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Zorya Polunochnaya

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Posted 21 April 2017 - 01:34 AM

Her hair was pale and colorless in the moons thin light. She wore a white cotton nightgown, with a high lace neck and a hem that swept the ground. Shadow sat up, entirely awake. You are Zorya Polu . . . , he hesitated. The sister who was asleep.
I am Zorya Polunochnaya, yes. And you are called Shadow, yes? That was what Zorya Vechernyaya told me, when I woke.
Yes. What were you looking at, out there?
She looked at him, then she beckoned him to join her by the window. She turned her back while he pulled on his jeans. He walked over to her. It seemed a long walk, for such a small room.
He could not tell her age. Her skin was unlined, her eyes were dark, her lashes were long, her hair was to her waist and white.
The moonlight drained colors into ghosts of themselves. She was taller than either of her sisters.
She pointed up into the night sky. I was looking at that, she said, pointing to the Big Dipper. See?
Ursa Major, he said. The Great Bear.
That is one way of looking at it, she said. But it is not the way from where I come from. I am going to sit on the roof. Would you like to come with me?
Pale amber and ambergris, gossamer vanilla, moonflower, and white tobacco petals.

This one will get a lot of love.


Gossamer is the perfect word for Zorya P. I get mostly what I'm thinking of as a lunar vanilla. Moonflower, ethereal vanilla, evoking bluish-white colors for me. Everything else is too blended for me to pick anything out. I'm amazed at what seems to be the tobacco petals -- for anything tobacco-like, it's such a light touch. But there is a slight grounding influence it's giving. I keep getting a stronger floral impression than just moonflower, and I think it's that.


I'm relieved not to get saltiness from the ambergris; the note comes out more on my skin as this dries. I don't smell amber but there's a fullness to the blend that I associate with it.


This is gorgeous and smells to me like the signature blend of underworld's kindest ghost.

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Posted 21 April 2017 - 02:51 AM

This may be the earliest I've ever been on a review thread, woo! I'm glad, because I want to be an evangelist for Zorya Polunochnaya.


This is the vanilla scent of the gods. I put it on and it instantly shot into my top 3 favorite vanilla-focused BPAL scents. Light, floral, slightly sweet, but also somehow warm and comforting, this is the sophisticated vanilla I want to be when I grow up. Amber is a note I usually just cannot wear, but somehow it works here without turning into baby powder on me - I suspect it's the tobacco grounding everything, but the tobacco itself is extremely subtle. These notes add up to a white, soft, warm, waxy vanilla floral that is so close to a vanilla orchid scent that I would absolutely have believed it if someone had told me that was what I was smelling. I lean toward harsh scents that use vanilla to temper their sharpness (Liz is a favorite), and I think this is one of the first 'soft' vanilla scents I've tried that feels eminently wearable. This will layer incredibly with something green or sharp, no doubt. Run, do not walk, to go get yourself a bottle of Zorya Polunochnaya. I have no doubt this will turn into one of those incredible holy grail scents for some folks, and that it will age gorgeously.

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