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  1. Brigdh


    In bottle: A complex bouquet of flowers. The ylang ylang seems to be dominating, with a slight spiciness from the cardamom and/or frankincense, and something bitter - not sure what that note is. Wet: Yummm, there’s that jasmine! I’m a huge jasmine fan, and at first this seems to be all jasmine. Dry: Still pretty much pure jasmine. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to linger long; I can barely pick up any scent after an hour or two.
  2. Brigdh


    In bottle: A medley of ripe, juicy fruits, almost fruit punch-like. There’s a very slight smokiness in the background – I think that’s maybe the chili pepper. Wet: Still mostly fruits. Apple’s coming out the strongest, but it’s a pretty complex blend. Dry: Less juicy, but still rich and varied fruits, with some grounding and depth from the chili pepper. It’s the best fruit scent I’ve ever smelled.
  3. Brigdh

    Planting Moon

    In bottle: Tomato and arugula leaves. Green and fresh and a little bitter, just absolute perfection. Wet: Exactly the scent of a garden. Vegetable leaves and snapped green beans and somehow a real sense of wet dirt and warm sunshine. The dominant scent is tomato leaf, which I love and am always searching for. This is just so exactly like taking a deep breath of a garden or farmer’s market, and I have no idea how it’s been captured in a bottle. Dry: Pretty much the same as wet; it’s a scent that doesn’t change much from bottle through application. It lasts for a good amount of time, several hours though not into the next day. The perfect scent for spring and summer, or when I want to remember summer.
  4. Brigdh

    Les Bijoux

    In bottle: peaches and honey, with something just a little bit astringent - maybe like cut skin on a peach. Wet: Some smokiness from the frankincense or myrrh, but mainly a generally fruity scent, too complex to pick out the peach or apple or floral notes exactly. Dry: Smoky, musky, honeyed, peach. Not too fruity, just a bit of sweetness to the smoke and musk. It’s not overtly sexy; it’s very close to what skin smells like naturally, just a bit better. Very good.
  5. Brigdh


    In bottle: Astringent green, probably the ferns. Wet: A handful of wet crushed herbs, bitter and grassy and fresh. Dry: Rose, with the slightest background hint of sugared anise, over time softening into mostly lilac. It’s a dim, green floral that really gives the impression of a cool, shadowed forest dripping with mist, some place lost in the wilds of Scotland or Ireland. A really impressive sense of place. Medium wear time: 4 or 5 hours.
  6. Brigdh


    ... Her perfume is starry and crystalline, a jewel-clad and glittering paean to night: dazzling white musks, white rose and night-blooming jasmine with the soft moss of moonlit meadows, a waft of Egyptian incense, and a gentle breath of moonflower.  In bottle: Heavy jasmine, with that almost animal-stink jasmine can have sometimes, with musk behind it. Wet: Mostly rose, still in a heavy, humid way. It’s an earthy, sensuous perfume, not “starry and crystalline”. Dry: Mostly rose, though the jasmine’s also present. A thick, heavy floral.
  7. Brigdh


    In bottle: Smoky resin with a slight hint of sweetness. Wet: Strong amber-y DB along with musk, with a tiny bit of spice from the cinnamon. Dry: A sweet, almost fruity, musk and amber-ish DB, with a bit of a wood base from the vetiver. It’s almost too sweet for me, though it’s hanging just on the right side by being a complex well-mixed blend. Great lasting power too; it’s easily been 5+ hours and still noticeable.
  8. Brigdh


    In bottle: Strong almond with a spiciness that’s probably the patchouli. Wet: clove mostly, with just a bit of depth that I think is smoky myrrh and resiny pine. Dry: Clove and vanilla. This is complete Dr Pepper on me, which I suppose is not the worst smell ever, but doesn’t make me think of voodoo. After several hours, it becomes almost pure vanilla, when I’m very much not a fan of food scents. It’s long lasting, at least?
  9. Brigdh


