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  1. Nikki Scarlet

    I Hear America Singing

    So for me, this scent actually starts off pretty bitter. In the bottle it smells like a mix of bell peppers and old hay. Not terrible, but not at all what I was after, and I was honestly considering just putting it straight in my destash pile without a skin test. But, I decided against that and gave it a skin test anyway, and I'm glad I did. The bitterness sticks around for the first few minutes, but then, very gradually, the scent shifts, and all the sparkling, sweet notes start to come forward. Within an hour, the sweet freshness is all you can smell, and I couldn't stop sniffing my wrists. The scent it eventually becomes is pretty much exactly the scent I was expecting when I first read the notes and ordered the bottle. Absolutely lovely. I like to think of it as kind of symbolizing the state of things right now. Things are bitter and disappointing, but hang in there. Things will get better, and by supporting the causes that matter to you, you'll be able to partake in something wonderful.
  2. Nikki Scarlet

    A View of Cascading Cherry Blossoms

    This might be a weird comparison, but . . . Bewitched is my absolute favourite GC scent, and I feel like A View of Cascading Cherry Blossoms is like its younger, sweeter sister or cousin, who really loves pink. They share absolutely no notes in common, but they both manage to beautifully balance their berry notes with their herbal/floral notes and musks to create something fresh, juicy and gorgeous. They both have great wear length, too. I'd been wishing for a while that I could find a scent that smells similar to Bewitched but doesn't get dragged down toward the end of the day by the dark musk (this only happens at certain times of my cycle, and isn't too unpleasant, just not as fresh and lovely as the early half of the day). I feel like Cascading Cherry Blossoms scratches that itch for me. I'll be buying a couple of backup bottles. <3 EDIT: Bought the backup bottles, and . . . they're different from the first. Stronger on the cherry blossom and white musk, with less of the lovely, jammy strawberry. It comes off sort of generically floral and slightly artificial by comparison. This batch just isn't doing it for me the way the first bottle does. I'm debating on whether to try buying one more backup bottle (and maybe sell / swap the other two) to see if it'll match the first bottle, but I'm worried it'll turn out that the first bottle was the batch variant and the backup bottles are the more common default.
  3. Nikki Scarlet


    A frimp! I've been curious about this one for a while but never got around to buying an imp, so yay freebie! In the imp and on me, wet: This is reminding me of something from my childhood but I cannot for the life of me recall what it is. I wish I could say that's a good thing, but this is a sickly, plastic sweetness so far. On me, dry: As this dries, I think the childhood smell I'm recalling is, like . . . old, chewed-up bubble gum smushed up under somebody's desk, paired with recently-dried root beer or black licorice, none of which is doing my stomach any favours. A warmer, dustier scent starts to rise up over this, which I can't identify, but whatever that scent is isn't really me, either. Verdict: Bleh. Sending you off to someone whose nose and stomach will appreciate you, little friend.
  4. Nikki Scarlet


    This was a frimp. From reading the notes, I don't think I'd have ordered this myself as it has a few notes that don't tend to agree with me, but I'll try any frimp for science! In the imp: It's . . . interesting. I can smell the mint and orange blossom and I like those, but they're buried under the tobacco, black musk and bitter clove, which I am less enthusiastic about. All together, they kind of remind me of the breath of a heavy smoker who's just downed a can of cola. On me, wet: Whuf. The notes in this I actually like fade to the background as the more bitter notes begin to amp. This is a heavy scent on me so far, and I'm not liking it. It's a bit headache-inducing. On me, dry: The lighter notes start to come back after it dries down, and it returns to being a scent I would dub "interesting", but still a little nauseating for me, and therefore not something I would want to wear. Verdict: I wish I could wear a lot of the scents that people consider to be "sexy" around these parts, but to me they're always just too heavy and do terrible things to my head and stomach. To swaps with you!
  5. Nikki Scarlet


