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#301 lady_pandora


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Posted 27 March 2015 - 12:19 AM

A midnight scent, evoking images of flickering golden firelight reflecting off the sheen of glistening skin and the jerking shadows of bodies suffused with spiritual ecstasy. A deep, powerful, resonant blend of myrrh, patchouli, vetiver, lime, vanilla, pine, almond and clove.


I guess I used up my soda-scent allotment the other night with Antikythera Mechanism, because I don't get that at all from Voodoo.


This was fruit and patchouli in the imp, but changed as soon as I put it on. I wasn't looking at the notes at first, and I was sure I smelled tobacco smoke and rum. Ah, we're making an offering to Papa Legba, I thought. But apparently neither of these things is supposed to be in the blend. I smelled them nonetheless. A slight morph then, and then...an episode of Scent Memory Theatre!


So my grandfather, RIP, used to own a barbershop. This was an old skool barbershop where there was pretty much just one haircut on the "menu" and where Grandpa would chain-smoke, and probably sneak booze he wasn't supposed to be drinking, and of course you had the scent of men's grooming products wafting around. That's what this smells like on me: stale smoke and booze and aftershave. I washed it off after about an hour, because it didn't really change, it just faded from Strong Grandpa's Barbershop to Somewhat Fainter Grandpa's Barbershop. I guess my theory is true: I can wear vetiver, and I can wear patchouli, but not in the same oil.


As a perfume, Voodoo is a fail on me, but I feel compelled to keep it around. Who knows, maybe I'll need to make an offering to Papa Legba sometime, or use it in some ancestor work. I do already have an oil that smells like my grandmother (Psyche); I don't wear that one either, but I like having it around.

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#302 Trinacria


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Posted 12 April 2015 - 04:02 AM

I'm with Lady Pandora on this one-while I could occasionally catch hints of almond or lime, this primarily smelled like old school men's after-shave to me.

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Posted 13 April 2015 - 09:01 PM

I received Voodoo as a free imp in my order. I was unsure about it, but decided to give it a whirl. Very glad I did!


In the imp: Sweet candy syrup

Wet: Candy, with some depth underlying it that is intriguing.

Dry-down: Delicious, complex multi-faceted scent that has some of the qualities I love in root beer scents without smelling like
actual rootbeer. I picture it as swirling black/purple with strands of green or red tones popping out. One tiny discordant note
which actually enhances the harmony of the rest. Not sweet but with a just a touch of sweetness.

Dry: Myrrhy-vanilla goodness. Rich and warm and delicious. If it lasts, I'm in love. I could wear this every day, even to work.
I picture this as a cream and brown swirl of goodness. Very different from the first two stages, though I love all three. FBW.

The SO adores it; liked it on me and demanded to test it; wants a full bottle too. Weirdly, though, wears it completely differently; less creamy, less myrrh, more woodsy, a tiny bit soapy (in a good "clean" kind of way). A little reminiscent of a men's cologne to both our noses. Neither of us could detect those notes on me at all.

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Posted 17 April 2015 - 10:56 PM

In the imp: Vanilla and pine.


Wet on my skin: A perfect mix of vanilla and pine, with something earthy.


Dry: This is GORGEOUS on my skin as it warms and dries. It remains primarily vanilla and pine, then myrrh, and finally a smoky and earthy base to it that makes it smell just really mysterious and sexy. My skin loves smoky, resinous scents, and this one is definitely one of those it adores. Mmmf yes. Deep, swirling green-gold in colour. I want a bottle, for sure.

#305 Malaena


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Posted 07 May 2015 - 01:02 AM

In the imp: Good lord, did they accidently package up some pine sol?


On my skin: Woodsy, warm, sweet, mysterious. After a while the pine peaks out.


I was iffy on this one and kept it to age for a bit.


Aged in the imp: Ooooh, warm incensey woody goodness.


Aged on my skin: Even better than when fresh! The incense notes are about equal with the woody notes. A bit later the pine comes out and it becomes more earthy.


Final thoughts: This one is 100% awesome. Need more!

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Posted 03 September 2015 - 01:15 PM

See, wet in the bottle this smelled like Dr. Pepper to me. Dr. Pepper and chocolate (one of my DNs) and I was so turned off. I didn't know about the swapping forums here yet, so I just resolved to keeping it in a drawer and never using it again.


That was 2 years ago.


This year, however, on a whim, I decided to swatch all of my BPAL to see how they held up with age. OH.MY.GOD. Seriously guys. This has become my favorite scent I’ve owned thus far. Wet, it’s still a bit pungent, but dry on skin it is so balanced; it really is Voodoo. When I close my eyes, it smells like your first few steps into a witch doctor’s hut, on your way to buy a love potion for the lover you’ve been desiring for years. Spicy, syrup-y sweet with a dark side.

