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  1. scentedbythesun

    Kids cosmetics pink candy scent?

    High Strung Daisies, Last Days of Summer Fro-Yo and Pink and Blue Candy Canes. Alice and Merry Owls on Velocipedes and Tricycles are also very pink to me but not so much candy pink. Xanthe the Weeping Clown smells like candy necklaces to me. Cerus, Pink Quartz Bedroom, Bugbear Doula and Mouse Circus are pink and child-like. I think Xanthe and Last Days of Summer Fro-Yo are closest to what you're looking for, but they're all good. Bitches Love Unicorns too.
  2. scentedbythesun

    <p>Now that Anna Torv’s great work on <i>The La...

    Thank you for posting this!
  3. scentedbythesun

    Ginormous Yule-ified Yard Skeleton

    I smell the peppermint a lot in this, almost like it's mentholated. It smells exactly like it's meant to .. sparkling lights, almost fizzy. And the sandalwood like the skeleton. The pumpkin rounds it out and makes it seasonal. Its weirdly accurate to the title/inspiration.
  4. scentedbythesun

    The Governing Dark’s Begun

    I do find this wearable, though unique. Smells exactly like it's description which I love for the artistry of bpal. The poem is also very fitting for the times were living in. Glad I have this one.
  5. scentedbythesun


    This makes me feel SO grounded too grounded, like my body is contracting in on itself to stay firmly placed or compressed. It was not a comfortable feeling, but it sure matched the intention of the oil being to create stillness in the home. I was packing at the time of trying it (Pax, lol) and so my mind and body were more about being active and productive than being still, which is probably why I had such a visceral reaction. Impressed.
  6. scentedbythesun

    Rain Scents

    I came across two more rain scents that I haven't tried - Sad Ted Behind the Wall - Rain-splashed strawberries, and Peugeot Punch - The Christmas lights of the 17th arrondissement glittering in the rain: white musk and ambergris sparkling violet and blue. Both from Yuletide with Lilith 2019. two more - Waiting from Lilith 2016 - Raindrops and asphalt, lavender, pale musk, and white oudh, and Under the Silvery Moonbeams from Five Paintings That Smell Like February 2022 - Rain-spattered, shimmering soft green mosses, mints, matcha, jasmine, cardamom, chestnut, pine needle, and sweet labdanum.
  7. scentedbythesun

    Snake Milk

    I bought Snake Milk from the lab and it arrived about a week ago. It is very heavy on the condensed milk. I ordered Shadwell along with it which also contains condensed milk as a scent note so I'm thinking maybe they were blended at the same time and that's why Snake Milk is so milky? Does anyone know if the condensed milk note weakens over time, or if not, do you think the Snake Oil will deepen with age?
  8. scentedbythesun

    Evil Does Not Sleep

    This reminds me of a bedtime version of Lurid (lavender and ozone) which has been oos for a long time. It really does help me sleep, Upstart Crow's review above is hilarious and dead on.
  9. scentedbythesun


    This was recently restocked by the lab, right in time for summer. This is an all-time favorite of mine, even though it contains amber, which is probably my least favorite note, so that says something! It's a fresh glowing almost effervescent scent without being fizzy, it smells sweet without being fruit or candy like, although the honeydew, which I love, is obvious in this. I think it's a great scent for the gym.. running, etc, and the "night air" aspect is amazing.
  10. scentedbythesun

    Best Scents For Aging?

    From 2006?! That's incredible. I'm so happy to hear that! I'll be putting mine aside then. Thank you for your advice.
  11. scentedbythesun

    Best Scents For Aging?

    I'm wondering if anyone knows how Smut and Hunger are aged? I have two bottles of each and not sure if they'll do well after time. Not sure if this is the right place to post this question. Thanks!
  12. scentedbythesun

    No Pls

    I used to take care of a girl with autism whose favorite phrases were "no please" and "dragon" when she was angry, so obviously, I needed to get this for the memory alone. It does remind me of her, it's a scent that screeches at you becoming increasingly angry but still silly somehow, and does smell like pencil somewhat too, which reminds me of helping her at school. I love the orange blossom in it, and the pepper and tobacco are what transform it into an aggressive scent. It's really a special one for me!
  13. scentedbythesun

    Rain Scents

    I think the most rainy scents are Shanghai Tunnel, Mag Mell, June Gloom, On the Porch in the Rain, Dandelions and Concrete, Shadwell and Stormclouds Over the Midway. And probably Slate Black Clouds Tumbled Over Eden, but I haven't tried that one yet, it's on my wishlist ( :
  14. scentedbythesun

    The Snow-Woman

    This smells like straight up gingerale to me mostly, which was a happy surprise because I love fizzy scents. It dries to more sake-like and snow. I never get pine which is a good thing by me. Even though it smells like soda, it's still very adult and upscale smelling. I love this one and I'm glad I blind bottled it.