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  1. KakashiMorph


    This imp is aged (more than a year, probably less than 3). In the bottle: Green. Strong. Potent. Sharp. There must be pine or cedar here, it smells wonderful. On my skin: More green! I love green. There is also a spiciness to this, which makes me think mint/spearmint/eucalyptus or even possibly lavender? That kind of zest. It takes a few minutes (about 10?) for the pine/cedar/serious and heavy green to start subsiding, leaving room for the minty aspect to bloom. I am not sure if this was me or someone next to me because I entered a bus at this point and I smelled mint shower gel, but I could not tell if I was the source of it. Will have to try again. Drydown: Pity it fades relatively fast, although it does not morph much. I am not sure if it dried into a green/mint blend or just mint, I will give it a rerun and share.
  2. KakashiMorph


    This imp is aged (more than a year, unsure how much although I don't think it is more than 3...). In the bottle: Almond and vetiver. On my skin: More of the same, well blended and mellow. I think it is grounded by patchouli but I can't smell any vanilla, pine, myrrh or clove. I only get a vague hint of smokiness, which I think is the patchouli. Drydown: I am not sure if there is any almond left because the mellow vetiver accompanies the almond so nicely they are like sibling scents and I can't tell them apart anymore. I get a mellow aroma of vetiver and possibly almond. It is nice.
  3. KakashiMorph


    In the bottle: Lovely carnation and a bit of musk. On my skin: I don't remember if I have tried any carnation BPAL scents before but this one smells great. The carnation is at the front, accompanied sweetly by the mask and a hint of plum far behind. It takes about 10 minutes or so for the plum to blossom and become the dominant note, almost cloying in its intensity since it is heavy by nature. It is about 15 after that when it settles down, becoming mellow and agreeable and starting to blend in better with the musk. Drydown: Soft musk with hints of plum.
  4. KakashiMorph

    Love's Torments

    This was a frimp from the lab for me as well. In the bottle: Neroli and vetiver? It isn't bad or overwhelming at all. On my skin: The vetiver comes out mixed with the sandalwood but somehow it smells dirty and has a slight sharp note that reminds me of alcohol. It takes a few minutes to settle down in a white sandalwood and a bit of neroli mix. It is dry and woodish. Drydown: Dry white sandalwood.
  5. KakashiMorph


    In the bottle: Deep brown earth and Spanish moss (one of my favourite lab notes) greet me happily. It is like "Deep in earth" but without the flowery uplift (geranium). On my skin: Sweet,dark green Spanish moss and earth mix comfortably. I can't discern any rose leaves or dried roses yet, but I think they will show up eventually. I think I talked too soon since it is only a couple of minutes later when I can pick up the roses, although they smell more like slightly dehydrated roses rather than completely dried ones. In another 10-20 minutes all I can smell is the Spanish moss with a hint of the earth underneath. Drydown: Spanish moss. I thought I might get something extra, but if I do it is not happening tonight. Good thing I like Spanish moss then.
  6. KakashiMorph

    Fenris Wolf

    In the bottle: The musk and the sandalwood and the rosewood smell GORGEOUS. On my skin: It is slightly sharp, but not as much as in the bottle. I don't get any amber at this point, or it is well blended and I can't make it out. The red musk with the rosewood make a lovely duo however, one I am glad to smell. In a couple of minutes it mellows out even more and I think I can detect the hint of amber, but it is still mainly the musk and wood. It is reddish and earthy and comforting to wear. Drydown: More of the same. This is lovely.
  7. KakashiMorph

    Black Forest

    In the bottle: Juniper! Pine! Lovely green! On my skin: Juniper! Pine! Lovely green! It takes about one minute until I feel a thick darkness under the lovely green pinery and I am guessing that it is the black musk doing its work. The oil is a very refreshing strong green one still, although I am expecting the green notes to drop and the ambergris and musk to remain during drydown (which is sad because I love strong green wood notes). Anyway, I enjoy my juniper pinery as much as I can before it will morph again. It takes grand total of about 5 minutes before the happy green forest is devoured in a thick, black, chocking cloud of what is I am assuming the black musk. It is impressive and I like it. It is smoky and dark and there is still some green underneath (mainly the juniper), although it is losing the fight to reach the surface. Drydown: Black musk with a faint hint of juniper.
  8. KakashiMorph

    Loup Garou

    I love green notes and I have wanted to try out loup garou for years (one in my big wishlist). I finally got an imp from the lab so I can see what it's like on me. juniper, cypress and galangal with the barest touch of eucalyptus. In the bottle: Whoah juniper and pine with the eucalyptus opening my sinuses (but not tangible as a note). On my skin: I can see this being good for when I have a cold because it's still opening up my sinuses. I get lots of pine and a little bit of juniper I think. I am not sure what galangal smells like. 5 minutes later I know what galangal smells like. It is this earth-like, root-like, ginger-like note. It is the only thing I get right now. Very grounded, but where is my pine? Drydown: Galangal with a hint of pine. Nooo, I want more pineness damn it!
  9. KakashiMorph


