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  1. elnajay

    Unsubtle Euphemism

    Such a yeasty crispy bread right out of the oven, with just a bit of spice and probably some butter melting from the warmth of the bread. I can't really pull out the almond/anise/cardamon as more than a hint of flavor in the rolls (I'm picturing rolls)...it's not a plain white bread, it's a tasty savory roll from a nice bakery, with a hard crisp crust on it. The BREAD note is dominant and very realistic, almost with a bit of rye. ...maybe I need to do some baking tomorrow. And see if I can find a recipe with some similar spices. 😂
  2. elnajay

    Travelers Under a Tree Observed by Foxes

    Starts out very coconutty for me...sweet vanilla coconut with an almost floral note (the white tea?). As it dries, the "hello, it's coconut!" note softens and pulls back, leaving a sheen of sweet milky/vanilla/coconut close to the skin. Very delicate and light.
  3. elnajay

    Zorya Polunochnaya

    Oh, this is absolutely beautiful and etherial. On me, it's mostly a sweet resin-y amber and ambergris, with a wisp of floral. I'm someone who generally does not like floral notes, but this blends very subtly in. On initial application, I thought it was a very close-to-the-skin scent, but as it dries down the throw is wafting further around me. Very glad I eventually went for a blind bottle of Zorya P.! I love BPAL's ambergris note...I'll definitely have to try pairing this with Hag Gray hair gloss (which, now that I look up the notes again, has both the ambergris and a white tobacco). So if you liked Hag Gray, I think you likely will also enjoy Zorya P.
  4. elnajay

    Four Seasons: Winter

    On me, this is mostly a soft, powdery apricot...juicy but not too rich, with a hint of the citrus and lavender (adding a tiny herbal bite). The scent wears close to my skin. The husband said it smells more "like a traditional perfume" than most of the BPAL I wear, I suspect he's picking up the chypre/amber.
  5. elnajay

    Ivory Vulva

    This is beautiful! It's sweet, sugary, and very creamy. In the bottle and when wet, it's very nutty and coconutty, heavy on the buttery macadamias...going back and forth between macadamia and coconut. As it dries down, it loses some of the strong nutty/coconut scent. After a couple of hours, it's mostly a creamy marshmallow (with a hint of coconut). Very low throw, stays close to my skin. On me, the drydown is similar to that of Reflected Vulva (though without the slightly floral sweet pea note). I'm glad that I went for a blind bottle on this one!