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  1. Brigdh

    Blood Lotus

    In bottle: A wet, green scent, like the stems of freshly cut flowers, along with some white floral I can’t specify, but I assume is lotus. There's maybe a slight hint of something musky/warm/incense-y in the background. Wet: Woody/spicy notes dominate, with a bit of fruitiness, maybe citrus, in the background. It's a much lighter, subtler scent than you would assume from the name. Dry: Red wine and fruit. It doesn't last very long, seeming to be almost entirely gone by two hours after application.
  2. Brigdh


    In bottle: Amber and something very sharp, almost off-putting. I think it’s probably the bergamot. Wet: Warm nutmeg, musk, and sandalwood, with just a bit of rose rounding it out. It really has the feel of an antique box storing pressed flowers and aged spices, just antique and richly evocative. Dry: Mostly rose, with just a hint of amber/sandalwood/musk, a generically warm, earthy background scent. Quite lovely, though it doesn’t make me think of Baghdad.
  3. Brigdh


    In bottle: Warm, salty leather, a sort of fresh skin scent more than old dry leather. Wet: Steel. Wow, it’s really remarkable how much like metal this smells like; I don’t know how that’s possible, but it totally smells like steel. Overall, it’s elegant - a dueler rather than a berserker. Dry: Leather and a light musk. It’s a very soft, warm scent, which to me is much preferable to most of the leather scents I’ve tried. There’s actually something gentle about it. Maybe not much of a fighter, but I like it!
  4. Brigdh


    In bottle: Just straight patchouli. Maybe a slight smokiness from the copal, but it's pretty much 100% patchouli. Wet: Smoke. Like leaning over a fire and breathing deep. It’s nice, though; it reminds me of campfires and summer evenings. Dry: A gorgeous smoky, woody, skin-and-almond scent, with a very slight earthy note rounding it out that I suspect is the moss. It’s an autumn night in the deep woods, dark and wild and fiery. I don’t get “golden” or “greed” vibes from this at all, but it’s a great scent nonetheless.
  5. Brigdh


    In bottle: The musk and patchouli combine into a leather-like scent, with a fruity note that’s probably the bergamot and/or juniper berries. Not great, it’s simultaneously sour and fruit punchy. Wet: Dominated by a gorgeous soft warm musk, a skin-like scent, with just a hint of something spicy. There’s a little bit of floral there too, rounding out the scent. Dry: It goes through a fruity-floral stage that is just *really* unappealing. It reminds me of cheap Bath and Body Works fragrances from the 90s, like Sun-Ripened Raspberry or Country Apple (remember those?). After a few hours it reverts into a very nice musk-dominated scent, but I can’t wait through that fruit-floral phase every time. Ugh.
  6. Brigdh

    Embalming Fluid

    In bottle: Tea and lemon, a very foody scent, but pleasant and clean. Wet: Lemon is still the strongest scent, with something tangy and green - maybe the aloe? Great summer scent. Dry: Gone. Absolutely no scent left within an hour. Oh, well. It was pleasant while it lasted, but way too brief to be wearable.
  7. Brigdh


    In bottle: Smoky sandalwood – I really do get a “blackened” sense from it – with a faint note of something floral and soapy in the background. Wet: Tobacco and sandalwood. I HATE cigar/cigarette smoke, so I was worried about this note, but it’s actually quite nice. It reminds me of a time I went to a cigar store where people were rolling cigars - wooden walls and the dry tobacco leaves, more than smoke. Dry: super sexy! A warm scent of wood and smoke and skin and musk. I don’t get any lavender at all (which is fine). A fantastic scent for being out at night at a club or sexy event.
  8. Brigdh

    Luke 10:25-37

    In the bottle: Warm, spicy, with a faint herbal/grass note that I assume is the saffron. Wet: Gorgeous, gorgeous amber, rich and spicy and middle eastern-feeling. Unfortunately that lasts all of two seconds before…. Dry: Clove. Clove clove CLOVE. All clove, all the time. Like sticking your nose directly into a bottle of cloves. It's a very foody scent. The perfume has good throw and last, but... so much clove. Way too much for me.
  9. Brigdh

    Haunted Seas

    In bottle: A sweet, sticky, almost medicinal scent. Not sure what that's from... the opoponax, maybe? A google search says it reminds some people of honey. Wet: Smokey. It reminds me of a faint gray tendril of ashes. Dry: It’s a dry wood/resin scent with a note of musk or leather, something faintly animalistic but not in a stinky way. Unfortunately I don’t pick up any sea spray/salt/foam notes at all, which is too bad because I’m a huge fan of aquatics. I definitely get a dark, haunted sense from this perfume. This is the scent a sexy monster would wear, a succubus or vampire. It's really not what I expected, but I like it a lot.
  10. Brigdh

    La Milagrosa

    In bottle: Big bursting roses, with a slight undertone of other florals, slight enough that I can’t pick out which individual ones. There’s a nice wood note in the background as well. Wet: A woody, incense-y note dominates, followed up by the rose. It's old-fashioned, but in a very lovely way; it makes me think of opera singers or dark paneled offices. Dry: Mostly just rose, a powdery, rich, red rose. I never got anything similar to cigar smoke – which I’m happy with, since I hate the scent in real life and was hoping it would be mild here. At 5+ hours there’s still a bit of scent left, though it’s faint by then. Overall, it’s very evocative of Latin America, and feels like the perfect perfume for a humid summer evening.
  11. Brigdh


    In bottle: Fresh-cut flower stalks. No particular floral smell, just a juicy green note. Wet: At first mostly that green, fresh plant scent, but it quickly transforms into a lovely floral. It reminds me of daffodils or phlox more than anything else. Dry: The scent continues with the gorgeous bright phlox/daffodil note. Unfortunately it doesn’t last very long; it’s entirely gone on me within two hours.
  12. Brigdh

    Days of Winter Sunshine

    (Reviewing the 2016 version) In bottle: A blue/green aquatic smell, like fresh cut flower stalks. Wet: Green, plant with an herby/earthy note. Frankincense is there in a very distant way, providing subtle grounding to the plants. Dry: It fades away after 2-3 hours, which is unfortunate because I LOVE the smell and wished it lasted longer. It definitely has a winter-seaside vibe, an herbal sharpness mellowed out with the earthy frankincense (another review called the frankincense “fuzzy”, and that’s really a perfect description for what it adds to the bled). Just gorgeous!
  13. Brigdh

    Deuteronomy 10:18

    In the bottle: a sharp wood scent, with the patchouli heavily dominating. Wet: A creamy, smoky patchouli. It reminds me of leather stored in a wooden box. Dry: Soft patchouli, not harsh like it can be in some scents, mellowed out by wood and an almost subliminal hay scent. It lasts for a good amount of time, but isn't overwhelming. I'm not a huge patchouli fan overall, but this is a very nice take on the scent.