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  1. Mokiefraggle


    Frimped this one, and I can only say that I'd never have bought it myself based on the notes. Not really an aquatics person, having really only encountered Sea of Glass, C'thulu, and Ekhidna, of which this most reminds me of Sea of Glass, but I'll try anything at least once. I'm...very not sure on this one. It's not bad, by any means. It's not the slightest bit off-putting, but I'm not sure if it's the most "me" scent? I get the aquatic note, and once it dried down I could definitely notice the ambergris, which I really like...I can't really tell if I'm getting the bergamot, but maybe? I get absolutely nothing that makes me think "eucalyptus," but it's so light and crisp that I barely notice it on my skin. It's a little soapy, but not in an unpleasant way...I think I'll probably just keep it and wear it when I want light, crisp, and unassuming, see what I think of it a bit further down the road, while possibly dabbing some on Darling Fiance, since this might be up his alley.
  2. Mokiefraggle

    All Souls

    ... An incense blend that invokes the higher qualities of mercy and compassion, mingled with the soft, sugared currant scent of offertory soul cakes. 2018 edition I like this. It's just what it says on me: incense and a light cake sweetness, with a tart currant note. Doesn't really morph or do much on my skin, but it's lovely and has just enough throw that I don't have to bury my face in my wrist to smell it. I've been looking at this for a while, very glad I got it at last.
  3. Mokiefraggle

    Black Lotus

    Holy cats, I never quite believed the reviews that said lotus smelled like bubblegum until I received this particular frimp. I couldn't believe that the notes listed could possibly be in this sticky-sweet bubblegum scent, especially since the oil even had a pink tinge to it. I was even about to put it aside and not even consider it, but I like all the other notes, so I figured it was worth a shot. It's nowhere near as sweet once it's on skin, which I was grateful for. I thought I was going to be stuck with something sweet and candy-scented in a terrible way, but it started settling down as soon as it went onto my skin. Within about a half-hour, I couldn't detect any of the bubblegum lotus note at all, and ended up with a delicious incense and amber scent that I probably have lots of things similar to, but I'm rather liking. I think I can put up with a brief period of mild bubblegum note to get to it, at least when I'm in the right mood. It's pretty, subtle, and thankfully didn't go powdery at all. I'll keep the imp, but I doubt I'd be ordering it specifically any time soon.
  4. Mokiefraggle


    This one actually kinda scared me in the imp. It was ferociously woodsy, like the smell of wet wood rather than a warm, polished wood scent I was hoping for when I read the notes. I had no idea what could've been the source, since I'm pretty sure I've had a BPAL or two with rosewood or teak, and I don't recall oak being that sharp...this was so strong and so harsh at first that I actively jerked back from the imp on first sniff, but I'm used to putting trust in the Lab and their work, so I finally went for it. It was all worth it. Once it was on my skin and had a chance to settle, the aggressive woods settled down into something much more mild and warm, and the flowers started to come out. I ended up with something very nice and balanced, and I'm realizing I don't actually amp rose like I thought I might, since it stayed surprisingly calm and blended with the other scents. Good stuff!
  5. Mokiefraggle


    Got this as a frimp with my 13 order, and I have to admit that I took one sniff of it and decided immediately that it was going straight to Darling Fiance, no question. I didn't even bother testing it on myself, since I knew that while I totally can wear this scent, it'll never be quite as good as it would be on him. I was absolutely not disappointed when I stealth-dabbed him with it tonight, and I may order him a bottle of it closer to his birthday. So, as I said, I knew at first sniff that Thanatopsis would be his. Darling is all-over a woodsy, musky, green scents type of person. He wears juniper, pine, and other green notes beautifully, and this is no exception. It's very close to the body wash he likes to use (the C.O. Bigelow Elixer line, particularly Green), and much like the few BPALs he owns, but it's a slightly darker note than what he normally tends toward. I think this is the first time I've ever tried anything with a black musk on him, as he usually wears things like Yggdrasil or Golden Priapus, but I knew that meant he'd agree with the pine and juniper from the get-go. The musk also agrees quite well with him, not going lemony as black musk sometimes can; thank goodness. I know citrus scents don't work nicely with him, from the few times he's tested the more citrus-note blends of Elixer lotions and colognes, and I'd have been rather disappointed if it went lemony and ruined the rich, dark green scent that it began with. It's a dark, delightful scent on him, very deep and a bit earthy, and I kinda almost had to drag myself away from his neck to write this review. I'm always glad when I can pass an imp or two off to Darling as opposed to setting them aside to one day become a swap; he doesn't buy many of the things he still sometimes refers to as "the smelly stuff" with a mock crinkle of the nose for himself, so I definitely enjoy being able to share the love and make him smell amazing at the same time. :3
  6. Mokiefraggle


