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  1. Bluestblood

    Levitating Phallic God

    I am excited to be the first reviewer because this is unlike anything I have ever smelled. It is greater than the sum of it's parts and more ambient than distinct. Bitter vetiver softened by cashmere wood that makes it dry and almost nutty, the licorice and opoponax add a static-like blackness, the lemon peel adds a deceptively fleeting lash of almost-sweetness that reminds me of a stripe of yellow pleather on black. This is a black scent and fitting for a creepy penis monster/god.
  2. Bluestblood

    Shadows and Light

    This was an unexpected love. One of the reviewers mentioned smelling oud, and I agree that something in this smells a lot like true oud smoke. This blend is supported by a sparkling undercurrent of musk with a cheeky tang of cognac, but the smoke really is the star. The lavender is barely noticeable. This blend reminds me of Demeter's "Ocean" but better.
  3. Bluestblood

    Little Atalanta

    I have unfortunate luck with every single BPAL leaf scent in the sense that all I can smell is leaves, leaves, leaves. While I love dead leaves as a single note, I never have the privilege of detecting a single other note when the dead leaf note is present in a blend. This is the first exception to that rule.... I LOVE this blend! It's definitely dead leaves, and that note stays present into the drydown. However, once the drydown occurs, the most gorgeous sweet pleathery leather scent emerges. I had a pair of pleather pants in my 20s. The scent reminds me of those (like, spot on) and is also reminiscent of the leather note in De Sade in a subtle way. I just purchased backups.
  4. Bluestblood

    You're a Daisy If You Have

    This is very pretty if you love leather. It reminds me of the leather in Thunder and Blazes, but the other notes round it out nicely. The most prominent notes, other than the leather, are the sage, chaparral, and wildflowers. If you liked Sacrifice, this is a must have. It's a serious, cowboys (or girls) in the desert at night kinda jam.
  5. Bluestblood

    No. 156 East Twenty-Second Street

    As it goes on, I get benzoin and - weirdly enough - vetiver with a hint of rich cacao. Cacao usually goes weird on my skin (it kinda smells like poop), but this stays true and blossoms into a dark chocolate in smoldering benzoin. As it dries, the sandalwood emerges, but I still swear there is vetiver in this broad! There is a distinct, yet subtle, acrid wood note that is characteristic of vetiver. The main note remains that gorgeous, smoldering benzoin and, frankly, that rocks since it is one of my favorite single notes. Something about this scent reminds me of Canis Major. It's similar only in the sense that it draws you in to reach a greater depth, as if it's saying "there's more to me, come closer." The sillage is not impressive, but there is a time and place for everything. This lady's time and place is in the bedroom, when skin is close and clothes are off.
  6. Bluestblood

    The Mummies of Mexico City

    This is incredible. It starts off almost entirely frankincense heavy church incense on me with hints of what seems like copal and amber. As it dries, this dusty brittle vanilla pops out that reminds me of Antique Lace.
  7. Bluestblood

    Mr. Prenderghast

    I have had a blast reading all of the reviews above, and I am stunned that my impression is so different. This reminds me exactly of darker, powdery Necco wafer candies! I get a combination of brown musk, wool, sweet tobacco, clove, and a hint of black coffee. While I do get a slight vinegar tang when it's still wet, it burns off quickly. It's fuzzy, evocative, and very nostalgic.
  8. Bluestblood

    Single Note: Candy Bag Debris

    Lemonheads, candy corn, bubble gum, sticky chocolate wrappers, cheap caramel, and hints of wax candies...a masterpiece!
  9. Bluestblood

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    Like many of us, I am a huge fan of Thieves' Rosin. I have noticed that my older bottles smell entirely different than the newer imps and bottle I received from the lab. The older bottles smell like golden wood, rich, almost cologne-like, with an edge that is tangy and almost metallic. The newer bottle smells more muted, smooth, closer to the skin, almost like a vanilla with the softest musk or leather. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it a batch variation or due to aging?
  10. Bluestblood

