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  1. razzlecupcake

    Pan Twardowski and the Devil

    Michał Elwiro Andriolli Brown leather, bay leaf, tobacco leaf, lavender, and oudh. The lavender definitely jumps out at me... I think because the bay and oudh are also kind of sharp and support it? Luckily I enjoy lavender. This scent is a little different than I imagined it, more green and thicket-y and less fuzzy and brown. Despite this, I quite like it! (As a side note, apparently I have very different tastes in 'weenies than everyone else? I don't think I've ever been first before. Lots of pressure. )
  2. razzlecupcake

    La Ronde du Sabbat

    Louis Boulanger Oman frankincense, black clove, and tobacco tar. This is a beautiful sweet frankincense (definitely the same frankincense in All Souls) and the clove adds a little spice. Super up my alley! Lovely and simple. I feel like this is destined to become a favorite.
  3. razzlecupcake

    The Witches' Sabbath

    Frans Francken II Burgundy and champaca resin with immortelle, leather accord, wine-soaked red fruits, rose geranium petals, red patchouli, guttering candles, and smoke. This is definitely heavy on the wine and I barely smell the patchouli. The immortelle and rose geranium make it a little soapy... I was hoping more for Lady Macbeth with some champa, but this ends up smelling more white-flower-y on me. Potentially off to swaps with ye!
  4. razzlecupcake


    This is my new very favorite, for sleep and for daytime. It's a pretty aggressively sharp lavender, which I enjoy, overlaid with sweetish smoke. So good! I like the way I feel when I wear this, kind of mysterious and powerful.
  5. razzlecupcake

    A Very Grievous Murraine

    I love this. I smell like a headshop in the best of ways. It... Makes me want to wear lots of eyeliner? Idk. So glad I bought a bottle, will probably grab a backup before the plagues go down. ) I totally recommend!
  6. razzlecupcake

    Rose Petals and Champa Hair Gloss

    Champa resinoid, frankincense, red wine kyphi, and myrrh. This reminds me a lot of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Rose Petal Beads bath oil. It smells more hard incensy (like Midnight Mass) in the bottle, but the champa develops on and combines with the red wine to make it significantly fruity. I love it, but I also bought 2-3 bottle of that bath oil, so YMMV. 8/10
  7. Unhallowed passion. Weirdly, in the bottle this smelled salty! But in the air all I get from it is frankincense. Luckily, I like frankincense. 6/10
  8. With the faintest hint of opium smoke. This smells like Winchesters, for those in the Supernatural fandom. The musk makes it sweeter than you might expect, but it is definitely a saloon-esque scent. I keep expecting leather to be in there, but it's more the idea of it. I sort of love this one a whole lot and I'm very glad I bought a bottle unsniffed! 10/10
  9. razzlecupcake

    A Very Wicked Hobgoblin

    This smells like grape pixy stix in the bottle and, in a weird twist of body chemistry, like super-spicy wood on me. Kind of like new Dee? Hmm.
  10. razzlecupcake

    Dia de los Muertos Atmosphere Spray

    This is my favorite thing. I use it all the time! And I still have only used 1/2 of one of my 3 bottles of it. But here I am, being anxious that I'm going to run out, anyway. DDLM is my favorite BPAL oil too, so it's not too surprising. It smells jolly rancher candy-sweet with dark tobacco and chocolate undertones that keep it from being cloying. :clings to her bottles: A+, would absolutely both recommend and buy again if it comes around.
  11. razzlecupcake

    Giant Squid

    Gosh. I'm pretty cool with the scent, and I enjoy the bottle art a lot, but... Apparently this is the BPAL I am most allergic to. Benadryl gel to the rescue... And the bottle is probably off to swaps. XP
  12. razzlecupcake

    The Lion

    This is probably the weirdest scent for me right next to Dragon's Reverie (which is delicious on me except for hormone town, when it disappears and then smells slightly metallic). The Lion, when I get it Lab fresh, is like crack. I just can't get enough! It's spicy and clear and has a slight citrus zing that makes the other parts of the scent really stand out. Meanwhile, aged Lion smells like mega-gross cardamom-ish weird chocolate. I am actually repulsed by the scent. Like I said, weird. So basically, new: 11/10, would purchase again in a heartbeat. Aged: -2/10, am considering pitching an entire 5ml in the circular file. <<
  13. razzlecupcake

    Eldritch Drunken Constellations

    To me this smells like all the things I love about Y'ha-Nthlei and Shanghai got together and had babies. And it was a joyous occasion especially for me. The things I smell most strongly are the eucalyptus and tea and what smells extremely citrusy to me - Lemon/lime? I get almost no ambergris from this, other than as a stabilizing element on the drydown. I bought two bottles of this, that's how wonderful it is! (if you're into eucalyptus, anyway. )
  14. razzlecupcake

    Time's Infliction of Eternity

    This is *delicious*, and I am so glad I jumped for the chance at it. It is the same lovely Dragon's Blood I adore so much mixed with a slightly dry tea smell. I agree with the above review that the tea dominates wet, but the drydown is much more balanced. :all of the love:
  15. razzlecupcake


    Bought a cobalt bottle off of eBay, so probably aged since 2005-2006? This is DELICIOUS. I'm really glad I got a whole bottle of it! Then again I'm a sucker for ylang ylang. I get mostly ylang ylang and lily sweetened up by the plum. And I am deliciously happy with how I smell right now!