    Got this as a frimp, and I'd probably never pick it for myself on a whim. Vetiver and I don't ever seem to get along, and Voodoo proved to be no exception to that rule. All I got from this was the smoky sting of vetiver, such that I couldn't smell any of the other notes--all of which are faves save for the almond and lime. Can't get past that smoky note, at least not on me. It smells too masculine and just a bit wrong, so I'm going to pass on wearing this one. On the other hand, my fiance smells just fine and dandy in vetiver, so I'm going to throw this in his little collection of imps. He'll at least enjoy it, and it'll smell quite nice on him.
  7. Mokiefraggle

    Dragon's Bone(r)

    I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet...I'm pretty sure I haven't reviewed a lot of the things I've gotten from the Lab of late, but to forget this one, I feel I'm doing it a disservice. Dragon's Boner is a lovely scent, and I'm very glad I blind-bought it on the notes (and the bottle art; I admit I've got a silly, dirty sense of humor) alone. Dragon's blood tends to be agreeable for me in general, but this is the first time I've gotten the "flowery" kind I see so many folks mention on the forums. It's very bright, and to me seems a bit like...freesia? Or maybe that's it in tandem with the pear blossom? All I know is, it's not quite the lilac people often say, but definitely a flower. I notice it both in the bottle and on my skin, though the latter also brings out this wonderful creamy sweetness of the honey and cream notes that somehow makes me think of a cup of tea, even without the tea notes. Not too sweet, but very warm and a bit heady. I love the throw, and it's a scent I don't find too heavy for everyday, nor too average to wear for a night out. Love this, and I shall hoard this one bottle with all the greed of a proper dragon until it comes again.
  8. Mokiefraggle


    I didn't think that a two-note scent would be as impressive as I found Penitence. I love both notes, so I was bound to try this frimp, but I was pleasantly blown away. For some reason, I thought it might smell a bit like Anne Bonny, even if they only really share one note, but I think I like Penitence better. It's trading in Anne Bonny's sandalwood kick for a myrrh note I really like, and yet the whole thing smells both a bit like a church and a bit like unburnt incense. Nice.
  9. Mokiefraggle

    Has No Hanna

    Another frimp from my just-arrived Luper purchase. I'd never really thought on buying the Conjure Bag blends, just because they have no actual notes listed...that makes me a little leery, but this one might become a bottle buy. It's lovely, though it's shockingly strong for a floral. I was surprised at how much kick a little dab had to it. Wet: very floral. Like, I don't even have a clue what any single note is, just floral. Not a particularly white floral, definitely not a lush tropical or oriental floral...just flowers everywhere. Smooth floral; nothing jumps out as sharp or shrieking, but it's incredibly potent and dense. Still, I like a lot of florals, and it's certainly not offensive. Dry: wow. Still so very floral, but I'm getting a bit more specifics. I think there's gardenia, maybe jasmine or tuberose. Probably a tiny bit of rose, given how sweet it is, and a bit of magnolia making it creamy? Though there might be a resin note behind it; I think BoneBone24's suggestion of benzoin might be close on the money. This is lovely, and kept going strong for quite a while; it took about 6 hours for it to fade beyond my ability to notice it, even close-up. For a primarily floral scent, that impresses me. Even some of my much-loved resins and musks don't last that long. Verdict: keeper! It's softer in tone than my usual, as I don't have many florals I count as everyday wear except in summer, so I think it's a nice addition to my collection. I think maybe I should consider looking into the other Conjure Bag blends, since this and #20 Love Oil ended up so good on me.
  10. Mokiefraggle

