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  1. hpennspenn

    Tea Leaves, Vanilla Bean, and Incense Smoke

    Oh this is lovely! It totally gives me vibes from the 2022 realease that included the vanilla husk and hay trio. This has that refreshing, cleansing perfect for enticing April to bring forth all the flowers. I am blessed to have experienced each component, easily identifiable, but so elegantly swaying tougher making room for the menage addition. I absolutely adore this blend and recommend it to anyone curious about where to start with tea blends...... START WITH THIS LOVE_____
  2. hpennspenn

    High School Hair

    Have you ever pondered how the wee folk make wine? Well this scent is evidence that they in fact do! All I can picture is shapely sprites traipsing about, having collected the darkest of berries, shaved the freshest of clove, and gently mulled and stored this lovely elixir in a hallowed out hazelnut shell. But of course they don't serve it that way! Why of course they select the finest acorn filled to the brim, creating a social focal point for each to fill their spirits and rejuvenate their tired limbs after laughing, dancing, and mischief. Clove is often far too aggressive for me, but this blend demonstrates just how warm and grounding an ingredient it can be. The full bodied wine is not dry, like I experience with The Elephant is Slow to Mate, but it juicy and lightly sweetened. The Hazelnut is additional component bringing warmth and depth. This is not gourmand, imo, but it also is gourmand-ish. Perhaps it belongs in a category all of its own. If you are a fan of wine blends, I HIGHLY recommend this lovely creation!
  3. hpennspenn

    Moon When The Cherries Turn Black

    Okay I'm here to weigh-in as the cherry hater. I KNOW I KNOW... Why would you get this lovely creation if you hate cherry?! It's rather simple.... the artwork made me do it! I simply love the label so very much. I did see our lovely Puddin is hard at work to see about tee's coming back, and this gives me much hope, I am a creature of the soft artful t-shirts. Sooooo let's take this ride! CHERRY!!! I'M CANDY CHERRY!!! Oh my goodness for the first 5 minutes wet on my skin this is an exact replica for those imposter cough drops my kids love... Ludens? Lubdems? The brand starts with an L, I know that much. Either way, I expected this to present, and really hoped that the black musk and tobacco would wrestle cherry into submission. I found myself sniffing too much, if that makes sense, to where I was becoming nose blind to the scent. So I threw on my hoodie and let this scent be contained for another 5 minutes. What I am finding now is dark inky... still observable cherry, but gothic cherry! This cherry has seen some shit ya'll! She has layers and a backbone, and no apologies for her aethestic! SHE'LL WEAR RED AND BLACK ONLY, AND GIVE ZERO FUCKS! But don't judge her too harshly, because she is not overpowering, nor is she hidden. She remains on the skin, a murky fruity enticement, just waiting to ensnare the next cherry hating fool! From wet and wild, to dry and murky, this is a lovely transition that I think will appeal to a wide array of aromatic audiences. On my skin, it's playful innocense, turned black velvet and blood red highlights. Artisty at it's finest!
  4. hpennspenn

    Purple Jelly Dildo

    I almost couldn't find this thread, as I typed in Grape Jelly Dildo. This scent honestly makes me think grape jelly doughnut. It's not yeasty or a sweet confectionary masterpiece waiting to melt upon my tongue, but that's simply where my mind had chosen to catalog the scent. This is such a juicy ripe grape jelly out of the gate. There is this... burst! And it's stunning! It's such a fun scent, sneaking into your childhood memories of otter pops effortlessly. I was certain this wouldn't be one for me. So certain I didn't even go for a decant; however, a lovely friend bestowed one upon me, certain this was a ride I should experience. My goodness were they correct. This dries down to a soft alluring fruity musk, something I would expect to encounter lounging naked upon a chaise longe, while grapes are dangled above my luscious lips. Grazing the day away, avoiding the heat that is certain to swallow me, if I dare embark beyond the shadows. If you are looking for a scent vacation with fruity bursts and musky rendezvous, this just might be the scent for you!
  5. hpennspenn

    Velvet Void

    Okay, this is a blend I LOVE. Head over heels will recommend to every dark berry plum loving soul. I will say that it presents, on me, with what I believe to be the elderberry and plum blossom as the most robust aspects. There is a tartness, but NOT sour. I am having a very difficult time sniffing out the anise, which I was a little hesitant about. My thought process is the supporting notes pull this dark juicy delicacy into a safe haven, preventing it from going into "wine" territory on me. I have excellent staying power with this blend, at least 6 hours of easily catching beautiful waft after waft. The throw is perfect, not heads turning when I walk into the room, but enough to where my spouse compliments me from the other side of the couch. Truly and utterly perfect!
  6. hpennspenn

    Woman as Dragon

    Alright my first review and first up. Fair warning, I cannot identify any individual notes EXCEPT red musk, ever lol Once I found red musk, the rest didn't matter. Anywhoo, here we go.... So in the bottle I encountered a lovely red musk blend, but of course I could tell there were layers here, waiting to be revealed. On the skin, back of hand test site, this presents as a gorgeous darker oil, almost burnt orange in appearance. After application instantaneous pop of incense/spice almost herbal, but not. The color I invisioned was an orange red, matching the visual presentation honestly.... the "spice" seems to almost turn tangy or slightly metallic until swirling and elevating a red musk hue... Now that I've had it on nearly 30 minutes, it's settled into a gorgeous catching red musk scent, but not suffocating. It reminds me of SM, but only in the settle. This is truly a unique captivating scent. Appropriate for anytime wear, but definitely dinner or dancing. It's a scent that makes someome lean in again and again. Now imagine it fresh out of the mail.... having gone through elevation changes, temperature variations, shake shock, etc. this was my experience!!!! This is only going to grow more glorious ❤ Those who fear red musk, rest assured, it is a supporting actor here to me, not the center piece.