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  1. lady_pandora

    Venus Libitina

    A cherry opening note, transitioning into a sweet, fluffy, just-this-side-of-foody rose that reminds me a little of Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs. Nice spring scent!
  2. lady_pandora


    A clean scent with citrus and green notes, like a light, somewhat masculine soap, with the ambergris providing a musky overtone that keeps it from being too sharp. I definitely get the Irish Spring comp. Not me, but I'd love to smell this on a guy.
  3. lady_pandora


    Slightly fruity pie crust--can't really identify it as a specific fruit, but there's a definite fruitiness about it. It's warm and snuggly. I like it--maybe especially because it's cold as balls here right now--but I like Take a Knee better for my pie needs and have a big bottle of it, so I probably don't need to hunt down more Halfling.
  4. lady_pandora

    Recommendations for my husband?

    Black Forest might be a good one too, and if you can track them down, The Eternal King and Christogenniatiko Dentrophobia
  5. lady_pandora

    The Eternal King

    I get a sheer veil of something mentholic over the scent of autumn leaves and woodsmoke. The mentholic note is most prominent in the throw and fades earlier, while the leaves/smoke are closer to the skin and last longer. Leans slightly masculine, like I'm smelling a very clean man who's just come from a bonfire.
  6. lady_pandora


    This is a sweet incensey blend that I think probably contains frankincense, sandalwood, and hyssop, based on its similarity to Tzadikim Nistarim and to a couple of TALs. There may have been some honey in the early stages. Has a very TAL sort of vibe.
  7. lady_pandora

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    I haven't tried Seraglio, but I wonder if you'd like Othello. Rose with musk and spices.
  8. lady_pandora

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Another interesting pom is 7 Word Story: Lust, which is fresh in my mind because I'm wearing it today. I don't know if it'll be at all similar to the Jo Malone, but on me it's a really juicy pom with sort of a clean incense note hanging around.
  9. lady_pandora

    Sticky Pillowcase

    I got a partial decant of this as a freebie from a lovely BPALer when I bought something else from them. Halloween being this week, I decided this was a good time to test it. Sticky Pillowcase starts out with a big blast of sugar note, and then settles down to a one-note but indistinguishable red fruit--I couldn't tell you whether this was strawberry or raspberry or pomegranate or what. It just refuses to identify itself to my nose. I really like the idea, but on my skin it's basically just that one note, and I have more complex blends if I want to do fruity.
  10. lady_pandora

    Kubla Khan

    I get a super sweet citrus scent up front, must be the mandarin plus either the sugar note or the vanilla, and it flirts with being too sweet but somehow never quite tips over the line. The citrus drops out eventually and it settles down to a sugar note reminiscent of Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs plus a light, sweet, smoky opium. It's all a little like Carnaval Diabolique, which I also like. Light, sweet, incensey. This is a keeper, at least an imp's worth, though it's not at all what I imagined from the note list. There's little enough jasmine that my jasmine-amping powers do not activate--I can't even smell it.
  11. lady_pandora

    The Harlot's House

    I have the hardest time pinning this one down. I think it's because the strongest notes are ones I'm not really familiar with. The skin scent is clean and a little sharp, while the throw is kind of sweet and misty. It smells a lot like something I had in my house in about 2003. A perfume, a candle, a shampoo, maybe even a book? IDK. I'm just struck by this frustratingly vague scent memory of me reading a book in my tiny old apartment in my early twenties. The nostalgia of it is kind of cool when paired with the "dust is whirling with the dust" line.
  12. lady_pandora

    Recs for my next order- sweet and spiced?

    Definitely Bengal and Morocco! Maybe give Hell's Belle and Othello a shot too, for more floral interpretations of the spice thing. I also adore Dragon's Milk.
  13. lady_pandora

    The Robotic Scarab

    Polished metallic notes, glossy leather, frankincense, star anise, and thin lubricating oils. I think my nose is confused, because I'm getting what smells like lemon along with a sort of high-pitched department-store musk. It smells expensive but not "me." ETA: And kind of dryer sheets in the later stages.
  14. lady_pandora

    Startled Toad

    I got this as a freebie from my lovely Dragon*Con fairy. I absolutely love this! In my decant, the lemongrass has mostly aged out, and I get a delicious almost-foody amber/vanilla/coconut blend with a hint of smoke that isn't explainable by the notes. I could see myself reaching for this year-round for any occasion. How did I miss it the first time around?
  15. lady_pandora


    The first note that hits my nose is rose, followed by something else that I'm reading as honeysuckle, though it's not listed. It dries down to a slightly rose-scented cloud of soft spice and musk, with the spice/musk combo reminding me a bit of Hell's Belle. The rose makes it different from Hell's Belle's citrus and magnolia, but it has the same kind of languid hothouse softness. If I'd tried to imagine with Othello smelled like, I doubt I'd come up with something that reads so femme to me, but it might be a reference to the Middle Eastern perfume traditions where, IIRC, rose is less gendered. Anyway, it's beautiful and I really like it.