    Mad Hatter

    Just got frimped this with my Luper order, and I'm very glad I did. This was one of those blends in Mad Tea Party I've glanced at and considered several times, being that I love musk, and I love-to-death the Lab's lavender note in things like Dorian, but the citron and pennyroyal gave me pause simply because I had no idea what the latter smelled like, and most citrus is hit-or-miss on me. It appears that it's a hit here, and I think I may have to try it on Darling as well. It feels like something he'd wear about as nicely. Wet, Mad Hatter gives me a very clean vibe. The pennyroyal is a bit on the minty end, but it's also fresh without being too green; a good thing, seeing as very green scents often go awry on me. The lavender is soft and a bit smoky-seeming, with very little of the citron coming through. I get very little if any citrus out of this blend, but that doesn't really bother me. Dry, it gets a little of the powdery/creamy edge that musks can sometimes have, but not in a "scented baby-powder" fashion. Just a little dusty over that crisp, fresh green, and the smoky lavender. I rather like it, since it's soft and unassuming, but with just a little something strange around the edges. It's not too masculine, nor is it really anything I'd call feminine, but rather a nice gender-neutral sort of scent, not too dissimilar from something like Dorian or Whitechapel. I like.
  11. Mokiefraggle

    Ave Maria Gratia Plena

    Sigh. I have finally encountered a BPAL that I truly just find to smell like cat pee. I don't know what it is in this blend, since I've worn other blends that involved one or more of those notes, but something about them together somehow went wrong. It might be the lemon peel versus the usually fresher, jucier citrus notes, but I just don't know. All I know is that I've tried it on multiple occasions, and it's not changing. It smells funky and a bit too cat-pee-ish in the imp, and it still smells funky and off when it's on my skin, so I'm done trying it. I think I got this once for my mum, so I might see how she liked it. Maybe it's just this imp, or maybe it's me and she'd like another.
  12. Mokiefraggle

    #20 Love Oil

    A potent, enticing love formula, favored among Louisiana courtesans. Had this one for a while, got it as a frimp and barely wore it because the first few times I sniffed it in the imp, all I smelled was sharp-green-herbal. I sometimes can do soft greens, and a bit of herbal note isn't terrible on me, but the sharp green was what put me off. I remember trying it a couple of times and just sort of assuming it was green and short-lived, after which I ignored the imp. Tried it again today, and found that is actually not the case. The imp itself seemed a bit toned down, with more of a dry herbal note that I rather like, and on my skin it was much softer. I still have no clue what herbs are in it, but it's a much gentler scent overall after a bit of aging. And! And-and-and! I now know that it dries to a soft, very gentle magnolia and rose scent with a tiny hint of dried herbal blend in the background, and that it's lovely! It's not quite a bottle list scent, but I now have a much greater desire to actually wear #20, because it dries into something that's very pleasing, and the initial herbal shock is much subtler than originally noted.
  13. Mokiefraggle

    Queen of Sheba

    Sigh. I want to love Queen of Sheba. I love the Lab's honey note, and spice notes of any sort are usually wonderful on my skin. But apparently I don't get along as well with almond, or possibly just a bit too well, since it comes out loud and clear in the front end on my skin. I end up getting something that smells a lot like those hotel lotions that claim to be "almond creme" or something, which I've always hated, and that just swallows the other notes entirely. I sometimes get honey and the spices, but those seem to be the odd times out rather than the rule. I just don't know. It's not terrible, just not something I really like...even if it never goes disgusting or wrong on me. I think it's an imp that I'll use up, but probably never purchase, and any more frimps will likely be gifted away to those who might like it better.
  14. Mokiefraggle

    Sea of Glass

    As someone who's not terribly fond of aquatics, I can honestly say I really like this one. It's bright, clean, and not too complex on me; I just get a fresh scent with some light citrus notes, nothing too heavy or cloying. Perfect for summer, as it doesn't morph or go into an off-smelling, greenish phase like certain light floral scents can, nor does Sea of Glass feature a heavily oceanic aquatic note. It's a light, watery scent that just stays clean and crisp, perfect for summer.
  15. Mokiefraggle


    Thoroughly corrupted: amber, sandalwood, black patchouli and cinnamon. Love this scent. Really love it. I find that all the notes balance each other out wonderfully, creating a sweet, resinous, earthy scent that lingers pleasantly on my skin. The cinnamon is a lot milder than in some spicy blends that I've tried, which I appreciate; I adore the note, but other blends I've tried with it often seem to have the cinnamon right up in the front, which can result in a scent more like cinnamon candies than the warmth I'm looking for. Sin is just right, and a pleasant all-around scent I feel comfortable wearing at any time.