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  1. SimplySyra

    2004: Paper Phoenix

    Straight out of the gate, all lavender. Within less than a minute, this transitions to a very strong, sharp sugared lemon and tea. It's recognizably Dorian, but not as cozy and smooth as I'm used to. I'm hoping it just needs a chance to age as I haven't sniffed fresh bottle of Dorian in quite a while. Given enough time, the sugary vanilla of Antique Lace becomes perceptible beneath the glowing lemony lavender haze. It's definitely there but seems to stay secondary to Dorian for me. I don't pick up on any pink pepper. I think the two scents round each other out quite nicely. And the scent settles into a warm, sweet, and subtle wear. I'm not going to need any backups, but I'm happy to have a bottle. I think lovers of either Dorian or Antique Lace will find this completes their collection quite nicely.
  2. SimplySyra

    Zorya Polunochnaya

    This is a beautiful, subtle, elegant scent. At the forefront it is a wispy vanilla made light by a hint of ambergris. The moonflower is there as well as the lightest touch of the white tobacco petals. A delicate, blurred misty scent. Not over sweet. Slightly powdery and white. It is not the same as but in a similar vein to Edith for me. I would venture to say that Zorya is a touch sweeter, perhaps. I wouldn't go so far as to say she's in my list of top favorite scents but she will definitely get a lot of wear. The type of scent you could effortlessly wear inoffensively to the office or on nights out when you want to give off a hint of ghostly allure.
  3. SimplySyra

    Lab Rat

    Yeah this is a strange one. I'm having a hard time pinning down scents in the bottle. I find if I roll or gently shake the bottle before sniffing, I will sometimes get different scents. On one cold sniff I smelled chocolate and on another something earthy like vetiver. Given how many oils are in here, it's no surprise that some of them are settling more than others. I don't find it sharp or overbearing as some people have said. On my skin wet it smells very musky and soon after settles into a musky powdery herbal incense scent. A few minutes later there is a definite fresh floral cool scent. Like mint musk and soft florals. It begins to sweeten and every time I smell it, there's something new to pick out: smoke, leather, incense, fruit....it's all there. In the end all I can say is it's a subtle musky slightly sweet scent with hints of incense, herbs, earth, and florals. It all seems to cancel out into a generally warm, pleasant, fuzzy background noise.
  4. SimplySyra

    Snake Skin

    Snake Skin starts out with a strong in your face new black leather. For the first 10 minutes or so it is almost too much. However, it dries down into a much more balanced and lovely dark vanilla and leather blend. The leather accord here does start to head into near almond territory for me which might be where people are getting cherry. I do wonder if almond might be a part of the Lab's leather since it can have that sort of acrid feel once in a while. Regardless, what I end up with is a smooth sexy almond leather and Snake Oil experience. On full dry down hours later it smells nearly identical to regular SO's drydown. I happily grabbed a full bottle.
  5. SimplySyra

    So Full of Gratitude Bath Oil

    I get both a rich chocolate and sweet buttery shortbread cookies in nearly equal measure. Not as spicy as El Dias as it seems to lack the cinnamon. I love this rich buttery sweetness and will definitely consider a full bottle!
  6. SimplySyra

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Sorry, not one of the requests above but couldn't help taking a little photo-shoot of my two newest scents:
  7. A dense slice of moist yellow cake absolutely dripping with thick golden honey. This is a heavy, sweet, foodie scent. My skin chemistry turns the cake in Eat Me to powdery dry crumbs but the cake in Sharing is a surprise winner and will be happily worn especially in cooler weather. It might be a bit too much on hot days for me.
  8. SimplySyra

    Reapers Gonna Reap

    This is also primarily what I believe to be black musk on me. Black musk to me is warm, musky, sweet and almost a hint lemony. There's a definite soft dusty sandalwood and melding of vanilla. All in all a soft, sweet, musky scent that is comforting and subdued. It's quite pretty although I'm not sure I really need the full blind bottle I bought. I suspect I'll only want to wear it when I'm in the sort of mood that a cool, rainy day inspires.
  9. SimplySyra

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    Whoops, accidentally lost track of this thread. Thank you for the recommendations Balame and roseus. Funnily enough, Balame, you named two of my favorites--Eldritch Drunken Constellations and Iulia! And have been on the hunt for Loli.Goth. Really digging your recommendation of Delight and Consternation, the Final Darkness, and Oceanus Procellarm! Thanks! Roseus, Venus Murica sounds beautiful! I need to keep an eye open for it. And Dee has been mentioned many times with great affection on the forum so I'll definitely have to give it a go. Thank you!
  10. SimplySyra

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    Thank you! You know, try as I might, I couldn't find one for Papyrus. That's not to say there isn't a scent out there that fits him. I just haven't thought of it yet. The same could be said for Alphys, Flowey, Muffet, and "Hyperdeath" Asriel.
  11. SimplySyra

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    No one has requested Undertale, but in case anyone ever does: Toriel: Adrastea-A maternal perfume: warm, comforting, and protective. Goat’s milk accord, white honey, cacao-dusted amber, white coconut, white rose, and benzoin. Asgore: Haunted-A mournful, poignant scent, thick with foreboding. Soft golden amber darkened with a touch of murky black musk. Child Asriel: Enraged Bunny Musk-Soft cotton blossom, white musk, baby’s breath, clover and pale powder notes. Sans: Bones Trombone-Pie crust, smears of blueberry marshmallow cream and lemon meringue, and hemlock. Undyne: Fighter- Leather, musk, blood, and steel. Frisk: Love’s Philosophy- Vanilla, saffron, and cream. Chara: Burial-The scent of upturned cemetery loam mingling with floral offerings to the dead. Mettaton: Cyborg- Gleaming metal and black leather over a khus-darkened bay rum. Gaster: Mad Hatter- A gentlemen’s lavender-citron cologne unhinged by the feral pungence of black musk and a paroxysm of pennyroyal.
  12. SimplySyra

    Feeling lazy - casual scents for lounging

    Dorian would have been my top pick if you hadn't already had it. It's good for sleeping, it's good for being cozy in a big warm blanket, it's good for wearing on a day when you're too worn out to put in any effort. Other favorites would be Dragon's Milk (sweet and indulgent), Obatala (tropical lazing), Sea of Glass (clean and calming), TKO (of course), Macchu Picchu (breezy tropical lazing), and Shanghai (clean and light).
  13. SimplySyra


    Put me on the list as another person who was expecting amber and resins. This is not nearly as sweet as I was anticipating. It's definitely ceder and perhaps some woody patchouli. Lovers of ceder and woody scents in general will find this a pretty straightforward wood scent. Personally, it goes all to hamster bedding on me.
  14. SimplySyra

    #20 Love Oil

    This was a frimp from the Lab. As with many others in this thread, I'm having a hard time pinpointing exactly what I'm smelling because there seems to be a lot going on. There's definitely rose and something herbal I can't identify. There's also something that smells like spice. Perhaps clove or cinnamon or something else warm and spicy. Or perhaps carnation has been thrown into the mix. The overall effect on my skin is of tea rose backed by an unidentifiable spicy herbal scent. Not really my cup of tea but perhaps someone else's?
  15. Popping in to say that Voodoo has hints of Lord of Misrule to it. Notes are: "A deep, powerful, resonant blend of myrrh, patchouli, vetiver, lime, vanilla, pine, almond and clove." It's decidedly NOT LOM but the vanilla patch is pretty close and the spicy clove actually has a similar kick to the black pepper in LOM.