    Auspicium Melioris Aevi

    A sign of a better age: white sandalwood and crystallized vanilla absolute with white amber, Florentine iris, white leather, and red patchouli bursting through melting snow. This is WONDERFUL and reminds me of Monastery in the Mountains! The lab's snow note takes center stage, and it has a soft, pillow-y, smooth minty/vanilla cloud vibe. The softest sandalwood and leather notes peak out, with only a tiny breath of gentle florals. The patchouli, which is barely detectable, gives the whole thing a little bit of an edge. This is a must have for anyone who loved Monastery in the Mountains or Cloister Graveyard in the Snow. There is a stoic optimism about this scent that is difficult to put into words.
  11. Bluestblood

    Chaos Theory VII: Oriental

    I have tried Oriental CTVII's numbered: # 87, # 88, # 89, # 90, # 91 They correspond (in some order) to the following reviews: O1 - Lavender, benzoin, golden amber, incensey O2 - Tonka, peach blossom, cherry, lotus, sweet O3 - Clove (?), citrus peel, wood O4 - Thin vanilla musk and embalming fluid O5 - Gardenia (I think), cherry blossom, teak, vanilla, sweet, sultry floral
  12. Bluestblood

    Chaos Theory VII: Animalic

    I have sniffed and tested the following Animalic numbers: # 19 # 20, # 21, # 22, # 24, # 25, # 26, # 28, # 29, # 30 They correspond (in some order) to these reviews: A1 - Musk with castoreum (I think), amber, something bubbly and resinous like gum and styrax... reminds me of an oily earthy incense that gives off some sweetness, there is another note that reminds me of juniper and mallow A2 - Sweet and animalic, not foody, civet with what I think is heliotrope, maybe a hint of red tea, sweetness fades a bit as it dries A3 - Civet, cedar, red patchouli, frankincense, hint of musk A4 - Sweet floral incense, castoreum, white amber, white musk, champagne A5 - Verbena, amber musk A6 - Black musk, something mildly indolic, sweetgrass A7 - Lavender, peppermint, possibly castoreum, brown musk, slightly sweet, rooty mint A8 - Herbal, boiled leather, possibly tomato leaf A9 - Clove, brown musk, powdered tobacco A10 - Slightly sweet, possibly ambergris, sweet spice, amber incense
  13. Bluestblood

    Hot, arid scents

    Hothrun Dath, Three Swords, and I agree with The Coiled Serpent.
  14. Bluestblood

    Thunder and Blazes

    When this is wet, it smells like the soil and grass before a thunder storm...I was about to abandon it to the swap pile when.... Dry, this is a whole different story. This reminds me of the dank, almost moldy scent of a dark haunted house ride! The leather is the leading note (thank god), and I can pick out the other notes if I really think about it but they really do become a greater sum than their individual parts. Something about this scent touches a deep part of my memory and frightens me! I love this!
  15. Bluestblood

    Dark Rosaleen

    Impassioned patriotism cloaked in the guise of a love song: golden frankincense gilding pine pitch, sun-touched amber, and oakmoss resinoid. This scent is sex in a pine forest...for serious. When it's still wet on the skin, something about this reminds me of the earthy element in blood musk (minus the red) if that makes sense; however, this scent is far from red. The initial impression I get is dark green pine pitch with a resinous, earthy richness that reminds me of blood musk. As it dries, the frankincense shares the stage perfectly with the pine pitch and the two combine seamlessly. Golden amber does this thing that reminds me of body sweat (in a good way) and gives the blend a second-skin quality - which is quite a feat with a note like pine pitch. The oakmoss is barely detectable by my nose, but it serves as a reminder that this scent corresponds to a place. It grounds the other notes from taking on too much of a persona and instead makes me call to mind a location. Overall, this is gorgeous and will be taking a place in my collection. It is forest-like and resinous...and it really does remind me of gettin it on in a golden pine forest.