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  1. lady_pandora

    Amber Incense & Honey Cakes

    This is a scent where I like the throw way better than the skin scent. Close to the skin, it's a little play-dohy on me. But the throw is absolutely scrumptious, all juicy dripping honey like a baklava. I can't really make out the amber, but that note gets along so well with my skin that it sometimes doesn't stick out.
  2. lady_pandora

    Looking for a bpal that embodies beeswax

    Someone beat me to Lights of Men's Lives, and here are a few more that don't say it in the description but smell besswaxy to me: Against Idleness and Mischief: beeswax and papery? Rogue: beeswax sexed up (I think it's the rosin note) Cicuta: I think there's some beeswax helping make the candle smoke note. If you like rose, try it out.
  3. lady_pandora


    It took me a long time to get around to trying Baku, but recently it seemed I was getting anosmic to all my usual sleep scents so I figured I'd test something else. And I'd had a couple of disturbing nightmares too, so if it worked in that sense too, so much the better. Scentwise it's almost straight-up lavender, but I think maybe I smell a little citrus, just a hint? It's soothing and works as a sleep scent. And, small sample statistics, but I haven't yet had a nightmare when using it. In fact, last night I had a dream scenario that's usually a nightmare for me (witnessing a plane crash) and the dream-plane freaking bounced like a rubber ball. It's like something blunted the nightmare so nothing bad actually happened. It might be a coincidence, but it seemed interesting enough to note here.
  4. lady_pandora


    Skin, WTF are you doing? This started out with a lovely almond note, and then I started noticing I was wafting a musk note that's not listed at all. Like pure Jovan from my high school days. It doesn't smell bad per se, but it's not necessarily a time I want to evoke!
  5. lady_pandora


    I get a creamy white floral in the beginning, and then just musk, musk, musk. It works conceptually, but doesn't really stand out on my skin.
  6. lady_pandora

    Calico Jack

    This was a frimp. It goes clean manly aquatic soap on me. Nothing wrong with it per se, but not me.
  7. lady_pandora


    Same! I usually don't mesh with melon scents, they go too sweet and remind me of cheap shampoo from my teen years. Ogun is an exception--I get a bite of spice and a tendril of smoke that make it adult and sexy, while still being summery. I like it!
  8. lady_pandora

    Honey Rose v45

    I didn't use this specifically due to 45 issues, I must confess--I was just feeling generally jangled and wanted to take it easy on myself for a day. The scent is exactly what it says on the tin. I get honey, and rose. It's just on the edge of cloying in the same way Jezebel can be, but energy-wise it totally works. It feels warm, comforting, and nurturing.
  9. lady_pandora

    Community v45

    The scent of this is very baking-spices to me, maybe kind of peppery and nutmeggy, and also has whatever note always smells like celery to me but doesn't seem to smell like that to anybody else. A welcoming kitchen scent, which seems appropriate. I wore it to the Lights for Liberty protest and also put it on the vigil candle I lit afterward. Will definitely use again.
  10. lady_pandora


    Mmmm, I loooove this. The resin reads like the beeswax from Lights of Men's Lives, and the leather note is incredibly soft, almost a smoke note instead. No hemp detected. It smells like Lights of Men's Lives got sexy.
  11. lady_pandora

    Screaming Mandragora

    Kind of like an apple scent, but weird. Maybe a little bitter or a little fermented? It's light and bright and fruity with a touch of "huh, what's that?" I had no idea what to expect when I tested it, but I think I like it!
  12. lady_pandora

    Venus Libitina

    A cherry opening note, transitioning into a sweet, fluffy, just-this-side-of-foody rose that reminds me a little of Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs. Nice spring scent!
  13. lady_pandora


    A clean scent with citrus and green notes, like a light, somewhat masculine soap, with the ambergris providing a musky overtone that keeps it from being too sharp. I definitely get the Irish Spring comp. Not me, but I'd love to smell this on a guy.
  14. lady_pandora


    Slightly fruity pie crust--can't really identify it as a specific fruit, but there's a definite fruitiness about it. It's warm and snuggly. I like it--maybe especially because it's cold as balls here right now--but I like Take a Knee better for my pie needs and have a big bottle of it, so I probably don't need to hunt down more Halfling.
  15. lady_pandora

    Recommendations for my husband?

    Black Forest might be a good one too, and if you can track them down, The Eternal King and Christogenniatiko Dentrophobia