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  1. PrinceofcatS

    Cafe au Lait & a Wool Blanket

    I read people mentioning vetiver as part of the cozy wool note but I didn't think it would bother me. I don't hate vetiver but sometimes it's a lot. In this blend, it's a lot. There was an undercurrent of this scent that made me a little nauseous, honestly. It also has a bit of the clean cotton note from Dirty and I think those things with the milky note are what sent my stomach rolling. Also it had the strongest throw and staying power of any BPAL i got in my last order! Unfortunately I don't know if i love the scent. Woe is me, I wanted to be cozy so bad.
  2. PrinceofcatS

    The Heavens

    I don't know if it's a result of the change in my skin chemistry or if it's that this scent has finally changed with age, but i no longer get soap out of the fizziness of the champagne note in this (never reviewed it before because it was really just all soap), and after an effervescent, albeit frustratingly singular top note of that, I start to get hints of well-blended florals and incense. I used to hope I'd get white rose and lavender from this, and even now I think it's more white musk + fizz, but if it changes, I'll edit the review.
  3. PrinceofcatS

    Moonflower & Orris

    I agree with the earlier review that compared this to a non-soapy lily-of-the-valley. I 'm also baffled to find no powder in this from orris! There is however a gentle hint of a fresh, green spiciness. Very early-spring. This smells like when you survey the grass in March and see little snowdrops cropping up everywhere. I'm incredibly glad I sprung for this. It's very complex and beautiful and truly like nothing else i have from the Lab.
  4. PrinceofcatS

    White Gardenia & Vanilla Cream

    In the bottle, this is unexpectedly restrained and stately - i think of gardenia as the loudest white floral BPAL makes and vanilla cream as one of the thicker, richer sweet notes. There's a faintly buttery note, like a buttercream specifically, in the bottle, but it dissipated when I put it on. On my skin, the gardenia smells really filmy and almost silvery, and the vanilla does bear a mild resemblance to Antique Lace and Queen Mab's Lace. I worried this would be really sweet, but it's surprisingly elegant. It reminds me of a greatly pared down version of my favorite white floral from BPAL, Swan Maiden. I'm really glad I got this!
  5. PrinceofcatS

    Beaver Moon 2019

    I'm not sure I get cheesecake out of this. This smells like creamy hazelnut mocha espresso to me. I got it for my mom because she loves coffee and I thought she'd love coffee-cheesecake, but even without cheesecake specifically I think she'll like this. There's something rich and addictive about it, even though I don't ordinarily like foodie scents. This has kind of a fancy vibe. Like you're eating chocolate liqueurs dusted in gold flakes or something.
  6. PrinceofcatS

    Pink Snowballs

    Soft crumbly snow note, vanilla with only the tiniest mint note and a touch of that almond-y note other people have described. I used to get more rose out of this specifically but it's not a particularly heady one.
  7. PrinceofcatS

    And Sing, And Sing

    My skin chemistry took a big turn in the last year, but even so i was anxious about the sugar in this amping. On me, however, it's not particularly sugary! The lavender is the strongest note by far, with the slightly sweetened tuberose coming in underneath it. White musk and mosses ground this and make it feel especially moonlit. I haven't tried them side by side, but it is very similar to Lullaby from the Crimson Peak line. That's one of my all-time favorites, so I'm loving it. Like that one, I love to put this on at night.
  8. PrinceofcatS

    Lucy’s Room Home & Linen Spray

    This is my favorite atmo of ALL TIME, usurping the throne from Young Edith's Bedroom by virtue of reminding me very much of that one + Edith Awakes in the sense of being white floral lace + beautiful beeswaxy honey notes, but also possessing a distinctive rose note. I don't think I pick up on bloodstains either in this or Edith Awakes, unless it's in a faintly coppery tang I only get if i spray it on clothes and press it to my face, but i can get "pale cologne" if I'm looking for it. Overall a beautiful, beautiful gothic room scent that I want my bed to smell like always. To anyone opposed to it, there is a "clean" note to this when you first spray it that I suspect is the lily, but it doesn't linger.
  9. PrinceofcatS

    Left Ventricle

    The only note I don't care for... and that's all I get. Red musk babey. Hint of mint in the bottle, none on my skin.
  10. PrinceofcatS

    Honeyed Honeysuckle Atmosphere Spray

    At first spray I got a heavy honey note and dreaded, but it instantly cleared into fresh, dewy, authentic-smelling honeysuckle. So bright and springy. I am so very glad I got this since my room sprays are all heavy gothic and/or winter smells.
  11. PrinceofcatS