    In the bottle: I don't know what civet smells like but this reminds me of some church cologne so I'm guessing that's what it is (the fresh note). I can feel the darkness of the opium too, but not as a scent per se yet. On my skin: Civet ( probably? it's the only note I don't know and it smells lighter than musk or opium) with a hint of the musk underneath. I still can't discern the opium but that might just be my nose. Anyway, it smells good. It takes about 10 minutes or so for the musk to start screaming at me"here I am, here I am! See?" while the opium is a very distant veil of brooding darkness in the background. It takes about another 10 minutes for the veil of darkness to bloom. Opium is finally making an entrance, accompanied with red musk in the back. It certainly has my attention. Drydown: Red musk laced with opium. I will have to agree with someone from above who said it was dirty sexy. It is no blood kiss, but it is good.
  10. KakashiMorph


    A quiet scent, soft, calm and enigmatic. A perfume of mystery, of whispers, and of secrets behind secrets. White sandalwood, lilac, gardenia, violet, orris, lavender and ylang ylang. A frimp from my recent lab order. I'm not usually a light floral person so let's see how this goes. In the bottle: Lavender, violet, possibly gardenia...A pleasant floral surprise. On my skin: As soon as it lands on me I can smell the spicy bite of the gardenia. I am not entirely sure what orris smells like but I think I can also make out some of the violet and lilac? There is a faint note of the sandalwood grounding it in the background but it really starts with a pleasant floral explosion. It takes about 15 minutes for me to recognize the orris as it makes itself more known and I can actually pick it out - the scent is more orris and sandalwood at this stage, with the florals fainter in the background, if at all. Half an hour later or so, all I can smell is sandalwood and orris. It is pleasant and the sandalwood is more substantial so it has a bit of a wholesome biting quality to it - I can never explain that well, I just feel like it almost has a body I could sink my teeth in. Drydown: Orris with some sandalwood. Wholesome and nice.
  11. KakashiMorph


    dragon's blood spiked with black pepper, clove, and cinnamon. This was a generous frimp from my last decant circle participation, so I don't know its age. In the bottle: Peppery, cinnamony, honeyish dragon's blood. Smells delicious. On my skin: Dragon' blood with a spice in it. I can make out the cinnamon and it has a bit of a kick to it which is the black pepper but it is hard to single it out as "black pepper" and right now it is very faint too. So far it doesn't smell wrathful but delicious instead - not that I mind. ;P I haven't managed to sniff the clove yet but maybe it will come out later. About 15-20 minutes in I get a spicy blend of cinnamony dragon's blood. Drydown: Dragon's blood with a hint of cinnamon spice.
  12. KakashiMorph

    Temple of Dreams

    In the bottle: Lavender, pure and strong. On my skin: Smells like lavender and maybe something cool ( mint?). It its relaxing as a scent and quite mellow. Drydown: Lavender, soft and mellow.
  13. KakashiMorph

    Hallow-e’en, 1914

    an incense of dried ivy and maple leaf with honeyed fig, black cypress, and grave dirt. In the bottle: Dirt and cypress, beautiful and sharp and earthy. On my skin: More of the same, with the dirt taking up the fore in the beginning. There might be ivy too, I am not entirely sure if I can discern cypress from ivy. It only takes a couple of minutes for the sharp green cypress to become prominent but after another couple of minutes the dirt fights it back down again and starts mellowing it down. It takes about half an hour to start noticing sweeter, mellow notes like the honeyed fig (although I personally only get a vague honeyish scent) while the earth ones are almost gone. Drydown: A vague hint of fig slathered in honey. This one's quite a morpher and I prefer the green sharp stage although the sweet one is nice as well.
  14. KakashiMorph

    Visions of Autumn III

    Bourbon vanilla, aged patchouli, honey, and Ceylon cinnamon. In the bottle: Honey, slightly dirty which must be the patchouli. On my skin:Honey with a small whiff of the bourbon vanilla at first. There i a faint spiciness in the background which is cinnamon with patchouli but I would like it to come more to the front so that I can enjoy it better. It doesn't take long! Barely 5 minutes later it spices up so that it is a lovely spicy honey scent now. About half an hour later all I can smell is the spice which is mostly the aged patchouli at this point. Drydown: Spice.
  15. KakashiMorph

    The Shadowy And The Sublime

    This imp is old. In the bottle: Oh my God. Mysterious alright. This reminds me of a perfume my mother had when I was little and I have no idea which ( or what notes do it). On my skin: Moe of the same! What is this mysterious sweet madness? it might be the magnolia come to think of it? I have no idea what wisteria or angelica smells like ( or ambergris to be honest) and I am half confused about magnolia too, so I am guessing it is one ( or more) of those. It is sweet and mysterious white flowers so far for me. A few minutes later it shifts and I can tell the myrrh some more. Funnily enough, I think I can get a very faint whiff of a vanilla pod as well - or the bitterness of it. It is still very much like my old mother's perfume though. Is this magnolia or ambergris? I wish I could tell. >.< Drydown: I think... this is ambergris. It still reminds me of my mother but I will keep it and wear it again.