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Posted 12 September 2015 - 01:15 AM

Wet: Spicy and sweet. The Myrrh really shines through immediately.



Dry: Man I love Myrrh. The vanilla and clove really compliment it. Yum. I really like this and can see wearing it often. Deep, a little spicy, and just sweet enough.

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Posted 19 September 2015 - 02:01 AM

In the imp: A deep, chewy patch, clove, lime, and almond, with a bit of vanilla in the background.


Wet: Almond, lime, clove, and patchouli are the first notes to appear on my skin. The clove and patch are the quite prominent, and so is the lime, although I expect the lime's presence to be short-lived. The vetiver note peeks out as the scent begins its dry down. Vetiver and I are not friends, so I hope that it doesn't end up playing a major role in this scent once it is dry.


Dry: The vanilla note has emerged now, but it is playing a background role. Clove reigns, and I'm getting some pine now, as well as a bit of smokiness from the vetiver. There is just a hint of the lime note now, and I think the almond note has faded away. If the patchouli is still present, then it is hiding behind the clove note, which is very strong. After a while, the myrrh note makes its presence known and settles in behind the clove note.


Verdict: I'm going to keep my imp. I really like the clove note in this, and this is the first scent featuring a vetiver note that didn't disagree with me or stomp all over the other notes. I'm also curious to see if the vanilla note will come out more as this ages.

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Posted 10 November 2015 - 07:41 AM

In the imp: Marzipan. This bodes well!
Wet: Tangy marzipan. 
Dry: Oh. My skin appears to have eaten this one :( All I get is a ghost of almonds and vanilla, it's such a real shame, I love all the notes in this.

#310 Kashi


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Posted 01 March 2016 - 03:35 AM

This imp is aged (more than a year, unsure how much although I don't think it is more than 3...).

In the bottle: Almond and vetiver.

On my skin: More of the same, well blended and mellow. I think it is grounded by patchouli but I can't smell any vanilla, pine, myrrh or clove. I only get a vague hint of smokiness, which I think is the patchouli.

Drydown: I am not sure if there is any almond left because the mellow vetiver accompanies the almond so nicely they are like sibling scents and I can't tell them apart anymore. I get a mellow aroma of vetiver and possibly almond. It is nice.

#311 SunsetKay


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Posted 30 March 2016 - 02:10 PM

My first review!  :)  I was very reluctant to try this because patchouli can either be very, very great on my skin, or it can be an absolute nightmare that lingers for days.  I am glad that I took the plunge with this one.


In the imp: I was concerned because it smells like some sort of industrial cleaning fluid - very fake citrus and overwhelming pine.

Wet: Holy lime, Batman!  Lime, lime, lime with something darker underneath.  I can't pick out any individual notes with the lime shouting at me like that.

Dry-down: More notes coming out to play, but still not in a way that they can be separated (other than the lime which is still going strong).  It actually smells like Coke and lime at this stage. It smells edible.  

Dry: I want to say that it's pretty, but pretty is far too tame a word for this.  It's not pretty.  It has a sort of thick ripeness to it... It's primal.  The notes blend perfectly into a sort of sweetly earthy, smoky spiciness with a hint of something freshly green.  Every time I catch a whiff of myself, I find myself thinking of maenads...  This is beautifully done and will be going on my full bottle list.  



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#312 Cali


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Posted 19 April 2016 - 07:49 PM

Yuck, almond and vetiver. I should've checked the notes before I got this, but then again I'm open to learning new thigs, who knows, maybe this time it would work! Ha-ha, no, not to me. But, I'm sure if that's your thing you'll love this. It's a fresh, almond-heavy infused marzipan with all the dark goodness that comes with the vetiver, patchouli and the softness of myrrh. I'm chickening out of putting this on my skin though.  :umm:

#313 kajacana


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Posted 26 May 2016 - 11:52 PM

Received as a frimp.
This is so well blended that it's hard to just smell one thing at a time.  Every time I sniff my wrist, I get something different -- sometimes something vaguely smoky (but like, incense smoke, not campfire smoke), sometimes a citrusy hint of lime, sometimes a whiff of pine, sometimes a spicy kick of clove.  The strongest note on me, I think, is the myrrh -- sweet and incensey.  I don't know what vetiver is supposed to smell like, I just know that it's a pretty divisive note... I'm not getting anything that I've seen others complain about, though.  This blend actually smells really good on my skin, which is kind of surprising since I didn't like it in the imp and the list of notes was a little scary.  Will definitely be holding onto the imp.


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