    I received this as a frimp, alongside a backup frimp of Good. This is the first RPG series scent I've received since my first imp of Good, so I'll be testing this separately as well as layered with Good. In the imp: Honestly, I wasn't expecting to like this, since I'm more of a sweet scent fan, but I'm rather enjoying these first sniffs! To me, it almost smells like a green apple that's been dipped in wasabi. I know that's weird, since apple isn't listed among the notes. On me, wet: Ooooh, there's a real greenness to this. The apple-like scent is still there, but the cedar/pine of the mastic is really blooming. Usually I find woody scents a little too bitter, but this is sweet, fresh, and frankly gorgeous. On me, dry: This gets more woody as it dries, and the wasabi gives it just enough zing to stay interesting. This is a great, clean-smelling, gender-neutral scent! Chaotic Good (layered): I was worried that Good might overwhelm the freshness of this scent with too much sticky sweetness, but these layer very well (as, I figure, they were exactly meant to). Good actually brought back the a bit of the appley scent that had been fading as Chaotic on its own dried. Verdict: I adore this! And it makes a really lovely pair with Good. This is a definite keeper, with maybe a bottle in the future.
  6. Nikki Scarlet


    I was intrigued by the RPG series, and this one sounded like one of the prettiest options, so I went with it as my first introduction to this series. I bought this back in June of this year, but just realized I never posted the review I wrote for it! In the imp: I think I'm mostly getting the musk, and maybe some acacia. It's oddly metallic to my nose. On me, wet: As soon as it hits my skin I can smell a bit of the sweeter notes. The honey for sure, but I think the sugar cane is adding a bit of a lighter, cooler sweetness to offset the heavier/warmer honey. On me, dry: This gets powdery, but in a good way that makes it smell kind of refreshing. I can see how the RPG scents are meant to be layered, though: there's something about this that feels a little incomplete on its own. Verdict: This is a nice scent, but not a standout. I'll keep it around for now so I can layer/experiment with other scents in the RPG series down the road, but it's not something I think I'd wear much on its own, except maybe around the house if I'm in the mood for something uncomplicated, light, and pretty. A few months later: I ended up getting a frimp of Chaotic, and the two layer gorgeously. I'd buy a bottle of this just to match with the bottle of Chaotic I want.
  7. Nikki Scarlet

    Cemetery Creep

    I ordered both this and Valuable, Powerful, Deserving as my first-ever Lilith order. I've been on rather a "pale vanilla floral" kick ever since Zorya P came into my life, so when I read the notes for Cemetery Creep I thought maybe this might fill that craving nicely. In the bottle: Hmmm! Yep, definitely in a similar family to Zorya P. In fact, on comparison, I'm kind of surprised to come to the conclusion that Zorya P is actually a heavier scent than this. This may be because there's a lot less vanilla, and more floral to Cemetery Creep. The sweetness of it definitely still hints at the vanilla blossom being there, though. I'd also say Cemetery Creep is a teensy bit greener than Zorya P. On me, wet: The floral gets even stronger and I think a bit of the white musk has come forward, too. On me, dry: Any hint of vanilla blossom has pretty much disappeared. Disappointing (I'm a vanilla fan), but not unpleasant. I do keep going back for more sniffs, so it certainly isn't all bad! It makes my skin smell very clean without being outright soapy. Verdict: This scent can definitely evoke the idea of fresh flowers strewn over bone and marble as ghosts trail about, but is also gentle and floral enough to be completely inoffensive to those with less morbid sensibilities. I don't love this like I love Zorya P, but it's a clean and pleasant scent. For anyone who likes a pale, ethereal fragrance but found Zorya a little too foodie or overly sweet, you may find Cemetery Creep is more what you're after. Throw hovers close to the skin, but not so low that you have to mash your nose up to your wrist or anything. It's at a decent level for you to enjoy the scent without bothering anyone around you. And honestly, even if it was stronger, it likely wouldn't bother anyone. It's very much a "freshly showered skin" scent, at least on me. I'm thinking I might gift this to a friend of mine since I think she would appreciate it more than I do, but I'm glad I got to try it.
  8. Nikki Scarlet

