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  1. Oh, awesome I have that coming as perfume and hair spray.
  2. I love it too! I wouldn't have gone for it based on the description, but it smelled amazing.
  3. d0gbones

    Gingerbread Champaca Hair Gloss

    I've been super lax with reviews the last year or so, but popping out to add that this is gorgeous. I was worried it'd be too foody for me but it's the same snuggly gingerbread as Mother Shub. Doesn't stick around all that long, but a few re-squirts didn't weigh my hair down.
  4. I love both, but Zombi is my soily grail (or sometimes Deep In Earth... They're both so great). Cicuta is much more rosy and not earthy on me. That said, it is similar to The House - when I was having a ruthless sort through things to sell, it was down to those two, but Cicuta wins by a mile for me.
  5. d0gbones

    Pleasures of the Imagination I

    This is a very clean leather rather than the musky, dry type I usually like. The amber keeps it sweet and I'm not sure I smell the myrrh at all other than a slight hint in the vial. The leather is the longest lasting part of the fragrance (but then my skin just seems to do that with any leather note) but it's definitely not settled to a straight leather scent - there's Something Else going on there that I can't put a finger on, it's not striking me as either amber or myrrh but something very clean and almost aquatic.
  6. d0gbones

    Delight in Disorder

    Fruity red musk. It's not overly sweet or fruity though, which is perfect for me. The cherry is strongly medicinal in the decant, but on the skin it just blends nicely with the musk.
  7. d0gbones

    Snake Skin

    I described this earlier as the midway point between Snake Oil and Eldritch Dark, and I'm sticking with that. ED is crazily long lasting on me, this hasn't got the same staying power but it does have the same sweet, musky leather note.
  8. d0gbones

    Worm Moon 2017

    BPAL's dirt with a citrussy note very similar to Tomb Moss. It's not different enough to either of those to make me want a bottle, but it's a great scent all the same.
  9. d0gbones

    Fresh Green Holly Hair Gloss

    Fruity and quite sugary, the green is just about detectable if you think about it. I wouldn't use "fresh" or "green" to describe it honestly, but I love it all the same.
  10. I keep convincing myself I don't need to try and get hold of Silkybat but then I read something else and start wondering if I should after all. The hair gloss is my favourite scent but it's so expensive with shipping. I chucked Owl Moon in my cart when I ordered the Three Ravens incenses and at first I thought I'd made a terrible mistake, but wearing it the last few days, I'm really growing to love it. Definitely need something sweet going on in a patchouli blend for me to get on board with it.
  11. d0gbones

    Jinx Removing

    I really do feel refreshed for using this. I've mixed it up in combo with White Light over the last couple of days and it's been great in a diffuser and as a cleansing spray as part of my "fuck you and good riddance 2016" workings as well as in the bath. I wore it alone on my wrists today too, it's a lovely rose scent on me with just the faintest hint of citrus. Which seems completely different to what others have got from it, but suits me perfectly as I love roses. Will definitely stick to using this every new moon as a top-up.
  12. d0gbones

    'Pink' scents

    Allegory of Chastity is the pinkest thing I've ever smelt.
  13. d0gbones

    The Ghost of Darius Appearing to Atossa

    In the bottle: Thick, syrupy resins. Applied: Mostly seems to be myrrh, quite sharp. Worn: a big jumble of resins. I can't really pick any of them out, but they're neither sharp or syrupy anymore, just middling like the way a room smells the day after burning pure resin incense. This does last a long time, however I noticed after a couple of hours that it'd gone to smell a bit like bathroom cleaner on me 😕 Not straight up cleaning products, but there's definitely that undertone and the resins have gone weirdly soapy. I'm hoping it just needs some time to settle and aging it will stop it going that way!
  14. In the bottle: This year's leaves are a lot milder, but that's still all I'm getting so far. Applied: Leaves, mainly but I think I can pick out the champaca. Worn: I don't get any patchouli from this and the champaca has blended about 50/50 with the leaves. Again, not a strong dead leafy scent like last year's, but it in terms of how well the notes blend together that's a good thing. The champaca note goes almost woody after an hour or so, it's very soft and comforting.
  15. d0gbones

    Heavenly Spark

    In the bottle: oak and roses. Applied: the same. Worn: Incense! Spicy and warm. Definitely getting the roses still, but the oak has disappeared. The throw isn't amazing, but it really lasts. This is by far the best incense blend I've tried 💖 Just given it another sniff and realised that something about it reminds me of churches, so I guess the oak is still there giving it a warm, worn wood feel.