    In bottle: A green, herby scent, a bit like fresh cut flowers, but with something earthy or bitter in the background, which is probably the buttercup. Wet: Briefly it’s all smoke – I have no idea where that came from – but it quickly calms into a warm skin scent with just a hint of jasmine floating around. Dry: It’s an absolutely gorgeous mellow jasmine that is the exact perfect incarnation of spring. Unfortunately it doesn’t last long; it’s disappeared from me in a little over an hour.
  10. Brigdh

    Queen Mab

    In bottle: Rose, with an almost fruity, berry quality to it, and sandalwood. Wet: Almost all sandalwood, but not in an overpowering way; just a soft, dry, woody scent, backed up mixed florals. Dry: Rose and sandalwood are by far the dominant scents. But unlike Baghdad, which is dried rose stored in a sandalwood chest, this is juicy, fresh rose with just a hint of smoke and spice from the sandalwood. There’s an old-fashioned quality to it, like something your grandma might wear, but only if she was an active, hip sort of grandma. I quite like it, and think it would make a great everyday sort of scent – nothing surprising, nothing attention-attracting, just pleasant and nice.
  11. Brigdh

    The Ghost

    In bottle: Sharp, white floral. Wet: A green, fresh plant scent, like a fresh bouquet, the scent of cut stems. It’s light, and does have something a bit cold and distant about it, but is quite nice. Dry: fresh, light, white florals. It’s a bit boring for me (and doesn’t have much lasting power; it’s gone in 2 or 3 hours), but I agree with others that it would make a gorgeous room or linen scent!
  12. Brigdh

    Anne Bonny

    In bottle: Salt and strong, fresh cedar. (Even though neither of those are notes, it’s so specifically what this perfume smells like!) It really has a seaside vibe, like the smell of being on an old wooden ship. Wet: Lovely warm salt and sharp resiny wood, probably the patchouli, though it still comes off as mostly cedar. Dry: The same; it’s not a blend that changes much from stage to stage. Anne Bonny has wonderful lasting power; I can often still smell it the next day. This is one of my very favorite BPAL scents; it really has a professional vibe to me, and is usually what I choose to wear to interviews. It’s not loud or overwhelming, but does make itself present; it’s not particularly feminine but it’s also not overtly masculine. It makes me feel confident and mature and like the extremely competent boss everyone secretly wants to be. I don't get a wicked or cruel vibe from this at all, or much of a pirate feel, but "beautiful, intelligent, resourceful" – yes, exactly!
  13. Brigdh

    Blood Lotus

    In bottle: A wet, green scent, like the stems of freshly cut flowers, along with some white floral I can’t specify, but I assume is lotus. There's maybe a slight hint of something musky/warm/incense-y in the background. Wet: Woody/spicy notes dominate, with a bit of fruitiness, maybe citrus, in the background. It's a much lighter, subtler scent than you would assume from the name. Dry: Red wine and fruit. It doesn't last very long, seeming to be almost entirely gone by two hours after application.
  14. Brigdh


    In bottle: Amber and something very sharp, almost off-putting. I think it’s probably the bergamot. Wet: Warm nutmeg, musk, and sandalwood, with just a bit of rose rounding it out. It really has the feel of an antique box storing pressed flowers and aged spices, just antique and richly evocative. Dry: Mostly rose, with just a hint of amber/sandalwood/musk, a generically warm, earthy background scent. Quite lovely, though it doesn’t make me think of Baghdad.
  15. Brigdh


    In bottle: Warm, salty leather, a sort of fresh skin scent more than old dry leather. Wet: Steel. Wow, it’s really remarkable how much like metal this smells like; I don’t know how that’s possible, but it totally smells like steel. Overall, it’s elegant - a dueler rather than a berserker. Dry: Leather and a light musk. It’s a very soft, warm scent, which to me is much preferable to most of the leather scents I’ve tried. There’s actually something gentle about it. Maybe not much of a fighter, but I like it!