to stand up and make a statement, but not so much. The green notes of galbanum are hanging out in the background too. Dry: Softly woody and subtly sweet. Barely there, with some herbal hints. Overall: If you like your vanilla and woods barely there with a touch of herbs, this will be great for you. For me, not so much.
  15. dreamingjune


    Oh my, this is lovely. In bottle: Hello frankincense. I am also catching a whiff of something that reminds me of Gypsy by Carnival Wax. Wet: Lots of woody incense goodness. This has a nice bit of strength to it without knocking me over. It also has a nice sweetness, though not in the way beeswax can sometimes be too sweet. At this stage I am reminded of blends like Cathedral, with some of the richness and sex appeal of Schwarzer Mond. Dry: When I sniff up close this is a very resinous frankincense blend. The myrrh is more in the background with the beeswax, keeping things just rich enough. I can't say the oudh is very obvious, however this is a very well blended scent. It is really more resin and wood than it is smoke. At a distance Heretic is more sexy and less church incense. I am catching a bit of a sexy and dark musk which is what reminds me of Gypsy from Carnival Wax. Overall: If you love warmed up, sexy and dirty resin blends you absolutely must grab this. I tend to make a lot of comparisons to other blends, but this really is unique. With that said, get this if you like blends like Cathedral, Schwarzer Mond, Al Azif, A Dense and Frightful Darkness, Minotaur, and that sort of thing. I would imagine that this is also very unisex. Nom.