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    Anything creative is really up my alley. I draw and paint as far as traditional art goes, but knitting and crocheting are also a favorite way to create something. It's easier to travel with yarn than it is with paints.

    I have more books than most people I know, and I love everything about books. Even the space they occupy.

    Making and eating good food is one of the true joys in life. I'm much happier eating something truly delicious.


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    Notes: tea of all sorts, old book, plum, pink grapefruit, lily of the valley, lilac, honey, red musk, any tree, ginger, linden, and worn leather Scents: Kumiho, Lenan Sidhe, The Death-Horse, Delphi, Quintessence of Dust


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  1. achildoftime

    Pink Snowballs

    2011 version i feel like I don't really get roses or snow. I think it's just like cotton candy. It's very pink and sweet, but not cold or floral particularly. Dainty is a perfect word for this.
  2. achildoftime

    Workshop of Filthy Creation

    It's less workshop and more laundry room on me. I don't know if it's the age or my chemistry, but it's the very clean and slightly metallic tang of laundry that has just finished the wash cycle. It's all ozone, water, and stone. I like it, because it feels very fresh and clean, but it's not nearly as sinister as one would expect.
  3. achildoftime


    I have the 2017 version. I get a big dose of warm musk right off the bat. There is a bit of lilac underneath, but it's not the main player here by far. I get tobacco when it dries to go with the musk. There might be a bit of coconut as well, but it's mostly a suggestion of it. I think this is a pretty sexy blend, but I also think there are others I'd reach for sooner than this.
  4. achildoftime


    This is for the 2017 version. I was looking for honeysuckle, but I mostly got jasmine. It's actually more of a mossy jasmine than anything. It's a bit green and damp, but also a bit heady. The sweetness of the honeysuckle peeks out a little bit when it dries, but it's not as strong as I was hoping. This feels like a heady floral aquatic without being an aquatic. I'm pretty sure the flowers and moss are just mixing do make it smell a bit dewy. Nice, but not what I'm looking for.
  5. achildoftime

    Green Tree Viper

    It reminds me of pillow mints, but with a Snake Oil support. It's a pretty sweet mint combination with maybe a breath of tea, but the Snake Oil almost corrupts it. It isn't a bad thing, but it does take a pretty cheerful and perky mint and twists it a bit. The spices linger the most after a few hours of wear. Most of the mint is worn down and there's just a chilled breath of spiced tea left over.
  6. achildoftime

    Unicorn and Ram

    I really wanted to love this. Leather and wool is like a dream scent, but it was just way too soft. It was a bit leathery and a touch woolly, but it was the perfume equivalent of butterfly kisses. Kind of cute in theory, but not substantial at all in practice. It's kind of heartbreaking because I love all the notes listed.
  7. achildoftime

    The Library of John Dee

    Frankincense and leather are the strongest notes here. There is also a bit of rose, but not much. Just enough for interest. It's pretty dusty, which I'm not sure why it caught me off guard, but it did. Probably because conservationists try and get the dust out of almost everything. I actually get more frankincense with the leather and paper playing support. I only get beeswax hours later.
  8. achildoftime

    Poisson d'Avril

    This is like sticking my face in a giant bouquet. I get roses, iris, and a bit of lily as scents that I can identify. There are a lot of other floral notes to go with it, but it's such a cacophony of flowers that it's tough to really pick out anything special. Even the rose, iris, and lily get a little buried once it dries. It's definitely like a handful of spring blooms.
  9. achildoftime

    Night Scene

    It's a very quiet night to my nose. Blue musk and wisteria gently comes through with a suggestion of a sweet lemon. It's more like these scents are being picked up on a breeze. It's almost taking a walk at night in late spring, so there's a briskness to the air. It's pretty and evocative, but I wish it had some more throw for me.
  10. achildoftime

    Cave of Treasures

    Cream and honey all through the wet stage. I'm getting very little lilac here, oddly enough. I can tell there is a soft floral, but I'd never be able to identify it as lilac going in blind. Drying brings the amber out for me, but that's it. Creamy, honeyed amber with minimal floral. Whomp-whomp. It's not a bad scent by any stretch of the imagination, but what happened to all that lovely lilac others had? Dumb chemistry
  11. achildoftime

    Glaucous Snow

    As one would expect, it's a very chilly scent. Oddly enough, I'm getting way more lotus than I am lilac. It's sweet and floral, but decidedly not like a fresh lilac bush for me. It does remind me of flowers that bloomed early before a big snow and are still managing to pop up through the drift. It's still spring florals, but I wouldn't peg it as lilac, sadly.
  12. achildoftime

    Night Thoughts

    Lilac, blue musk, dianthus, cedar, neroli, ozone, and luminous Eastern herbs. I have the 2013 version, for what it's worth. It's a nice lilac perfume with a bit of cedar and herbs. There's a very subtle spice to it, which I'm enjoying. I don't find the cedar to be like pencils, but more like an old chest. Lilac can sometimes get so airy that the herbs and cedar give it a little platform to dance around on. It also keeps the whole thing a bit warmer, which is a nice take on lilac as I usually find it a cooler note.
  13. achildoftime

    White Moon

    I'm a little surprised how much sandalwood I'm getting from this one. That's mostly what I get along with a bit of musk and violet. I was hoping for a bit more lilac based on the notes. I'm very on the fence about this scent. On one hand it is a very serene and uplifting quality to it, but out of all my florals it's not one I'd reach for often without the lilac showing up on me.
  14. achildoftime


    I picked this up banking that the assumptions about it being the Lilac Wood proto was right, because who knows when I'd get a chance to try the actual release. I'm glad I took a shot because it is a pretty lilac scent. I think I might be getting some tulips and some sappy stems as well. It smells like the beginning of spring to me. I'm glad I gambled.
  15. achildoftime

    The Silver Apple Of The Moon

    I think this one smells like apple bubblegum or hi-chew. The sweetness isn't like raw sugar, it's more like biting into a perfectly ripe apple.There is a floral aspect that kind of makes it almost like very sweet apple blossom when it dries. For me, I think it's pretty but apple isn't my favorite note to dominate a scent. Plus it's a little sweet for me. It would be a great addition to a candy apple lover's collection.