    Discarded Shamisen Hair Gloss

    Unfortunately this was much sweeter on me than I anticipated - initial spray is peach and cherry and vanilla, and while the cherry blossom and a bit of the peony come out, the soft milkshake vibe of this never leaves. This reminds me of a cherry blossom drink I got at a Shake Shack in NYC in late March. It is nice and it is springy, but it smells sweet to me, not fresh, and a little candied. As I described it to a friend, it reminds me of a Sweet Lolita dress where the print isn't foody or dessert-themed. It's not food and it doesn't remind you of food, but it still reminds you of cupcakes and sweetness all the same. A little bit of a letdown for me.
  12. PrinceofcatS

    Queen Mab's Lace

    Directly on, this reminds me of Leanan Sidhe, one of my first ever bottles from BPAL and a favorite scent to this day - but it has a sultry vibe to it and something reminding me of the color blue. Leanan Sidhe is "Irish herbs and flowers" and mist and dew, but a lot of reviewers pinpoint it as a lily scent, and I've always gotten a bit of a grass note among the general atmospheric vibe of it - Queen Mab's Lace has so many well-blended notes that it's difficult to pick any point, but it's a heady floral over a veil of vanilla lace (that grows more prominent with time), a general sense of twilight blue-tones and coolness. When I analyse the notes list I can pick out some of the specifics - I think poppy gives it some of its haze, honeysuckle its headiness, and especially as the scent wears I think I get lilac in particular; the grass I do notice, but I think the evergreen gives it its depth and forest-specific feel, and idk what indigo musk is but maybe that's why this does remind me of that blue color at that time of the evening - but it's mostly a scent that smells layered than a scent in which I can pick anything out. Over time, the vanilla lace note grows stronger and gains a golden tone from what I assume is the bee balm - it reminds me of a much gentler beeswax (a note that still amps on me, though not as much as honey) - while the scent gains more shadow-tones, and over much more time, the vanilla lace, with just a breath of florals, is the only note left. I love this scent. I think it perfectly evokes the scent description. It reminds me a whole lot of a Bella Kotak photograph, with that sense of being outside amongst the woods and grass with colored mist or smoke hanging in the way, wearing a huge gauzy dress and a halo of blossoms. This is already on my shortlist for favorite perfumes of 2019, and reminding me I should be quicker to take chances on lace scents!
  13. PrinceofcatS

    Vernal Equinox Full Moon

    I got this in the same order as Overlooking the Garden and I was a little concerned they would turn out to be the same scent. They're close, but not the same. Iris tends to amp on me but not as badly as other powdery florals (violet, namely; orris, which is iris root but smells like violet to me), therefore this scent has a reasonably well-behaved iris, but though the other florals give this a springy vibe, I can't pick them out individually. So iris, a misty springtime floral impression, and golden amber predominate. Eventually, after hours of weartime, the iris softens enough that I think I get a bit of a tulip/daffodil impression same as I get out of Overlooking the Garden, over a veil of golden amber. But the whole scent is softer overall. This is very nice, though I do think I prefer Overlooking the Garden. I'd like this more if there was a white floral note alongside the iris to make it a little filmier. But it's not this perfume's fault iris amps on me.
  14. PrinceofcatS

    Overlooking the Garden

    Someone mentioned daffodils and apple blossoms, two must-have florals for me, and this went from "pretty, but probably not something I'd want to wear" to "I want to wear that right now". Safe to say, this is a beautiful and atmospheric blend that does not disappoint! It does really effectively remind me of rain, but that note isn't soapy or anything like that on me. The grass note worried me - I'm not sure if I had any reason to believe it would amp, but did - but it's very pretty and blended with some spring-y florals, plus the amber is so golden and grounding. I absolutely get daffodil out of this. It's possible there's apple blossom, maybe tulips in here, but daffodil is the only note I for sure recognize. The amber hangs on forever, as it always does, with a couple of floral notes clinging to it faintly. This would make a great room scent, with that rain-and-grass combination in the background, but the floral and amber dominant aspect of it make it a stunning spring perfume, too.
  15. PrinceofcatS

    La Joconde

    I bought this for a friend and oh my god it's SO beautiful i am tempted to keep it! (I won't post this until i send it to her though because I know she checks these reviews regularly, so if you're reading it, I did the right thing, guys.) Immediately on it's an intensely pretty, sparkly white musk - like this is the best of white musk, if you like that note as she and I do - with a glorious citrus type overlay. because it's composed of such tart notes, it's almost dry, and reminds me a little of champagne (except the lab's champagne note is soapy on me and this isn't). Unlike a lot of reviewers, I found this lasted on my skin for many hours. It was the white musk that had the most longevity for me, but the grapefruit lasted a long time too. I hope she loves it!