    Valuable, Powerful, Deserving

    I ordered both this and Cemetery Creep as my first-ever Lilith order. I loved the story behind this scent, but also . . . I love orange. I love vanilla. I want to smell like a creamsicle. This sounded like it might possibly let me do that. In the bottle: It's no creamsicle so far, but it is an interesting scent. I definitely get hints of the orange blossom and the vanilla in the vanilla oudh. I think the amber is the strongest scent, though. I have a hard time smelling amber for whatever reason, but this one's coming through fairly strong. On me, wet and dry: At first the orange almost disappears and this is primarily golden amber, but over time the orange blossom returns and, possibly in combination with the vanilla oudh (which I think is too subtle to stand on its own but manages to add weight to the orange blossom) adds a little more sweetness and complexity. I feel like there's actually a strange similarity between this and Cemetery Creep. Valuable, Powerful, Deserving has more gravitas and is more golden, but I'm wearing one on each wrist and it feels like they could be siblings. Their throw is about equal: close to the skin but still strong enough to enjoy. VPD is possibly a touch stronger than CC. Verdict: It's not the foodie scent I was hoping for, but it's got a nice, brassy sweetness to it and is pretty well blended. If you like Cemetery Creep, you may also enjoy this as a slightly bolder and more complex alternative.
  9. Nikki Scarlet

    Poisoned Apple

    This came as a frimp a couple orders ago, and I'm just getting a chance to try it out now. In the imp: Mmmm, that's a nice, tart, juicy apple smell. I can see why little Snow gave in to temptation in spite of the Dwarves' Stranger Danger talk. On me, wet: Still a lovely apple, but I think the florals are starting to work their way in. On me, dry: The florals give this a certain powderiness that kind of make me think of tart candies. There's definitely also a certain dark element there that keeps it nice and interesting. But on the whole it's a very light and spring-y scent. I really like it! Verdict: Not sure yet whether I want a big bottle or not, but this is a definite keeper! . . . Actually, yeah, this will probably be a bottle.
  10. Nikki Scarlet

    Bien Loin D'Ici

    A frimp originally claimed by my friend, but given to me after a couple of tests left her underwhelmed. In the imp: Sweet with a little spice. Kind of reminds me of O, but stronger and spicier. On me, wet: The same as in the imp, but a little warmer. On me, dry: Loses all its sweetness pretty quickly, and the spice that remains is on the savoury-but-bland side. Verdict: I think my skin eats honey, and the honey in this one dragged everything else into oblivion with it. o.O The scent left behind is just kind of boring to me. Wondering if this is similar to what made my friend pass this one on. I think I'll swap this to someone it wants to be with more.
  11. Nikki Scarlet


    This was a frimp. Reading the description, this sounds exciting and complex (and possibly yummy!) In the imp: . . . Bubble gum. This is bubble gum. Old-fashioned gumball from a 25-cent machine. Not unpleasant, but not what I was expecting from the notes list. o.O On me, wet: Starts to become a little more complex as the notes pull apart on my skin. I'm picking up the chili powder, banana, apple, and a liiiitle of the coconut I think. Maybe some pomegranate. Still mostly bubble gum, though. On me, dry: Okay, it's mostly not-bubble gum now. It's smelling like some other candy I had in childhood, but I can't put a name to it. Apple's pretty strong in this but the chili pepper and coconut ground it nicely to keep it from screaming. This is a fascinating blend, actually. Dry, later: Mostly chili pepper now, with coconut keeping it from being TOO spicy. Sexy! I like! Verdict: I'm not sure it's a *me* scent, but it's a fun one. I'll keep the imp.
  12. Nikki Scarlet

