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  1. lady_pandora

    Deep in Earth

    Greenery and Dove soap? The furthest thing from dirt on me, this is fresh and clean. Gender-neutral and refreshing. I'm not in passionate love, but I think I'll keep the imp around for hot days.
  2. lady_pandora

    Luna Azul 2018

    This is gorgeous! I knew I loved it at first huff, and it hasn't morphed much. Normally I amp jasmine, but I can't really pick it out here; the caramelized amber and frank are doing a sort of ambergris imitiation. Mysterious and somehow oceanic (but not an aquatic).
  3. lady_pandora


    I am normally not a Tobacco Person, but Elegba is really well blended and I like it. The coconut rounds out the tobacco nicely and keeps it from going too masc for me. I can't pick out the rum, but the scent is sweet overall. Summery, but with just enough weirdness to have a dark intrigue about it.
  4. lady_pandora

    Centzon Totochtin

    I knew I'd like this one from the vial! It's red wine with an undertone of chocolate, with the chocolate being so dark it's almost like a spice, and what I think is a bit of vetiver, because this is a close cousin of Blood Kiss. I have so much Blood Kiss that I don't need to stock up on Centzon, but I like it.
  5. lady_pandora

    The Ghost

    A soft, delicate scent; definitely a genteel ghost. I would have guessed violet and lily, so I'm not sure what's giving me the violet impression here. Faint, inoffensive, pretty.
  6. lady_pandora

    The Black Rider

    Received this as a frimp from the Lab, possibly a long time ago, IDK, I'm way behind on testing imps. This is really nice! My guess of the notes was a little off, I would have said honey and leather and maybe a little spice. I could see how amber and leather could create a similar effect. The amber and possibly the opoponax take off the chemical edge that leather sometimes has. I'm not ordinarily a tobacco fan, but here it just kind of folds into everything else. Really sexy; this is the leather scent I've been looking for, I think.
  7. lady_pandora


    Lots of lavender and sort of a berryish baked goods note, like the one in Halfling. Definitely a relaxing scent; you can just feel the tension go out of your muscles when you huff this. Works well as a sleep scent.
  8. lady_pandora

    Looking for White Musk~

    White musk is kind of Not My Thing, but of the ones BPAL currently has in stock, I like 51 quite a lot: "green mandarin, neroli, honeydew, white amber, guava, freesia, white and green musks hovering over desert scrub, smashed wood, and the dry, biting scent of night air over the Groom Lake salt flats." though it comes out as more of a citrus/wood dominant scent on me. And this is recency bias, but I'm trying Death and Floral's Decomposing Roses for a Decomposed Romance tonight, and her white musk note seems to work better on me than others I've tried. And BPAL's Embalming Fluid is mega popular. It's at least worth a shot IMO.
  9. So I think I'm anosmic to something in Glasgow, because I could never smell much of anything when I wore it. Probably the heather, because I do like blackberry and can smell it in other things. So if what you're looking for is a blackberry scent, I can recommend Bewitched for a blackberry-and-herbs scent, or Exodus 22:21, which is more like blackberry dipped in incense.
  10. lady_pandora


    Maenad smelled kind of "off" when I first tested it, like rotting fruit, which was probably at least a year ago. But age has done really nice things to it. It's a juicy, lush blend of fruits that I can't really pick out one from the other, with sort of a husky purr like a lighter version of Black Cherry Love. It suggests a wine note without actually having a wine note. It's sexy and huffable!
  11. lady_pandora


    This is a sister to Courtesan with Secret Lover from a couple years ago; I love Courtesan, so this is not a complaint! At first I was a little bummed that I'd accidentally bought an oil that was so close to something I already had, but then realized--backup! The lemon/honey/musk combo is what makes them similar, and then in the later stages, Chushu's maple leaves and the beeswax (or maybe the honey? hard to pick them apart) create what comes off as kind of a maple syrup note on me, making this a more autumnal sibling.
  12. lady_pandora

    Vilf smell alike

    Late to the party, but VILF to me is kind of like Blood Kiss and Haute Macabre had a baby. Blood Kiss is GC, and Haute Macabre is in stock at the Haute Macabre shop/
  13. lady_pandora

    Sugared incense

    Lace Phoenix, if you can get your hands on it.
  14. lady_pandora


    Ack, wrong thread.
  15. lady_pandora

    Amber Incense & Honey Cakes

    This is a scent where I like the throw way better than the skin scent. Close to the skin, it's a little play-dohy on me. But the throw is absolutely scrumptious, all juicy dripping honey like a baklava. I can't really make out the amber, but that note gets along so well with my skin that it sometimes doesn't stick out.