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    Scents: The Illustrated Woman, Boomslang, BTBT, Snake Oil, Mme. Moriarity, Depraved, Shroud, Notes: patchouli, rose, incense, resins, cocoa, tobacco, red musk, black musk


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  1. cgleichman

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    Thank you to Sakari; I have the same issue with CCNow. So happy to finally have an answer!
  2. cgleichman

    Dilution and Carrier Oils

    I never tried it, but I am not surprised! Boomslang has those solid-looking particles mixed in; probably clogged the roller!
  3. cgleichman


    In bottle: black leather. Wet: Almost frightening how each note listed can be picked out! Wow; I woke my husband up to smell this one, and insisted on telling him each individual note. This is really amazing, what a work of art!
  4. cgleichman


    Sweet! Can easily pick out the white peach, with a hint of strawberry. Fruity scent, but nicely tempered by the pale woods. Would work well for those who are a bit afraid of smelling overly fruity.
  5. cgleichman


    Effervescent! Upon application, can almost feel the bubbles tickling my nose. Within 5 minutes, relaxes down to a pleasant lime-dominated citrus. Nice light summer scent!
  6. cgleichman


    A pleasant floral, without being too flowery. First off, I adore the BPAL rose note, which comes into play first. The lilac then appears shortly after, with a stronger throw than the rose. After about 5 minutes, I can detect a hint of lavender and violet. Not really picking up the amber. All in all, a lovely scent!
  7. cgleichman


    Clear the way, inexperienced nose coming! I was frimped a testable amount by a wonderful gal, and I could not be more grateful! Strangely, the main note that I am noticing is coconut! And strong, too. No vanilla, no musk, no Rozolj liquor, no cherries. Just coconut! I am going to stick with the arm that is wearing Romanti.goth!
  8. cgleichman


    My first scent review! Forgive my inexperienced nose, please. I was frimped a testable amount by a wonderful gal, and I couldn't be more greatful! The notes in this scent are among my favorites, so I suspected I would love Romanti.Goth, and I was not disappointed. For me, the note that stands out the most is the opium tar. I don't get any plum or amber, and maybe a minute trace of the dark musk, resins, and sweet incense. I prefer the dark scents, so this one is definitely a winner for me! I will be sucking that frimp dry, and looking for a bottle (or two, or three...)!