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  1. damonkitty

    Brown Jenkin

    So confused about this one . I am not a fan of sandalwood, but for some reason I hold on to my imps of this scent. The dry down does something good on the skin. I get a vanilla resiny scent that makes me keep sniffing my arm. I want to hate this one so I can just decide for once I can live without a bottle. I have a few imps I will work on first. Overall this one is a keeper. I do get the pencil shavings thing on the skin, but I love the warm vanilla resin part too much to part with this one
  2. damonkitty

    Cheshire Cat

    A lot of grapefruit from this one. I find the currant gives depth to the citrus note. I really did not get any florals, but the florals I do see are in this one are some of my favorites. Lavender and chamomile are two of my go to florals since they add just a touch of aromatherapy to a scent. I love this one . I have only one imp so I will have to grab a bottle.
  3. damonkitty

    'Tis The Voice Of The Lobster

    This perfume intrigues me. Without looking at the notes I got a patchouli plum scent. I guess the "plum" is the blackberry note. It stands out the most on my skin along with the woody musk note. It is beautiful on the skin. I would wear it more as an evening scent than as an everyday going to work scent. Truly amazing Oh, and I got zero gardenia from this scent. I do not like gardenia at all so I am a happy person. Another blend that if I would have looked at the notes first I would have probably passed on. Don't let the gardenai scare you
  4. damonkitty

    Blood Amber

    I really wanted to love this one. I tried Dragon's Milk and loved it so I figured I would give another dragon blood scent a skin test today. Not so happy with this one . A little too much dragon's blood. I love amber, but I do not get a good amber throw even after wearing it about an hour. It turned into a bad air freshener scent on my skin. This just did not work well with my chemistry.
  5. damonkitty

    Dragon's Milk

    I have always read that this scent is better with age. I found a few well aged imps in my stash and decided to give the scent a whirl today. I was note so sure at first if I was going to like this one. I am not a huge fan of dragon's blood. It all depends on if it is a stand out note or not. This did start out with a smack in the face of dragon's blood, but as it dried down I fell in love with the vanilla scent. I think a bottle purchase is in my future for this one . I love the warm fuzzy vanilla this turns into after a while. Yummy!! This is a beautiful scent
  6. damonkitty


    This is an uplifting scent. I feel happy wearing it . First I have to say anything with orange/madarin/citrus notes in it is usually a win for me. This blend takes mandarin to another level. Since most citrus notes vanish on my skin in two seconds I really like how the fig gives some staying power and depth to the scent. It starts off as a candy orange, but stays strong with a warmth from the figs. I am writing this one down for a future bottle purchase.
  7. damonkitty

    The Raven

    I was going through some of my untested imps today and came across The Raven. I skin tested it the first time and without looking at the notes I would have put money on it having skin musk or a powdery note in it. I then got a touch of floral that I thought for a moment was gardenia so I washed the scent off. Later, I decided to put a touch more on to give the scent a fair chance. I fell in love with the musk note again, bu this time I got only a small amount of floral. I wrote the name of the scent on paper so I can pick up a bottle later. When I went on to write a review I was shocked to see the actual notes. They are all my usual death notes rolled into one . I usually can not do sandalwood, iris, or neroli. This blend made a believer out of me to at least give some of the florals and sandalwood blends a shot. If I would have read the notes first I may not have even given this one a skin test. I think I amp the dark musk and it is amazing!!
  8. damonkitty

    Variety of Pleasing Amusements

    I had more hopes this would be more of a leather blend. It took a good while for the leather to appear. The honey and tobacco are the dominant notes on my skin. It starts off very sweet honey then turns in to a smooth honey and light leather blend after about a half hour on my skin. I also thought it kind of smelled like black tea for some reason . I liked it, but I think I am going to move it along to a new home since I do not see myself wearing this one that much.
  9. damonkitty