    Mad Hatter

    This was frimped to me in my most recent order. In the imp: Kinda smells like a musky lemonade. On me, wet: I think some of the florals are popping into the mix now, but still kinda smells like an artisanal lemonade: something you might order at a hipstery juice bar. I get kinda thirsty when I sniff this. So far I want to drink it, but I'm not sure I want to wear it. On me, dry: The scent gets sweeter and thickens as it dries. Now instead of artisanal lemonade, it's the artisanal hard candies they sell with the artisanal lemonade. Verdict: I don't dislike this, but I don't think it's for me. It's a fairly fresh, unisex scent and I think it would really suit some people, but I don't think I'm one of them. This is another scent I'm dithering between swapping or keeping just for occasional sniffs.
  13. Nikki Scarlet

    Dance of Death

    A gloriously elegant representation of Lady Death. Dry, bone-white orris, black musk, serpentine patchouli and our murkiest myrrh. Another frimp! While I like the name and theme, I'm not so sure about the notes. This could be a big no for me. In the imp and on me, wet: . . . Kind of syrupy. Sweeter than I was expecting, actually! There's definitely a smokiness to it as well, but we'll see how it plays as it dries. On me, dry: "Dance" is an appropriate descriptor for what this scent does. Sometimes it's sweet, sometimes it's bitter or sour. Sometimes it's smoky, sometimes it's fresh and airy. Sometimes it's a wet and musty smell, and sometimes it's dry and dusty. Every change just seems one step over from the previous sniff: related, but different each time. It doesn't seem to last very long on me, though, and it dies down to just kind of a faint powder. Perfumed ashes in the wind. Verdict: I don't exactly *like* this scent, but I find it really interesting. It absolutely reflects the idea of Lady Death in many forms. Part of me wants to swap it away to someone who'll appreciate it more than I do, but part of me wants to keep it just because of the experience it creates. Might keep it for now to see how or if it grows on me.
  14. Nikki Scarlet

    Le Serpent Qui Danse

    This was a frimp. Didn't know about it before receiving it but the notes sound nice. So far I've liked floral vanillas :3 In the imp: . . . Not actually getting any vanilla. this is a very bright and somewhat sharp floral to my nose. A strong scent, but one I'm not so sure I care for. On me, wet: The strength dies down but so far it smells kinda grimy on me. :\ On me, dry: The griminess mostly goes away (pops back up here and there but mostly gets out of the way), and it's a fresh, gentle, but somewhat boring floral. Kind of reminds me of Febreze, actually. Verdict: Ehhhh. I don't hate this, but I don't think I like it enough to keep. Passing it on to someone who will appreciate it more.
  15. Nikki Scarlet


    I got this one as a frimp . . . twice! The first frimp ended up being claimed by my friend who went in on the order with me. Then by the time the second one showed up, my friend gave the first one back to me saying she wasn't as into it anymore. Hoping I'll like this enough to justify owning two! I LOVE it in the imp, but have yet to test it on myself (will do so below). A little nervous about how the red patchouli will act as I've not had much luck with patchouli in the past, but all I can smell in the imp is a sweet, sweet citrus, so we'll see! In the imp: Seriously, this smells like the most luscious lemon meringue pie. Or some other really gourmet pastry with citrus filling. I'm surprised that this is patchouli and orange blossom, and not some full on citrus fruit with vanilla or honey or something. On me, wet: Now smells more like a really high quality orange candy. Om nom nom! On me, dry: I get little whiffs of the patchouli here and there but it's kept well in check by the lovely (and strong!) orange blossom and stays, on the whole, pretty true to how it smells in the imp. Mostly I think the patchouli just does the job of giving weight to the orange blossom, allowing it to have a deeper sweetness. Some might actually find this cloyingly sweet, but I have a hardcore sweet tooth, so for me this just smells yummy! Verdict: Holy crap, a patchouli scent I can actually wear! This miiiight become a full bottle purchase. I'm a bit concerned that if I wear it out in public, other people might find it a little too sickly-sticky-sweet and be put off. It does get more spicy over time though, so I may be able to get away with it. For now I'll enjoy my two frimps, and see whether I'm ready to commit to a full bottle a little further down the line.