    Pale Student of Unhallowed Arts

    This was a surprise hit for me. I read the reviews first before ordering and it sounded like the most amazing blend to me. I knew I has to have two bottles just from reviews only. I am so glad I was right . I get an effervescent, clean, and crisp scent. It borders on a citrus to me, but it is almost like the smell of soda water since it is so fresh. I think it would work on a man as well. It is fresh air or ozone in scent. I do not really get heavy aquatic notes, but I can sense the feel of clean water in this blend. I think it is an amazing blend.
  10. damonkitty

    Pumpkin Masala Rooibos

    I love this one . I was a little leary of some of the notes listed like the fennel, peppercorn, and almond. I am so glad I am just getting a spicy pumpkin with the sweetness of almost a peach jam scent in the background. I now wish I would have bought two bottles of this blend.
  11. damonkitty

    Maison En Pain d’Épices

    This is just plain and simple yumminess . At first, I was concerned it was not strong enough on my skin. It took a little while to warm up and amp all of the lovely notes. I get a wonderful spicy, bakery scent. I also get the fruity notes that give this blend a whole different twist from the other spice blends. I am planning on getting a back up of this scent.
  12. damonkitty

    The Gorobble

    I get the marshmallow sweetness, but the burnt part if starting to do a sandalwood thing on my skin. I also get a sort of spice, but it is like a spicy sandalwood so I am going to set this bottle free to a new home. I bought a few so I may keep one since I am confused on if I really like it or not .
  13. damonkitty

    The Robotic Scarab

    If you missed out on Old Moon 2011 then give this one a try. I was so surprised how similiar they are. I get the same leather note with the same sweetness that I adored in Old Moon. This one does have a different start with metallic and spice, but the dry down is so close I would have a hard time telling them apart. I can not believe this one has missed my nose for so long . It is georgeous, warm, and comforting. I need to get a bottle in my next order.
  14. damonkitty

    Old Moon

    This scent has been one of the biggest ordering learning experiences of my entire BPAL collecting life(which has been three years ). I found a lovely person to help me find my future stash of this scent which still may not be enough. I read the scent description with total confusion and even was tempted to post on Live Journal if anyone had a clue what this scent could possibly smell like. The scent description made me think of the Halloween blends The Lurid Library or The Attrocious Attic which were sadly not my kind of scents due to the floral side of them. I had one more bottle available for my cart before the cart jumped in shipping so one lonely Old Moon bottle made its way in (besides my doubts). I put this blend on for the first time and wanted to literally cry it smelled so good to me. I am not sure what is in it, but it makes me feel warm and cozy and delicious all in one instant. It has a musky (skin musk?) note that reminds me of my mother's scent along with a freshness from an herbal/plant like note. It turns luscious and sweet with the best damn leather note the lab has. This leather is warm and spicy and sweet on my skin. It is the leather note I hoard when it is available in any form. I wore it to work and had two coworkers literally grab my arm and do one of these faces at me. They said it was the best scent I had ever worn (and I have worn many a scent to work). One lady said I smelled like strawberries??? which really threw me for a loop, but I think she was smelling the sweetness this scent gives off on my skin. I have heard people say the words "holy grail" before and thought what is mine. This is it!!!! I had a previous favorite, but I think it has been replaced and pushed to a close second. So the lesson learned has been when Beth describes something in abstract I am going to stand up and pay attention. I think this blend was a mystery to a lot of people. Beth is a genious!!!! I hope I make it to heaven and Old Moon 2011 is what it smells like . Thanks so much Beth for such a beautiful blend. I was testing imps today and pulled out The Robotic Scarab. It is almost dead on to the scent I get in Old Moon. I am off to hoard that scent as well!!!!
  15. damonkitty

    Black Opal

    I am so sad to see this one is discontinued . I had it on my full bottle list and never got to purchase it. I have a half dram bottle thankfully so I can at least test it out every now and then. I get the stone/mineral note mixed with what I thought was a really good vanilla. I am told that it is tonka and not vanilla I am smelling. It is sort of powdery, but in a good way. I find it to be a comforting scent with a lighter throw on the skin. I would have worn this to work often since it is not overbearing. I hope Beth can find a way to bring this one back someday.